Toronto 9/11 Candle Light Vigil to Protest Public School Muslim Prayers




The Torono candle light vigil



The Pakistani Christians


Today, September 11, a coalition of Christian, Jewish and Hindu organizations held a candle light vigil to commemorate the massacre, which happened in New York ten years ago, and to protest against allowing Muslim prayers in public schools. In Toronto such prayers are conducted at Valley Park Middle School, there are similar schools in other parts of Ontario (in Alberta they even have a real madrasah, a publicly funded school under the complete control of Muslim fanatics).

Unlike the previous two events, this evening I didn’t see a single Muslim in front of the TDSB main office, where the event took place. The first two times, Muslims with different degrees of fanaticism did their best to disrupt the events. If it wasn’t for the police and JDL, they would’ve been successful. I suppose this time the Muslims were afraid to show up, because someone might have thought that they came to commemorate the memory of the victims of the Islamic terror.

That was one of the issues Meir Weinstein talked about in his opening remarks. He started with praise for the courage that Prime Minister Harper displayed when he stated that Islamicism is the major external threat that Canada faces.


Meir Weinstein speaking


He pointed out as an example two people, who were very active in the August protests. The first one was Omar Quyum, a teacher. He wrote an article defending the Islamic prayers in public schools. He is also a “volunteer” for NAMF (North American Muslim Foundation), which hosted “iftar lectures” featuring terrorism supporters:



Here he is at the first event, trying unsuccessfully to start an argument with Ron Banerjee:



At the second one he picked a verbal fight with Raheel Raza and insulted her (she left upset and even found it necessary to mention the incident in an interview after the event):



The next Muslim activist is the little Miss TDSB (she is from York University). Here she is trying to bully her way through the crowd to disrupt the speakers:




And here is how the policeman, who was looking at her in the first picture, stopped her:



In the end of August, Miss TDSB proudly attended the anti-Semitic rally organized by the shia organization CASMO, which took place at the steps of the Parliament in Queens Park, with the blessing of the McGuinty government.

(Sorry for going into details and photos, but after I covered the first two events a few Muslims tried to accuse me of lying, so the pictures need to appear again.)

Anyway, back to Meir’s speech. He pointed out that both of them have been highly praised on Islamist websites for fighting against secularism in the public schools. The same people and their other Muslim friends are organizing a “victory rally” on September 17 in front of the TDSB offices. It is our duty to show up and state our opinion against the destruction of our school system in Ontario.

The speakers, who followed, represented several different organizations: Canadian Hindu Advocacy, Egypt for Christ Ministry, Costa’s Christian Mission, Evangelical Asian Church, and other Christian groups.



They all considered it very important to confront the hijacking of our schools by Muslim extremism. Rev. Costa urged everybody to contact their MP and MPP – without pressure, the politicians are not going to do anything about the situation. They are too afraid of losing a few votes. Both Dalton McGuinty and Tim Hudak tried to distance themselves from the issue, claiming that it’s up to TDSB to decide what to do.

Ron Banerjee was alarmed by the soft jihad, which is penetrating the school system. A barbaric religion is trying to take over and replace our values and traditions, which took centuries to build. He pointed out at shocking information released by Fraser Institute – since the times of the Liberal governments, over 90% of the Muslim immigrants from countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan have not been subject to any detailed background check. We are probably exposed to dangers from people linked with terrorism. People with such ties should be hunted and stripped of their Canadian citizenship, the same way the Nazi war criminals were treated.


Ron Banerjee


Two representatives of Pakistani Christian communities talked about their ordeal. They came to Canada to be free from rapes, murder and tortures, which are common tools of dealing with religious minorities in Pakistan.  Yet now they are faced with schools controlled by Muslim fanatics. One of them even asked: if Canada turns into Pakistan, is there any place where we could go?


Christians speak...


We should listen to them – the Christians in the Muslim countries are those who REALLY know what persecution is. Most of the people who have spent their whole lives in the peaceful and sleepy Canada, often don’t understand how easy it is to ruin a country.

Frequently, in the name of misguided “multicultural” tolerance, we and our politicians are willing to compromise our values and traditions to accommodate medieval cultures and ideologies, which bring only destruction. There isn’t a single successful Muslim country in the world. Over the centuries, Islam has advanced through terror and aggression. Now, for the first time in history, a civilization is allowing Islam to take over without a fight. One doesn’t need to go farther than England to see the catastrophic results of such “multiculturalism”.

It is up to us to adhere to our traditions and values, and defend our civilization, if we don’t want to see the Nathan Philips Square turn into a field where sharia judges would perform stonings and beheadings.




Fighting Islamism with a smile...



JDL provides the security



The event is coming to an end


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  1. SM ISAC says:

    “Unlike the previous two events, this evening I didn’t see a single Muslim in front of the TDSB main office,…I suppose this time the Muslims were afraid to show up, because someone might have thought that they came to commemorate the memory of the victims of the Islamic terror.”

    I too noted their absence was conspicuous, was encouraged to see those Pakistani Christian families (some with very young children) who are the real victim (unlike Muslims’ false claim to victimhood of “Islamophobia”). Hopefully more of them will show up on Saturday.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, I am really sorry that those Pakistani Christians are totally ignored by those politically correct idiots who run most of our media.

  2. Hardy Weinberg says:

    Please explain to me how commemorating 9/11 is related to some middle school muslim kids praying at their school. It seems this event is trying to connect two unrelated issues.

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