Toronto Egyptians Rally Against Morsi


Yes, we heard – and it is now Morsi’s weapon


On my way to an exhibition at City Hall this afternoon, I stumbled upon a small rally of angry Egyptians, who protested against their president Morsi’s decree that gave him practically absolute power.


“Egyptians don’t want another dictator – no to Morsi!”


Their signs were quite clear about the positions they took:

“USA R U supporting Egypt or Muslim Brotherhood coz it differs!”

“USA enough U R double faced policy”

“Obama stop supporting Morsi!”

“USA & MB are destroying Egyptian identity”




It was nice to see that those people so enthusiastically opposed the Muslim fanatics in Egypt. After all, they were the educated ones, who immigrated to Canada (and other Western countries) and created the illusion that the rebellion in Egypt is going to turn the country into a true democracy.

I talked briefly with one of the protesters (the guy who holds the Morsi portrait). He was convinced that this struggle was not about religion but democracy. When I asked him if he is worried that the Muslim Brotherhood president had so many supporters, who rallied in his support, he replied optimistically that the country is divided, but the people will eventually understand that democracy is best for them.

I wish he was right…



As usual, an Arab rally of any kind, no matter how well intentioned, can’t happen without some kind of attack against the Jews or the West. I saw a woman holding high a sign saying:

“Harper, Baird, Israel – Palestine in the UN, if you didn’t hear”

That looked out of place at an anti-Morsi rally. After all, he was one of the people who so passionately wanted to establish that “country” as a tool to destroy Israel, that he supported wholeheartedly Hamas in its provocations against Israel.

So we had today a gathering of supposedly educated people supporting a half-baked country, which resembles more the Frankenstein monster than a normally functioning society. And on top of that, the villain they are protesting against supports the same strange entity.

Is it any wonder that the Arab world is so dysfunctional?


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