Toronto Halal Food Fest – Glimpse into Our Bleak Future

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I hop into a time machine and transport myself into the future. Last week I had such an experience while attending Toronto’s first halal food fest. Finding myself in a crowd dominated by hijabs, niqabs and bearded guys with long robes, where hearing somebody speak English was a pleasant surprise, made me realize what Toronto will look like with the current rate of immigration.


Waiting in line


The event was organized in a very Muslim fashion – crowded and disorderly. It took place in the International Centre in Mississauga. There was a very long line and the reason for it became clear seeing the inside – the space was relatively small, with a very large room left empty apparently to serve as a prayer room.

At the entrance they handed everybody a Festival Guide, which had on the second page a personal message from the lying dyke of Queen’s Park:

“I am very pleased to see a flourishing halal food industry in Ontario. Its growth has supported local farmers and businesses, and given consumers more choice. Beyond that, halal food is an expression of the vibrant multicultural society that we have built together.”

Of course, Kathleen Wynne, like any Liberal politician, who has graduated with flying colours from the McGuinty school of deception, most likely doesn’t mean that. Painting the Muslim conquest as vibrant multiculturalism ignores the fact that in a proper Muslim society lesbians like Wynne (though unelected) not only won’t be in power, but it is questionable how long she would survive.

The food presented was quite mediocre. Instead of showing good authentic Pakistani, Turkish or similar restaurants, which exist in Toronto, the fest was dominated by “conquest cuisine” – items from different cultures with imposed halal touch. You could taste plain burgers (but halal), halal Italian food, halal Mexican, and even halal sushi.


The “amazing” halal Italian cuisine


The few stalls with traditional food were placed outside for good reason – the heavy smoke from the BBQ’s made it difficult to breathe.


The rib place



Navigating through the halal smoke



All the right halal certificates


The food was a secondary attraction. Most of the businesses presented dealt with items designed to keep the Muslims within the iron grip of their religion. There were hijab and niqab dealers; Muslim art; Muslim home decorations. CIBC was trying to make Muslims feel like in Saudi Arabia by offering sharia banking (link).

The book stands offered a wide range of literature for the pious Muslims.


“Similarities between Hinduism & Islam” (really?!)



“Atlas of the Islamic Conquests”



“Expelling Jinn from Your Home”




“Is Jesus God? The Bible says No!” (no kidding!)



“Why Islam Is Our Only Choice”


And those were just the English books. God knows what was hidden in the pages of the books in Arabic and Farsi. The organizations promoted matched the books, like the masjid below, advertised by two baghead ladies.


Masjid Mihrab Centre for Youth


They also lured the devout Muslims with sweepstakes for a trip for two to Mecca. As a non-Muslim, I felt completely excluded from the Ontario multicultural paradise, because the organizers would’ve never let me win.


I felt discriminated – no trip to Mecca for me


The whole atmosphere of the event made perfect sense once you saw the happy attendees. The majority of them looked like they just landed in Toronto on a flight from Mecca.


A fully integrated Canadian family



Mom will pick the best madrassa for you


I agree with dyke Wynne – our multicultural society is very vibrant. It vibrates so strongly that its incomparable parts are falling apart like in a monster created by Dr. Frankenstein.

This fest gives us a rough idea about what future the fanatical Muslims have in store for the Toronto kafirs. It ain’t pretty…

And here is a short movie from the event, which may make you feel even more depressed:


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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Thank you for reporting on this event.

    I only found out about a day after the event. “The Atlas of Islamic Conquest” is chilling and feels like it is indicative of their collective ambition. “Collective” because despite the deep divide among their co coreligionists, they can still be united in hate and disdain against the West.

    Though I will continue to make the distinction between Islam and Islamism, for the sake of those few handful of Muslim reformists who publicly denounce all that is contrary to our western democratic values in their religion (and thus often called “apostates”, I cannot always tell the difference between reformists’ views and taqqiya. For example, I came across an ad on the subway yesterday that read:”Heaven lies at the feet of the mother. For more info

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Can you check the video again, Admirath? It will be interesting to see just how long gay “pride” parades will last in Torontostan.George Smitherman and his ilk won’t be running for office for much longer either, unless they move to Nunavut.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    OK, the video is working!

  4. Arshad says:

    What a beautiful event! I wish more of my Jewish cousins have come and enjoyed the food.

    1. admiwrath says:

      There wasn’t much to enjoy, Arshad.

  5. Zubair Kagdi says:

    Thanks for posting this blog. i really got to know about how many people are loving Halal food. I got impressed by the presentation of the fest in this blog. Congrates!!

    1. admiwrath says:

      This is how Muslims ignore every criticism in the name of their halal jihad.

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