Toronto’s Halal Mafia

The topic of this post is halal food – the type of food, which is endorsed by the Muslim religion.

It could be found in more and more places in Toronto and that’s very alarming (you’ll see why after we get into the details of its nature). It’s up to you, dear
readers, to decide whether we have a well-organized Mafia-like organization, whose purpose is to impose halal food on everybody, or if the whole issue is a
natural result of the Islamic expansion.

Last year I posted an article about forcing halal-only menus in the English schools. Parents in Harrow (England) were upset by the school authorities’ decision, which didn’t consult them at all.

In the original article, besides the angry parents, they also quoted a local Muslim leader, who seemed puzzled by all that commotion:

But chief co-ordinator of the Harrow Pakistani Society, Mohammad Rizvi, thinks the issue has been blown out of proportion.

He said: “For Muslim children the only option they have is to eat is Halal, it is part of their religion. Whereas it isn’t a problem for children of other faiths to eat Halal. This isn’t about Islamification or pandering to Muslims it’s just common sense.


Please read the quote again. Aren’t you shocked by the arrogance of that “leader”? He is an immigrant for whom integration is out of the question. The local people, who accepted him and his fellow Pakistanis, must adapt to their cult. “It’s just common sense.” There isn’t a trace of humility or mutual understanding in his words.

Frankly, I found the case amusing – just another example of the British defeatism. I was confident that nothing like that could happen in Canada.

Boy was I wrong! Fast forward several months to the “mosqueteria” scandal, which revealed that a Toronto school allows Muslim prayers on its premises
during school hours in blatant violation of the secular nature of our public education (later it turned out that even more schools were doing it).

One of the side effects was imposing halal food in the Valley Park Middle School, where the prayers took place.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. It was revealed that several other schools in Toronto boasted that they offered only halal food (and of course, probably there are many more).

Market Lane Junior and Senior Public School, which proudly states:

Nutrition Programs

We have an extensive nutrition program at Market Lane providing a hot breakfast, healthy snack and hot lunch for all students. General Electric has generously provided funding to ensure that our Breakfast is free. All food served is halal and follows the Canada Food Guide.

Nice, eh? General Electric sponsored halal…

Then comes Kingsview Village School, which states in its newsletter, Kingsview Village Chronicle, the following:

The Toronto District School Board recognizes the direct relationship between healthy nutrition and student achievement and support nutrition programs for students. The food served in the nutrition program is vegetarian, halal, and nut and peanut free so that the program is accessible to every child.

Winchester Junior and Senior Public School is close with its statement:

Nutrition Program

We have an extensive nutrition program at Winchester providing a daily healthy snack and hot lunch.  Students also have many opportunities to work with our Nutrition Coordinator, Ms. Charmyne Urquart, to make cookies, apple sauce, treats, and other healthy options. All food served is halal and follows the Canada Food Guide.


At Ryerson Community School they also display their halal pride:



So does the Donwood Park Junior Public School:

Please be assured that all of the food purchased is Halal. Students receive one full serving of Fruits or Vegetables, Grain Products and Milk and/or Alternatives each day.

What did that British Pakistani guy say again? “This isn’t about Islamification or pandering to Muslims it’s just common sense.” It’s great to see that the
Toronto District School Board agrees with him by forcing halal food on everybody.

And it’s not only about schools. There are many hot dog stands in the streets of Toronto, which push halal food. Last year I wrote about one, which was located
on Spadina, right across the Jewish Community Centre.


Discount for believers, tax for infidels

It had a big sign offering halal beef hot dog with pop for $2.50, while the regular hot dogs were sold for the same price without pop. So the infidels had to pay
an extra dollar to get the same deal. Jizya anyone? To be fair, a few days after I published my post, the sign disappeared and was replaced by a menu, where halal wasn’t mentioned at all.

Then Campbell Soup Canada got into the halal racket. They started running proud sharia-compliant ads:


Campbell Soup – proudly halal!!


Frankly, I was worried, because Campbell’s radical embrace of the Islamic food rules, might’ve spelled the end of the only one of their not-so-great products that I liked – the “Bean with Bacon” soup:


Ban the Bacon!!!


And it’s not only the large food companies – the halal infestation has taken over even large department stores.

I often go to a store, which is a part of a large chain. It is located in the very heart of downtown Toronto, just steps from the fancy Rosedale quarter (that’s the area controlled by rich armchair socialists).

That’s the riding, which elected Bob Rae, the worst Ontario Premier, the ultimate political whore, and the extraordinary Muslim butt kisser. If you remember, last year the United Arab Emirates airlines asked for extended flying rights over Canada. Their airline is government supported and dependent (for its local facilities) on serf labour. When Harper’s government refused to accommodate their Islamist ambitions, Bob Rae personally flew there to apologize (and shouldn’t even mention his campaign in support of Omar Khadr).

So in happy Bob’s riding we have a large store, which is dominated by halal food. I took the pictures last week, sorry there are not more of them, but the staff was too suspicious about my phone activities.

There is a whole section in the boxed foods, which is only halal (Zabrina’s).  Then the raw meat section has a heavy halal presence:





And among the large packs of deep frozen food, ALL of the chicken meat was halal:


“Slaughtered by a Muslim in accordance with Islamic law”







After seeing this, my question is: why is there so much halal food in the store? Was there some kind of a Muslim Don Vito Corleone’s offer that they can’t refuse? Or was it some dhimmi sense of obligation to accommodate a weird religious custom? We would never know.

Of course, Bob Rae’s progressive constituents will ask: what’s the problem with halal food? Aren’t we all supposed to support the diversity in our great city?

Here’s what the problem is – halal meat comes from animals slaughtered ONLY by Muslims in a specific sadistic way. The whole process must be supervised and approved by a Muslim religious organization.

You can see the statement on one of the packages in the pictures above: “Slaughtered by a Muslim in accordance with Islamic law”. Yes, that’s a full-blown sharia enterprise.

That immediately puts large segments of the meat packing industry under Islamic control.

The slaughter involves slashing the throat of the animal and letting it agonize until the blood is drained. Below is a link to a video showing that barbaric practice. I had before a PETA video showing the process, but it mysteriously disappeared from their site.


Here you can see the video.

Since that video may disappear at any moment, I placed some screenshots of it below the break of this post. The warning above applies to them as well.

This horrific slaughter is supposed to be performed only by a Muslim, meaning that we have to increase the immigration of people skilled in that “art”. That is how the Muslims increased their levels of immigration in several European countries.

This method of meat production, when spread wide enough, creates a virtual Muslim monopoly over the industry, with added higher prices due to the specials “skills” of the butchers and the fees paid to Muslim organizations, which are supposed to certify the process.

Bringing in butchers from third-world Muslim countries is a problem of its own. Those countries are notorious for its poor hygiene in food processing. My guess is that the Canadian authorities are very reluctant to “offend” Muslims by inspecting the halal meat plants – the whole issue is shrouded in total secrecy.

Judging from the experience in the USA, there is a lot to worry about when dealing with halal food. In a very extensive coverage the issue 1389 blog states:

Any prepared food nowadays – not just ethnic food – is likely to have been handled by people – some from Third World countries, but by no means all – who may carry communicable diseases, who have not been trained in proper sanitation, or who disregard such training after having received it because that wasn’t the way they were raised. It takes good supervision and management to ensure compliance, which is unlikely to happen if the owners of the establishment are of the same unwholesome mindset – or if they don’t expect the laws to be enforced. (In New York)  …there seems to be a double standard of enforcement, in which governmental authorities are slow or reluctant to enforce the laws and regulations, or to notify the public, when the culprits are Muslim. And that’s the real problem here.

In an article quoted by 1389 we find very disturbing news about a halal meat processing company in British Columbia, which decided to skip a vital type of inspection:

A meat processor that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency suspected had an E. coli contamination problem last November is opting out of federal inspection entirely and will be regulated only by the Province of British Columbia.

Provincially regulated plants are not required to test for the E. coli bacteria. Federally licensed meat processing plants in Canada, however, are required to test for E. coli O157:H7, and report positive results to CFIA.

Pitt Meadows Meats, Ltd, one of BC’s largest meat processing plants, has been under scrutiny for not immediately reporting lab results when they turned up positive for E. coli O157:H7 last fall. The company is known for its “halal” beef and lamb products, made in accordance with Islamic law and sold in many Middle Eastern food markets in the greater Vancouver area.

Don’t you find that disturbing? The only way we would know if their meats contain E. coli bacteria would be after somebody dies. How many companies in Ontario are subject to such “light-weight” regime of inspections? We will never know.

The problem is aggravated by the entity supposed to “certify” the halal meat in Ontario. I mentioned above that this is supposed to be an authoritative Muslim organization.

The organization, which gets the money from that sweet deal, is ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) – you can see their logo in the Campbell halal soup ad.

ISNA’s US branch has a shady reputation. In the notorious case of the Holy Land Foundation, which was involved in terrorist financing, the United States Department of Justice named ISNA as an unindicted co-conspirator and one of the “entities who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood.”

ISNA Canada has problems of its own. Earlier this year, Canada’s largest leftist newspaper, Toronto Star, published a large article about misappropriation of charity money in ISNA. The paper is very pro-Muslim, so if they publish something like that, it means that the things are really, really bad.

According to an audit they obtained, the organization, which is supposed to help the poor, mismanaged over $600,000 of the money it collected, mostly due to the actions of its the director Mohammad Ashraf:

Mismanagement of more than $600,000 is among the findings in a scathing audit obtained by the Star.

A “very small portion . . . is distributed to the poor and needy and the major portion is spent on the administration of the centre,” concluded the 2010 audit of the previous four years…

For more than 30 years, [Mohammad] Ashraf has been the leader of ISNA, a national organization that is also the hub for Mississauga’s Muslim community. It houses the city’s most visible mosque and provides a variety of services, including a Muslim high school and a halal meat certification agency.

ISNA Canada draws in close to $1 million in charity donations a year. The audit looked closely at one portion of those donations, an obligatory alms giving called Zakat and Fitrah meant to aid the needy. The audit found that of about $810,777 collected over four years, only $196,460 went to aid the poor…

The audit shows tens of thousands of charity dollars were shuffled from ISNA Canada to its affiliated services and businesses, several of which have secretary-general Ashraf as a director. Federal rules forbid charities from spending donations on business activities that do not aid the charity….

In a review of the financial statements for the halal meat certification agency, a business branch of the Society that certifies meat as permissible to eat under Islamic rules, the auditor discovered Ashraf had received a $15,000 tax receipt after moving money from the agency’s business account over to ISNA Canada and claiming it was a “personal donation.” (emphasis added)

Former board members told the Star Ashraf diverted profits from the certification agency to a secret account from which he paid himself and at least two family members. They say the board had no knowledge of this.

The agency’s funds were also used from 2005 to 2009 to pay Ashraf’s wife and one of his daughters nearly $150,000 for a handful of services, from consulting and promotions to putting together a newsletter that comes out four times a year, according to financial statements.


Let me ask you – how can you trust an organization that steals money from its own donors? I have no idea what the “certification “process involves, but if they lack the elementary ethic in handling donations, how can you trust them to control the filth in a halal slaughterhouse? Especially when the meat goes to schools…

So the whole halal racket is imposed in schools and food stores without consulting anybody. In the USA there have been cases where McDonald’s and KFC have used halal meat without telling its customers. Are there such cases in Canada? We don’t know, the government keeps us in the dark on that issue.

Another issue is that the halal slaughterhouses are not religious organizations – they are businesses that sell meat. As such, they must comply with the Human Rights Code, which doesn’t allow religious discrimination. Yet they employ ONLY Muslim butchers.

If I were to create a slaughterhouse, which employs only Christians, how long would it take before the Human Rights Commission shuts me down? The privileged Muslims don’t have such a problem – the halal establishments are free to discriminate.

It’s not only the sadistic process of slaughter that I find offensive. What’s even worse is the imposing of barbaric customs maintained by a medieval religion.

If Muslims find offensive the cartoons of their “prophet”, I, just like many other people, find offensive that the disgusting halal food is forced on us. They can sell it in their halal stores or restaurants, but why should we have to accept it?

But we have to, since that’s what our “human rights” protectors want us to do. Consider the case of Maxcine Telfer, a black business woman from Mississauga (Ontario) who hired a Muslim woman to work in her office. Since the latter showed incompetence, they let her go six weeks later.

The Muslim woman claimed discrimination and filed a case with the Human Rights Tribunal. The adjudicator at that kangaroo court was Faisal Bhabha, a Muslim lawyer known for his sharia support.

Halal food became one of the main issues in the case. The Muslim woman complained that she was discriminated against by not being allowed to warm up her stinky halal food in the office microwave (although the office had a general ban on foul-smelling food). The “judge” considered that serious enough to force Telfer to pay $36,000 to the plaintiff.

Since Telfer didn’t have the money, the tribunal took steps to sell her house and confiscate the proceeds. Telfer was saved by a real court, which overturned the decision, but it cost her thousands in legal fees.

How’s that for Muslim arrogance? $36,000 for a bowl of stinky halal food. You can’t beat that!

Now the Muslims in Toronto are about 5% of the population and we are witnessing that merciless halal aggression. What is going to happen when they become 10%? They will probably ban pork completely and we all will have to follow Ramadan, their loony starvation fest.

It looks like they can do whatever they want with full support from the police and the Human Rights Commissions.  The OHRC refused to interfere in the Muslim school prayers case. Last week Muslims were allowed to slaughter a sheep in a public park without being charged by the police. Earlier this week a crazy Muslim woman punched a journalist in the heart of Toronto and the police refused to file charges.

What’s next? Are we turning into a new Somalia? Maybe soon we will have Somali pirates roaming Lake Ontario…










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  1. Human Being says:

    F**k u writer of this brutal blog. U make Canadians ashamed. Canada is a peace loving country & Canadians are the most respecting & friendly attitude carrying people. Your blog is all about nothing but racism based & it is even against the Canadian constitution which gives fundamental right to every Canadian to practice & adhere with his/her faith of religion.

    I am gonna report your blog to Canadian law enforcement authorities for spreading wrong & discriminating information.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nothing new here – typical Muslim arrogance, which wants to destroy anything that doesn’t agree with the cult. If you want sharia censorship, move to Iran or Saudi Arabia.

    2. CANADIAN says:


    3. Anne dunn says:

      Halal slaughter is Barbaric. I will never eat meat that has been slaughtered in this fashion. Why this is being allowed in Canada anywhere is beyond me … I hope that this is banned sooner rather than later,

  2. ncvieira says:

    Can all of you people be any more hypocritical and ignorant? You’re frothing at the mouth at the “cruel” manner of halal animal slaughter? REALLY??? Clearly you’re all too STUPID for your own health. So you think the slaughter method if slaughter houses are more HUMANE? Clearly you’ve never visited or worked in any if these “humane” establishments or you would know the rampant animal cruelty and torture that occurs in these establishments. And if THAT isn’t enough for you, why not visit a cattle factory or a veal factory – and NO do NOT call them “farms”! I guess actually educating yourselves doesn’t fit with your agenda does it? Oh and how funny how ” outraged” the jew was in his comment about the comparison if kosher to halal. Made me laugh my ass off! But I must admit the jrw was right about one thing. No comparison can be made between Jews and Muslims. Jews have a long way to evolve into civilized human beings before any comparison can be made.

    1. admiwrath says:

      You are pathetic – the barbaric halal slaughter and the money collected from the “certification” go to support the terrorists of your filthy murderous cult.

  3. Adam McMullan says:

    Good writeup but biased as well. If we talk about Canadians, we all are immigrants. How we can say to any other religion to go back where from they came. In the same way, all Christians, jews, hindus etc. should go back. Canada is the land for everyone who lives here. Please don’t spread hate.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nice try Ahmed, please don’t spread your ignorance – the Muslims are the only ones that want to impose their demented cult on everyone. In the case of the filthy halal food, the a large percentage of the fees you pay for it goes to support terrorists and child rapists. Do you approve of the Muslim animal in Mississauga who desecrated a Catholic church? Your cult is disgusting.

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