Toronto Ladies, Meet Your New Muslim Masters!

The increasing number of Muslims in Toronto has done nothing to enrich the tapestry of our “enchanting multiculturalism.” On the contrary, it has only emboldened the most arrogant and violent of them. Today we learned about another case of “charming” Muslim presence in Toronto. In his show this morning David “The Menzoid” Menzies told the story of a SUN NEWS employee, verbally attacked by a niqab Muslima, who found her skirt design offensive.

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The Menzoid himself was a target of a Muslim attack. Two years ago he was punched by a rabid Muslima over pictures he was taking in a public place. The new incident (and probably many more that were not reported) shows the damage the unrestricted Muslim immigration could bring. Notice how in the end of the altercation the Muslim gargoyle threatened to dial 911 and that scared the SUN employee. No wonder – she most likely would’ve been arrested. Our corrupt police force usually takes the side the weirdest and laziest people (see Caledonia and the Idle No More blockades).

We accept without any screening the followers of a barbaric religion, which oppresses not only its members, but also all kafirs who have the misfortune to live around them. Parts of the city (especially Scarborough) are so infested by those veiled ghosts that they make it look like a suburb of Kabul.

What can such a woman contribute to our society? What kind of a job could she do walking around in her portable black tent? The only job possible is collecting welfare cheques.

I am not sure why that Muslim idiot attacked the Canadian woman. Maybe she was too jealous that she could not wear the same skirt or simply was told to act like that by her imam or husband. The niqab has its advantages – nobody can see how dirty their clothes are under it. You’ll understand what I mean, if you happen to stand near such a veiled woman on a bus in Scarborough in July. The unique blend of stale sweat and odour of mysterious food could make Coco Chanel run away in horror.

We are always told that the extreme Muslims are a minority. Even if it is so, the overwhelming majority of Muslims either silently support them or are too scared to say anything. The ones willing to say something against the extremism are hard to notice, because they are constantly running for their lives.

Total control is part of the nature of Islam. Even in the “moderate” Malaysia the Chinese and the Hindus are always warned that they should dress in a way that would not “offend” Muslims (especially during Ramadan).

Now the same thing is coming to Canada. A few years from now we will have sharia patrols harassing everybody, the way they do now in England and in the Netherlands. Where will be the No One Is Illegal idiots, who want to bring to Canada every savage that shows up at the door? Where are the dumb genderless feminazis, who see “patriarchy” in every institution of our country?

Of course they are silent – no matter how much you bash the Western “patriarchy”, it will keep paying you welfare and art grants. Opposing the Muslim patriarchy is a totally different business, because you can literally lose you head in the process.

The barbaric rules and demands of Islam have no place in Canada. Those who want to live in Canada must adapt to the rules and traditions that built this country. The sooner our spineless politicians figure this out, the longer they’ll stay in power.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I attended one of my sons college graduation yesterday. One of the teachers was a “liberal” Muslim who tried at one time to run for the candidacy of his local liberal LMA seat. he lost. After my comment about Morgentalers death, and how he destroyed the lives of millions of innocent unborn children, the “liberal’ Muslim at once became offended by my opinion, and launched into a diatribe about respecting others, diversity, multiculturalism, how he teaches his students about “tolerating” others, etc. This was a perfect example of how a lefty, regardless of his background, shoots back at at anyone who dares to publicly contradict his own views. They become “offended” and then demonstrate exactly why THEY are intolerant, narrow minded and bind to their own bigotry. The white couple sharing our table were clearly embarrassed (by ME, daring to put a liberal Muslim idiot in his place), and had no comment. The nice Canadian couple mumbled something about retiring soon to Costa Rica. Then our liberal Muslim friend decided to leave. But,I did shake his hand, thank him for attending the graation ceremny, and offered to debate him publicly one day at a venue of his choosing.

    I don’t think he was very keen on the idea.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The “liberal” Muslims have an agenda that eventually comes to the surface.

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