Toronto Muslim Fanatics Demand Blasphemy Laws


Do you get it, stupid kafirs?


Today the psychotic Muslim rage over a YouTube movie finally reached Toronto. A rally was held in front of the US Consulate. It was supposed to be an interfaith event, but it was attended mostly by the scary people you see in the news from Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Fully integrated Canadians…


The organizers and the speakers were basically the same people we saw last month at the Al-Quds rally. I appreciate it that they kept the rally relatively peaceful – unlike the Muslim savages in almost all other countries, who killed and destroyed, the Toronto Muslims managed to organize an event, where nobody was killed. But that doesn’t mean that the Muslim savagery was subdued – they found other ways to display it.

My friend Sharon also came to protest peacefully, holding two flags – Canadian and American – she was insulted by the “docile” Muslims and urged to burn the American flag. Then some Muslim psychopath snatched it from her hand and ran away.

Everything in the rally was designed to emphasize the superiority of the barbaric Muslim cult and its false “prophet”. The message they wanted to convey was beyond clear: “Don’t touch our cult or else…”


“It is bigotry when you criticize us!”


The message about what was to be done to address the insults against Mo the pedophile was also very clear. The participants wanted the UN to introduce blasphemy laws.


A peaceful demand for a law that would let us kill the blasphemers


There were also guys, who expressed their aesthetic tastes in cinema, demanding punishment for the makers of that infamous movie. It looked like that was the opinion of all Canadian Muslims.


You can discuss that with Roger Ebert…



A recommendation from the people who call other religions “apes and pigs”


Even Google wasn’t spared from the Muslim rage – they advised its YouTube division to go to hell:


Then where are you going to upload your jihadist videos?


I even learned a new term – “ethical terrorism” – which the USA committed by releasing that movie. (Boy, those retards are insane, blaming every video they don’t like on the Great Satan).


“Ethical terrorism”


The Muslims went out of their way to show how worthless their lives are. According to some signs, they have no value outside of their love for Mohammed. They must be right, because for the last 1,400 years they haven’t contributed almost anything to the world other than killing people over imaginary insults against Old Mo.


I totally agree – your lives are useless



Nobody’s killing you – you’re doing it yourselves…


Among the signs were also flags with inscriptions in Arabic (or Farsi) around bearded men, who looked like action heroes from a gay comic book. I wonder what the meaning of the phrases was – it obviously let them express their real thoughts without being understood by the infidels.


These flags are too gay even for the gay parade…



The Muslim Robin


Another interesting thing was the way the Muslims exploited their children to spread the message of hatred for everybody, who didn’t submit to their cult. Children were carrying signs and dressed in a way that was sure to turn them into homicidal savages. These little boys, dressed like mujahedeens, were supposedly ready to give their lives for Mohammed.


Like the children of Hamas…


It was hilarious to see those three girls, probably no more than 10 years old, displaying the hippy peace sign while two of them were wearing hijabs and the third had her face completely covered.


“All we are saying is give the burqa a chance!”


Muslims are a very creative bunch, which can find the long shadow of the Jews everywhere. This rally wasn’t an exception. As usual, the vast Zionist conspiracy was showing its ugly head behind the insults, which made the poor Muslims behave like insane cavemen killing each other all over the world.


“USA and Israel – Terrorists”


And again a child is holding an anti-Israeli sign:


The muzzie world is not complete without a “Fascist Israel”


And another kid holds the sign enlightening us that Mossad and CIA are the sinister forces, which make the innocent Muslims behave like rabid savages:


It’s all Mossad’s fault!


As I said, the organizers were the same people I saw at the Al-Quds rally. We heard the same hostile speeches, interrupted by “Allahu Akbar” chants. We even heard the same lies – that the Al-Quds rally was attended by 3,000 people and today’s rally broke that record because it brought over 5,000 people. You must be a complete idiot to believe that 5,000 could fit into the small space across the US Consulate, but apparently critical thinking is not a part of the Muslim mind.


Our old friend Zafar Bangash


The whole rally (and not only the signs) was sending a very clear message, not unlike the gay parades – “We are here, we are weird, and we will not rest until you completely submit to our cult!” The participants went out of their way to look and act differently, showing that they have absolutely no intention to blend into the Canadian realities and traditions. Why should they? The milti-culti lefties have always encouraged them to act that way.


When Islam takes over, these are the people who will decide who’ll live and who’ll die…



Just a few chaps from the neighbourhood…



Case of a “Just for Men” commercial gone terribly wrong



The banner of Islam conquers everything…


In case anybody thought that Islam was some kind of a benevolent religion, the participants made sure to state that after America burned the Koran and offended the fake “prophet”, it would never see peace.


Islam declares a war on America (Canada is next)


That was a declaration of war and it should be taken seriously. We have more than enough evidence to realize that Islam is serious about that when we see how it is controlled by homicidal maniacs. So far Canada has avoided the terror, which those maniacs have unleashed elsewhere. Some think that we were spared because of the fact that many Muslim terrorists, extremists and plain idiots hold Canadian passports and want to keep their home base peaceful until they decide to turn it into a Muslim hell.

However, several speakers at the rally viciously attacked the current Canadian government for its support for the fight against terror. It is only a matter of time before those savages turn against us…


© 2012

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  1. Yusuf Al-Kafir says:

    Thanks for going and snapping so many great photos.

    It appears the crazy was out in full force today.

  2. SM ISAC says:

    They will not stop. They must be stopped. Another great comprehensive coverage.
    That’s clear.

    (You did it again: “All we’re saying is give the burqa a chance.” My favourite this time.)

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  4. Richard says:

    Great coverage..but it was interfaith! They had both Sunni and Shites!

  5. Anne says:

    Great photos, as usual. Yes, they’ve learned protest techniques from the left.

  6. joe infidel says:

    Muhammad “married” an 11 year old child. Here in Canada we call that child rape and put those terrible criminals in jail. Muslims believe that this is acceptable and normal behavior. Google Beslin school siege and see what Muslims do to children and women and mothers. Terror is part of their religious beliefs and we must start deporting Muslims and stop them from coming to Canada to kill us. Killing the Kaffir is part of their religion. It is in the Koran. ” Put the infidel to the sword” is in the Koran. Muslims are a religion as well as a religious law. They must be stopped. No more accepting Muslims into Canada or we will end up like France with 6 million of these violent weirdos . We must consider deporting them on mass or setting up internment camps. 911 can come to Canada. It almost did. Stay sharp.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as calling for internment camps, but the violent savages among the Muslims should be deported (or if they are citizens, their citizenship stripped and then deported). As Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, stated, there is no radical or normal Islam, Islam is one. I fully agree with him – Islam is one homicidal cult, which destroys completely the personality of anybody who follows it. Just a small correction – Old Mo the Pedophile “married” Aisha whan she was 6 years old, but he generously waited to rape her until she was 9. And that’s the animal that the 57 barbaric Muslim countries want to protect through a worldwide blasphemy law.

  7. The Lone Ranger says:

    Why oh why do we keep letting them in?

  8. Normal guy says:

    You can’t fix crazy and these people are that and more I say kick out the lot of them this is Canada. I’d like it to remain Canada!

  9. Another Joe says:

    a lot fo them are living off our tax dollars, that is blasphemy.

  10. Laura says:

    They are already killing people in Canada. Some come to seek peace and then their fathers and brothers come to kill them. You see them on the news, running over military men with cars, shooting and killing an unarmed soldier on Parliament Hill, shooting up the mall in Toronto (few years back). The list goes on and on, its damn near always Muslims.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Exactly – and the government is pretending that we can fix that without touching the Muslim menace.

  11. Les says:

    Time to DEPORT our immigration minister. This muzzie loving piece of trash has an agenda. Time to start a nationwide petition to stop immigration from Islamic trash countries. We do not need a muzzie run country like the UK and Europe. THey have gone to hell because of the CANCER that islam is!

  12. Joe says:

    What have you done trudeau?

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