Toronto Muslim Leader Zafar Bangash Calls for Violent Overthrow of the Government

As I have mentioned before, the vile cult of Islam can engage in any conceivable extremist behaviour and neither the government nor the Human Right Commission stormtroopers would ever do anything to confront that, while even an imaginable case of “Islamophobia” would be enough to smash the alleged perpetrator with a Monty Python size of a politically correct foot.

The latest outrageous case involves Zafar Bangash. That prominent Muslim leader from Toronto is a staunch supporter of Ayatollah Khomeini. His homoerotic attraction to the dead Iranian terrorist has really epic proportions. Every year Bangash is one of the main organizers of the anti-Semitic Al-Quds Day rally. At the last rally in August thousands of Muslim fanatics cheered a speaker who said that all Jews who don’t want to leave Jerusalem must be shot. Zafar Bangash is not an illiterate desert Muslim, he is the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought.

Bangash the anti-Semite

Bangash the anti-Semite

That’s why it was so enlightening to read his article in the latest issue of his online magazine “Crescent-International.” He discusses the latest events in the Muslim world. Then he admits that elections don’t work for imposing the Muslim cause. The only solution he sees is to overthrow the existing government through violence:

This brings us to the question of what the Islamic movement should do. It is clear that elections are not the route to establish an Islamic state in any society no matter how large the margin of victory of Islamic parties. The only option is an Islamic revolution. It is impossible to work within the existing system, not that Muslims do not want to live and let live but that vested interests will not allow the Islamic movement to establish an order based on fairness and justice. This is what we learn from the Sunnah and the Sirah of the noble Messenger (pbuh) when he was opposed by the vested interests in Makkah. In our own times, the Islamic movement led by Imam Khomeini achieved victory over the forces of darkness in Iran. The existing system had to be uprooted and demolished and in its place a system based on Islamic principles was established.

This will not come easy but the struggle for justice and fairness has never been easy. The masses are prepared to pay the price; only the leadership must give a clear directional course for people to follow. Often the problem lies not with the masses but with the faulty thinking and assumptions of the leadership of the Islamic movement.

Islamic revolution_ the only solution, Zafar Bangashzine

So obviously Canada would be the subject of the same action – since the Muslims can’t win by election, they should organize a revolution and take power the way the baby-rape advocate Khomeini did.

If any other group in the Canadian society promotes violence with such a blatant openness, they’ll be subjected to persecution and scrutiny. In the case of Islam, even the most repulsive views and plans are acceptable to the government in the name of the “multicultural harmony.”

I know that we can’t expect help from Justin Trudeau, who, when he is not mingling with pedophiles at gay parades, is mastering the art of ass-lifting at Wahhabi mosques. However, Harper and Mulcair are supposed to uphold the Canadian values, right?

Mr. Harper, Mr. Mulcair, when are the government and the official opposition going to do something to stop peddlers of the Muslim barbarism like Zafar Bangash?

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