Toronto Police Reveal a Sharia Uniform


There's a new sharia cop in town...


A few months ago I wrote about the decision of the Metropolitan Toronto Police to actively seek recruits among the Muslim women wearing hijab.

I thought that the outcry generated by that weird intention would be enough to make the police board and the Chief to reconsider it.

I was wrong. In an interview of SUN TV with Tarek Fatah it was revealed that not only didn’t the police give up the hijab issue, but they also went further and are now considering the niqab (or the veil), one of the worst garments that the fanatical Muslims wear. Here is the interview (h/t BCF):


That made me think that I can help to design the new sharia-compliant uniform – you can see it at the top. I should tell the lefties and the Muslims that the picture is a satire (that’s necessary, because the sense of humour in the politically correct lefties and the Muslim fanatics is usually excised at birth).

It is very odd that in a highly developed and democratic country like Canada somebody could seriously contemplate adopting one of the most barbaric symbols of Islam. And it is horrific when that somebody is the police force of the largest Canadian city.

If the members of the police board think that a woman could wear that body bag voluntarily, they must be out of their minds. The niqab is the piece of clothing designed to reduce women to a non-entities – without face, without shape, without presence.

The worst part is that they want to make such non-entities, which can’t even be identified, control the free citizens of Canada.

Even in those countries, which have adopted the most awful and primitive forms of sharia (like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan) they don’t allow veiled women in the police force (if they allow any women there at all).

So the Metropolitan Toronto Police want us to look even worse than Saudi Arabia. Are these changes disguised as an “accommodation” a preparation for the future takeover of Canada? It is hard to believe that a woman who appears in public in those weird clothes would come from a family that yearns to accept the Canadian values and customs as their own.

The idea of veiled police officers patrolling the streets of Toronto is not only stupid; it is horrible, hideous, atrocious and dreadful.

Dear Toronto Police, what have we, the ordinary citizens, done to deserve to be policed by scary Muslim fanatics?!


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