Toronto Police, the Hijab Squad

The Torontonians were treated to a new chapter in the never-ending saga of the destructive Canadian political correctness. The Toronto Police announced that they are going to accommodate Muslim women, who want to serve as police officers and wear their hijabs.

It’s just another blow against the Canadian traditions and values. It has been probably orchestrated by the powerful Muslim lobby with the cooperation of our dhimmi politicians (and can even see Barbara Hall’s long shadow lurking behind).

Instead of preserving everything that unites us, those people are bound on fragmenting and destroying our country. We have sheepishly bent over to accommodate another minority that doesn’t want to adapt and doesn’t give a damn about Canada’s values.

Unfortunately, that’s not the first attack – the way was paved by the Sikhs much earlier. If you remember, in the 1990’s they demanded that the Sikh Mounties wear turbans instead of hats. That was forced on RCMP, then on the local police. Seeing those turban policemen in Toronto makes me feel like I am in colonial India. Then they went against the veterans from the Royal Canadian Legion, which didn’t allow people wearing headgear to enter their buildings. The Sikhs managed to wrestle down the veterans on this issue. Last year, Canada’s ultimate freeloaders, Jack and Olivia, engaged in a campaign to let Sikhs carry their big knives in government building, while nobody else is allowed to bring weapons there.

As you can see, this is a very successful model of bullying – people don’t dare oppose any weird culture, otherwise they’ll be branded bigots and racists.

So the Muslims are following the same path. Nothing new here…

If all this was going on in some corporation, it would’ve been much easier to ignore. But we are talking police here – policing, i.e. maintaining order, is one of the most important functions of the government. In a democratic country, the police are supposed to treat everybody in the same way according to the law.

Their uniforms symbolize that equality and impartiality. When you try to “diversify” them, you get into problems on many levels. So you call the police and a weird woman with a gun wearing a hijab shows up. How would you feel if you are a Jew or a Christian refugee from Egypt? Wouldn’t you be traumatized by the suspicion that you won’t be treated fairly?

The hijab is not just a rag covering one’s head – it is a religious and political statement (both are inseparable in Islam). When a woman wears it, it means that
she is either a very devout Muslim or under a strong pressure by her family to wear it. In both cases, her priorities could be questioned. What would she do,
if she has to arrest a suspected Muslim terrorist? Whose side would she take if there is an altercation between a Christian and a Muslim?

In case you’ve forgotten, Major Hassan, the military psychiatrist, who killed 13 people at Fort Hood, was a proud “Soldier of Allah”.  Then the soldier who was praised by the US Army as being the model devout but moderate Muslim was arrested right before he was going to kill many people. Needless to say, not all devout Muslims are those characters, but like it or not, the reality shows us that we must be vigilant.

The whole notion of allowing that outfit to be part of the police uniform is beyond ridiculous. Do you think that they’ll accommodate a cop who wants to wear a huge cross as a symbol of devotion? Of course not, Christians are second-class citizens when their religion is concerned.

We also must take into account that a religious Muslim woman is not supposed to be left alone with a man, who is not a member of her family. So when she is patrolling, she must be paired with a female officer. That would be another accommodation.

And what about dogs? Police dogs are loyal and hard-working members of the police force, while to Muslims they are dirty animals, from which they should stay away. In Great Britain Muslims are willing to ban police dogs. How would the hijab police woman handle them? Do we need to exterminate them? Otherwise, if a dog licks her, she would run crying to Barbara Hall and her commission.

What if somebody at the station has a ham sandwich? She could easily sue for violation of her delicate sensitivities.

Then come the safety issues – a criminal big enough can easily overpower such a woman and strangle her with her hijab. The latter is not allowed during sports games for safety reasons – then why should it be allowed in a much worse situation, when dealing with vicious criminals?! Or maybe if the worst happens, the Muslim police woman’s family would sue the police force for not protecting her?

It’s unbelievable how low the West has fallen in its self-destruction. If a Muslim woman demands the same from the police in Japan, South Korea, China or Russia, she’ll be laughed out.

Yet our politicians have no problem ruining our police force.

I am posting this, but maybe I should be watching for a hijab woman with a big gun showing up at my door. Never mind…


© 2011

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  1. Diary, October 14, 2011

    We are pleased to see a most welcome and helpful Advance suggested for the Operation of the Toronto Police Force: it is said that female police Officers will wear, if they so desire, a Hijab.

    In our View, this has not come a Moment too soon; we have long been desirous of seeing religious Symbols affixed to Officers of the Law, so that we may be assured of the particular religious Slant behind the Comments and Actions of those charged with enforcing our Canadian Laws.

    We hope that soon this inspired Idea will be expanded, and religious Symbolism will be required to be displayed on the Head, in the form of Headgear, or, failing that, tattooed on the forehead –universally throughout the Police Force. Sikhs, of course, would wear turbans, and Jewish members the yarmulke. We do not know of any standard headgear for Scientologists, but possibly a small conically shaped Hat, adorned with Stars and mathematical Symbols could be devised.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses might be required to have a Cyclopean Eye, either affixed to a Cap, or plainly visible and fixed on the Forehead. Zoroastrians, of course could have the Faravahar prominently stitched into the Hat, possibly with the Caveat in small Print underneath: (I am not a Chrysler).

    Druids would be required to have a Helmet in the shape of Stonehenge, and those subscribing to the religious Practice of Easter Island could be adorned with a tasteful Ahu or a Selection of Rongorongo Glyphs.

    We would have some small Hope that our own Religion, Abracadabra, with its great God Murphy might be represented by a Rabbit in a black silk Hat, nibbling on a Shamrock.

    The economic Benefits of such a policy are immediately evident. Not only would the Hat Industry be given a mighty Boost–but all Citizens would be well advised to undertake a Study of World Religions, with a few relevant and ingratiating Phrases relating to the Religions of various Officers.

    Pulled over for Speeding, it would only be prudent to make a Remark, such as “Allah be praised, may it not be long before Shariah replaces the Speeding Ticket”–or–“Has Harold Camping made yet another Prediction?” –or–“By all the Cows sacred to Krishna, I was not exceeding the Limit!”

    This Need to be sensitive to the religious Beliefs of Police Officers would surely spawn a huge Industry which would provide religious Education and a Smattering of appropriate Vocabulary to a Knowledge-starved Citizenry.

    Further, it would not be long before it became evident that some Religions were more prominently represented than Others. Human Rights Commissions would expand exponentially, providing more Employment for Adjudicators, Lawyers, and clerical Personnel. New Buildings would doubtless be required, providing Opportunities for Architects and those in all Fields of Demolition and Construction.

    In short, the Idea of Female Police Officers wearing the hijab, carried to its logical Conclusion, could be the very Spark needed to trigger an economic Revival. But why stop at Police Officers?

    Surely every Representative of Government at every Level should be required to proclaim his Religion with appropriate Headgear. The Passport Office–the Liquor Store–the License Bureau–the Parks Department–the Recycling Depot–surely it is the Right of every Citizen to know the Religion of those working for Government! Otherwise we are left in the Dark, wondering, imagining, and supposing, and speculating. This is a grievous Waste of Time, debilitating in Effect, and a Drag on Productivity. No! A new Day we deserve, a new Day we shall have: a new Day will dawn!

    Hurrah for the Hijab!

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    This madness has already infected the UK.

    “”POLICE in Sheffield swapped places with Muslim women – by dressing head to toe in full religious dress and walking round the city centre. As part of an exercise called ‘In Your Shoes Day’, two South Yorkshire police officers and a police community support officer took to the streets wearing jilbabs and niqabs – Islamic outfits which leave just the face exposed.” LINK

    The reason behind this public display of abject dhimmitude”:

    “…to learn about the faith and understand their (muslim women) issues.

    See the following links to Muslim police women in the UK wearing mobile tents:

    1. admiwrath says:

      God save England.

  3. Research Canadian says:

    Here is my essay on the 3 myths of Canadian Immigration. It’s the biggest fraud since the blood tainted scandal and much bigger than the gun registry fraud. Long live freedom of speech and expression and long live the western identity and English language…french…hockey…maple syrup…The Magna Carta.God bless this wonderful nation we call Canada. Let’s stop this political correctness and cultural relativism once and for all.

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