Toronto’s Sharia Police Force

You may remember that over a month ago a Toronto journalist was assaulted by a rabid Muslim woman in the heart of the city. She punched him in the face for taking pictures. I wrote about the incident and I was upset that the police officers present at the scene refused to file a complaint. Despite that, I was confident that the whole problem will be resolved at a higher level.

Well, guess what – I was wrong. Tonight Menzies appeared on SUN TV and from the interview it became clear that the punch in the face was just the beginning of his ordeal.

The police practically refused to cooperate with him – they didn’t give him the video from the surveilance cameras, the copy of the policeman’s notebook they gave him was censored. On top of that, instead of taking into account his point of view about the encounter, he was interrogated for over an hour by hostile police officers. Since they didn’t give him almost any of the information needed to pursue the case, now he can’t procede with it.

I am totally confused – whom is our police supposed to serve? We have a peaceful citizen beaten in broad daylight by a crazy Muslim over a weird Muslim custom and the assailant gets the full protection of the cops.

Do we live in Toronto or in Kabul? Isn’t that the way the sharia police in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia would behave?

Just a few short years, the police let a gang of Indian (Native) criminals in Caledonia to beat up and terrorize the local people for many weeks. Not a single one of them was arrested and prosecuted, in fact they still occupy illegally large part of the town.

Is this the future our politicians are preparing for us in Toronto? McGuinty, Hudak, Ford? Is anybody listening?

You can see the whole interview here (h/t BCF):

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    You know, there are lots of ways around this. Davis Menzies has other options available at his disposal. Police officers are not above the law. They can stall an investigation briefly, and even obstruct Menzies for a time, but he needs to play his cards right.

    First off, he can get a lawyer to file a court order to obtain the video footage. If the legal fees are cost prohibitive, there are legal services available that can help him out. Secondly, he has an absolute legal right to know the names of the Muslims who confronted him, particularly the woman who assaulted him. Again, a legal representative can obtain this information for him. Thirdly, he can lodge an official complaint against the two police officers for harassment. If this case is not resolved satisfactorily, I would advise Menzies to consider a private prosecution and the woman who assaulted him, once her details have been obtained through legal representation. Remember too, he has two very good eye-witnesses who speak Arabic. Hopefully if he kept in touch with therm, they can help.

    If Menzies is really determined, he ought to consider filing his case with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, provided of course they are willing to hear his case. If not, the growing publicity and sense of public outrage would still weigh heavily on his side.

    Note: As a licensed Private Investigator (which is why I post under a pseudonym), there a lots of trade “secrets” that someone like David Menzies ought to utilize. If I was going to any location where there is the possibility of a confrontation, I always wear a hidden camera. This can be a pair of sunglasses, a flag pin (yes, really), a button, or even a belt buckle. If I was had to go to a police station where there is a possibility I would be “interviewed” as Menzies was, I would wear a watch that records and films everything. If the police came to my home, they would be filmed by miniature cameras in a picture frame. a clock and a flower pot or vase. BTW, I have cameras all around my house (on the outside), including a photographic device that is attached to my front door peep hole (from the inside) that records everybody that comes to my door when I am out.

    No, I am not paranoid, but having the right tools for the job is essential. Believe me, they help a lot. Hopefully David Menzies will get the justice he deserves in this appalling case.

  2. Sam says:

    moslem or not, no one should be photographed or taped without their will, the punch was well deserved, all the power to the lady.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for bringing in the Saudi raghead’s point of view, my Muslim friend. Due to idiots like you Muslims can’t convince Canadians that they are the “peaceful” peoiple they claim they are.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Sam, so you believe in breaking the law? Please review the criminal Code of Canada, particularly the section dealing with assault:

    ” the punch was well deserved, all the power to the lady.”

    Sounds to me that you are in favour of a privileged group getting away with inflicting physical harm on an innocent member of the public. And no, the punch was not “well deserved.” All this incident serves to do is to encourage the burka brigade to do their worst whenever an innocent member of the public “offends” them.

    As for “taping people against their will”, well sorry about that old lad, but CCTV cameras are responsible for catching countless criminals who rob, assault and kill. As for my own line of business, would you rather that con artists, cheaters, thugs and vandals get away with making other peoples lives a misery?

    So tell me Sam, whose side are you really on?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Sam is a Muslim (don’t ask me how I know that), so that’s not a surprise.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    I know a Muslim called Sam, except his actual name is ‘Osama.” He goes by ‘Sam’ because he is embarrassed and does not want to be associated with another, more famous “Osama.”

    Going back to the subject in hand, here is the bottom line:

    You have a legal right to photograph anything you see in public, assuming you are also on public property. Do you lose this right if you happen to see a religious person who objects to being photographed for religious reasons? no, You should not, as there is simply no law prohibiting the taking of a still photograph or video film footage of them.

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