Toronto Star – the Last-Ditch Effort to Smear Geller and Spencer

The campaign to silence Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer had a bumpy start, uneventful ride and today it’s ending with a whimper in the Toronto Star. In a last-ditch effort to sway the public opinion, the paper provided its pages to Ihsaan Gardee, the main man in what was previously known as CAIR, an organization representing one of the most dangerous Muslim entities – the Muslim Brotherhood.

Never mind that in Egypt, its homeland, the Brotherhood collapsed with a bang after destroying the economy and attempting to impose the murderous sharia law on the society (and let’s not forget the systematic extermination of Christians). Thirty million Egyptians rose against that criminal organization, yet it seems it is warmly accepted in the big building of the Toronto Star.

All lies appear to be acceptable in the Toronto Star

All lies appear to be acceptable in the Toronto Star

The paper never shies away from promoting Muslim extremism under the disguise of “multicultural inclusiveness.” Its “editor emeritus” Haroon Siddiqi regularly wails and whines in his columns like hysterical old Muslim maid, who is past her arranged marriage age.

In today’s article Gardee repeats the same arguments he used in his letter to Hilton Hotels, based on fear mongering, without a single credible fact. He tries to smear the organizers again:

Who’s hosting? The Jewish Defence League of Canada, for one. Their American counterpart was deemed as a terrorist organization by the FBI in a 2001. In Canada, they defend these speakers as simply telling the truth. And yet the public record contradicts these claims.

JDL-Canada is not associated with other organizations. If we follow Gardee’s logic, we should ban CAIR-Canada (or whatever it is called now) – its parent organization in Egypt has been involved in terrorism and murder on a large scale and most of its leaders are in jail. Its offshoot Hamas has been involved for years in terrorism against Israel and the local Arab population in Gaza. Shouldn’t we treat in the same way a group in Canada, which follows the Muslim Brotherhood’s charter?

Prior to that, Geller was here, again on the dime of JDL Canada, in Toronto. They had to change the venue when the rabbi who originally invited to host her rescinded the invitation, given his role working with multi-faith communities through the York Regional Police.

“Rescinded the invitation”… What an elegant way to say that Rabbi Kaplan was threatened into submission by the “diversity officer” Ricky. Even the police in Toronto fear the Muslim fanatics. They tried hard to frame Geller – they sent undercover officers to listen to her talk (just like in the glorious KGB times in my old country). They came out empty-handed, because Pamela Geller has never promoted hatred.

Where were those officers during the Al-Quds rally last August, when thousands of Muslim savages openly cheered the calls to kill all Jews in Jerusalem? Where were the kapos, who signed the declaration condemning Pamela Geller before her first talk in Toronto? Canada’s Muslim fanatics have a license to attack, offend and smear everybody.

That not-so-pleasant truth is not something that Mr. Gardee would admit. In the best whining style of Siddiqui, he laments:

Since 9/11, it’s been open season on Muslim communities who have been vilified, marginalized and mocked by certain segments of our societies. But if any other minority community were treated this way, there would likely be an outcry.

The Muslim communities won’t be “vilified” and “mocked” if they stop the attempts to impose the barbaric sharia law; if they tone down the demands to introduce blasphemy laws to insulate a medieval pedophile warmonger from criticism. It would also help if they address the fact that the “Muslim community” of Canada has produced more terrorists fighting in Syria than the USA.

It is hard to figure out the motivation of the Star to publish that inflammatory tripe. Maybe they hope that when the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Canada, their staff will be allowed to live a few weeks longer than the rest of us.

Until that happens, we still have free speech. And Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer still have the opportunity to articulate the danger of the dark Islamic forces, which Toronto Star tries to defend with such vigour.

Many of the readers of the article were able to see through the paper’s game. The comments strayed from the sugary multicultural reaction that was expected. Within a couple of hours the Star deleted all comments and closed the section. Islam won again – its lies remain unchallenged in the Toronto Star.

You still have the chance to hear the truth that the media elites try to silence – here you can get your ticket to the event.

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  1. Vardit says:

    Forget about a blog…. You need to own your own NEWSPAPER that is how exquisitely well you write and get your thoughts across!

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    The left are mentally deranged, it’s a common fact. Any group of people who support naked homosexuals parading through our streets AND Muslim extremists who dream of killing those same “pride” participants, are well and truly beyond all reason & sanity.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, they are strange “bedfellows.”

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