Trudeau’s Canada: Speaking against Muslim Attacks in Paris Gets a Man Arrested in Toronto

The newly-elected government of Justin Trudeau wasted no time to accommodate the powerful Muslim lobby that helped him come to power. It is not just his determination to bring into Canada 25,000 potential Muslim terrorists with minimal security checks. Just like in Germany, a crackdown on those who dare criticize militant Islam is underway.

The video in the end of this post shows the arrest of one of those critics of Muslim barbarism. That person is Eric Brazau, a Canadian political prisoner who spent nearly two years in jail for ridiculing and criticizing Islam in flyers and street shows (he is a licensed street art performer). Very few people are aware of him, because he is routinely ignored or considered crazy and the corrupt Canadian media always refer to him as hatemonger without bothering to cover his views.

According to my source, while the Muslim barbarians were slaughtering innocent people in Paris, he was so shocked that he took to the street to express publicly his outrage.


Eric Brazau ridicules Islam on Halloween Day 2015

In his usual way, he did it loudly but didn’t say anything outrageous – other than the wrong number of the victims (the real one wasn’t known at the time), he didn’t say anything that deviated from the truth. In a normal country his emotional outrage would be met with understanding by the normal people.

However, the People’s Republic of Toronto is not a normal country. Downtown is dominated by Muslim fanatics who preach extremist views and retarded lefties who don’t allow any criticism of any doctrine that destroys Canada. Thanks to the fact that those people are allowed to vote, now we have the most incompetent Prime Minister in Canadian history.

As you can see, Brazau is attacked immediately – the leftards don’t care at all about the terror and its victims. All that matters is to defend the barbaric cult of Islam. Brazau is accused of being racist, though he repeatedly says that Islam is not a race and could attract people from many races and backgrounds. Since those accusers are incapable of maintaining a rational discussion, they use their old and tested tools of personal attacks and assault and when that doesn’t work, they call the police to get him arrested.

And he is taken away in handcuffs. Maybe that’s the fate we will suffer, if we don’t agree with Trudeau’s wish to accept with open arms thousands of savages who will be ready and willing to kill us. On the day of the Paris attacks Trudeau’s government dropped the appeal against allowing Muslim niqab extremists to mock the citizenship ceremony by appearing in face masks, which maps out its future policies in promoting Islam. There will be more to come.

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  1. […] Blogwrath  Los eventos mostrados en el video sucedieron el 13 de noviembre del 2015. Después de escuchar acerca de los ataques terroristas musulmanes en París, el activista por la libertad de expresión, Eric Brazau, decidió expresar su frustración hablando con la gente en la calle. Sin embargo, cualquier crítica al Islam es un tabú entre los musulmanes e izquierdistas que dominan el centro de Toronto. Aunque él no dijo nada odioso, Brazau fue agredido física y fue atacado verbalmente. Al final sus agresores llamaron a la policía y se lo llevaron esposado. […]

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    It is only a matter of time before the death cult fanatics strike in Toronto. I wonder what excuses John Tory and Justin Trudeau will make for them, then?

    1. admiwrath says:

      It becomes more and more likely, especially when Justin imports his beloved 25,000 terrorists.

  3. John Long says:

    What are the charges. Are we communist China already? Are they going to arrest the man who assaulted him?

    1. admiwrath says:

      At this point it is not clear. He is still in jail. I don’t think that the police would ever arrest the other man.

  4. […] Blogwrath  The events shown in the video took place on November 13, 2015. After hearing about the Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, the free speech activist Eric Brazau decided to express his frustration by speaking with people on the street. However, any criticism of Islam is taboo among the Muslims and leftists who dominate downtown Toronto. Though he didn’t say anything hateful, Brazau was physically assaulted and verbally attacked. In the end his attackers called the police and he was taken away in handcuffs. […]

  5. Rick says:

    He should be a model citizen for Canada protecting our rights and freedoms from oppressive ideologies.

    Islam was engineered by Mohammed, a war general, to be successful in spreading an ideology. He got that right.

  6. plsull says:

    make that 50 thou so called refugees how many is Saudi Arabia taking how sad a bunch of libtards from Toronto have so much influence they start the election up 50 seats wynne and trudeau don’t get majority without Toronto, could you imagine thhe libtards if they found harper paying a nanny 11 bucks a hour or what do the women who vote liberal think of trudeau asskissing sexist muslims or expoilting vulnerable, hero of the middle class a mistake just like his daddy was

  7. Stephen5970 says:

    What are the charges? Voicing an opinion? UN resolution 16/18 is not law in Canada. Well, for now.

    FYI: Baby Doc Trudeau wants “refugees” to be given the right to vote, and he wants to make it easier to immigrate to Canada. Yes, bring the problems of the rest of the world here, and then let them keep the Liberals in power forever (along with electoral “reform” that will always guarantee a Liberal majority).

    Remember that country Canada? It died last November.

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