Why Is the Canadian Government Importing People Who Want to Kill Us?



Canada’s immigration policy is conducted by politicians and bureaucrats, who act with total disregard for the safety and the future of the Canadians. Bringing into the country the followers of a demonic cult, which has turned into a living hell every country it dominates, without even screening them is irresponsible and self-destructive. The blogger Blazingcatfur has covered that issue for years and he has has some tough questions for our politicians and “intellectual elites”:

Why is my government importing people who want to kill me?

The ususal suspects will think that a horrid question, bigoted, racist, hateful etc etc etc.

I don’t care. It’s a question that demands to be asked.

The fact is my government appears bent on my destruction.

How else to explain their insistence on importing a cult that at best is hatefully intolerant of my existence and that of my family and of course your own.

A cult that routinely spawns murderous terrorists. Not “High Risk” travelers as sugar coated by CSIS and the RCMP, not “victims’ or “militants” as portrayed by our useful idiot media, but bloodthirsty murderous terrorists who seek to join the most murderous branch of their already murderous death cult.

A cult that routinely spews hate from their Mosques, here in Canada. A hate directed at Christians, Jews, Atheists, Gays and anyone else on their never ending list of people to hate on Allah’s behalf.

I would be remiss by failing to point out that Islam is a cult so hateful they expend most of their evil energy killing other cult members in an ongoing orgy of sectarian violence.

Who thought it a good idea to import this cult to Canada? Who makes these decisions? These are questions I have long asked.

Is Citizenship & Immigration Canada ideologically twisted beyond reason and even belief?

Are they in a permanent state of immoral drunkenness having overdosed on the Multicultural Kumbaya Kool-Aid?

What could possibly have motivated them to so debase Canadian citizenship?

And what of our politicians who after every Muslim atrocity sickeningly mouth the lie that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Islam is not a religion, it is a murder cult.

Sharia law sanctions armed Jihad. Period.

Sharia law sanctions the murder of adulterers, apostates, and gays. Period.

Sharia law sanctions slavery. Period.

Sharia law sanctions wife beating. Period.

Sharia law sanctions child marriage. Period.

The only peace Islam understands is supremacist dominance meaning at best dhimmitude for Christians and Jews and worse for the rest of you. Period.

Who in their right mind could possibly have considered such a perverse belief system compatible with our own?

There is no “modern” Islam. There is no “western” Islam. There is only Islam, and it is a hateful creed.

This is an election year. Don’t ask your member of parliament for an explanation, demand it.

Demand to know who is behind our death-wish immigration policy.

Demand they end it.

God forbid the day comes, but it is almost inevitable a major Muslim terror attack will succeed in Canada.

I hope every martinet bureaucrat and every stuffed shirt politician responsible for our criminally negligent immigration policy is sued by the survivors and victims families.

I hope we can jail them.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Unfortunately, many of our immigration and social policies were shaped decades ago by upper-middle class white liberals who were guilt-ridden to the point that they hated themselves for western “imperialism.” So they decided to “atone” for their “crimes” by implementing mass Third World immigration, which has been used as a Trojan horse for radical Islamists ever since.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s a real disaster.

  2. Leo Dave says:

    Though I agree with your article regarding the threat of Islamization, I see an urgent need to update your intel on government action against this threat.

    Recently exposed: The UNHCR is screening out legitimate persecuted religious minorities, Christians in particular, and only sending Muslim refugees to Europe and the West.

    PM Harper government has discovered and recently countered this UNHCR refugee scam with revised rules.

    Whereas your article may be true of past government practices, the Harper government recently revised immigration and refugee parameters to counteract UNHCR scam of screening out Christian refugees and sending only Muslims to Europe, UK, North America, by specifying that, preferentially, Canada will only accept legitimate persecuted religious minorities from the Middle East, Christians, Yazidis, etc. Though criticized by the Liberals and NDP, the government makes no apologies for that.

    To clarify, Canada immigration officials are not saying that Canada will ONLY accept persecuted religious minorities, but that they will be given priority.

    Muslim refugees are of the majority religion in the Middle East yet petrol-dollar rich Muslim countries don’t want them and won’t take them. Japan sends refugee aid but also refuses to take in Syrian refugees. Why should we, since every government now realizes there are jihadis hiding among the refugees and it is impossible even for the US FBI to screen them since no records or biometric data is available from those failed states in the Middle East.

    PM Harper government is on to this UN refugee scam, yet, while the FBI in the US says they can’t possibly screen all of their 10,000 Syrian refugees, last month Justin Trudeau demanded 25,000 Syrian Muslim refugees be allowed into Canada, much as Obama is allowing hoards of un-screened Syrian and other Muslim
    refugees into the US.

    And then there is Trudeau’s $audi born SYRIAN adviser. Where do you imagine Trudeau got the notion to demand 25,000 SYRIAN refugees?

    Immigration and refugee migration are elements of the Civilization Jihad agenda as outlined in the Muslim Brotherhood Memorandum known as “The Project.” See TSEC report by Tom Quiggin:


    The Harper government is aware of this threat, but it appears Trudeau and Mulcair have yet to do their homework. Both are pandering for votes in dangerous territory…

    Google: Justin Trudeau + Muslim Brotherhood / Thomas Mulcair + Muslim Brotherhood

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