159 Reasons to Stop Omar Khadr and Charge Him with Treason


159 Reasons to keep the terrorist Khadr out

As you may know, Omar Khadr, Canada’s most notorious terrorist, who now resides in Guantanamo, is due to be back in Canada. Nobody knows when exactly, because despite the harsh sentence he was handed, he will be out much earlier.

A true son of his militant Islamic family, he took part in their terrorist activities during which his father was killed, his brothers wounded (and taken care of on the taxpayers’ dime). His mother and sisters are still in Canada mooching off the same taxpayers.

Omar himself killed an American soldier, the medic Sgt. Speer in the early stage of the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. During the same war, so far 158 Canadian soldiers have fallen – all killed by the Islamic terrorists. Most of them were murdered by explosive devises made by Muslim militants, the same that Khadr himself assembled with such dedication and care.

If it weren’t for the repulsive Khadr clan and their Islamic friends, all of those soldiers would’ve been alive today. Think of that – those were 159 people with families, dreams, friends, and plans for the future, went to that godforsaken country to help bring it back to normality.

Those 159 lost lives are the 159 reasons to keep people like Khadr the murderer out of Canada. What is the point of sacrificing the bravest Canadians to stop terrorism abroad, if we welcome terrorists in Canada with open arms thanks to deluded politicians and hysterical leftists?

Disappointed with the indifference about this issue, Shobie Kapoor, a Scarborough (Toronto) resident, started an online petition against the return of Omar Khadr in April. Her initiative got the attention of Tom Godfrey of the Toronto Sun and Sun News Network.  Her personal concern was about the safety of the people who live in Scarborough, once the unrepentant terrorist Omar Khadr returns to his family home. Her other point was that if he did return, he should be tried for treason.

Thanks to the publicity, her cause brought onboard more concerned people to create a true grassroots movement – the Canadian Patriotic Society – over the last 2 months, which planned 4 community meetings for the 18th of July. The Facebook Page of the group is: Canadian Patriots Unite Against Terrorist Omar Khadr.

Here is the information about those events:


As stated in the poster above, the TORONTO EVENT will take place on July 18th at Canada Christian College, 50 Gervais Drive (near Don Mills & Eglinton), Toronto, ON, M3C 1Z3. Three prominent speakers will appear at the event: Tarek Fatah, Majed El Shafie, and Meir Weinstein.

If you haven’t yet registered for the Toronto event, please do so before seats run out. If you are bringing guests, the organizers will need their full names as well. You will be offered to sign a formal, written petition available at the meeting asking for Khadr to be tried for treason (address ID required). Shobie Kapoor will be on The Arena with Michael Coren, Sun News Network, on July 17th to discuss the grassroots day of action.

If you need more information, please contact Shobie Kapoor at: canadianpatrioticsociety@gmail.com


The MONTREAL EVENT is scheduled for July 18th with speaker Marc Lebuis. It will take place on Phillips Square. This is an outdoors rally organized by Act! for Canada. For more information please contact Ber Lazarus at: actforcanada@pobox.com




The EDMONTON EVENT, also scheduled for July 18th, named “Stop Khadr Rally”, will take place at Edmonton Law Court Plaza. The contact for this event is Sharon Maclise, with an e-mail address: StopKhadrEdmonton@gmail.com

The MISSION/ABBOTSFORD, B.C. EVENT (there is no poster yet) is also on July 18th, at Legacy Banquet Hall, Abbotsord, B.C. For more information please contact Lee Hanlon at: lhanlon@shaw.ca

Lee Hanlon is a 17 year ResF vet, a criminologist, security professional, victims’ rights advocate, and law student. He is organizing a meeting in July in Mission/Abbotsford, B.C. to discuss Khadr’s background and role as a terrorist, the psychological profile of Khadr, the laws of Canada regarding treason and international transfer of offenders, how long he could be in custody (based on the Canadian Correctional policies) if transferred back to Canada, and the potential danger to national security and public safety upon his release.

Please spread the word about these events – we, as Canadians, are responsible to keep our country safe and free from Islamic terrorist infestation.

If you don’t know enough about the Omar Khard case, please read the document below. It has been prepared by the organizers of the events and it provides just the bare facts about why he is still dangerous (please click on the image to enlarge it).


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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Thank you Blogwrath! Khadr made IEDS (Improvised Explosive Devices) and IEDs are the main reason most of those Canadian soldiers pictured above are dead.

    Khadr also trained other terrorists to make IEDs.

    He is unrepentant and the risk of recidivism (return to terrorism) is very high. As Welner states, even the risk of recidvism is underestimated b/c the studies are very short term, don’t take into account terrorist who provide logistical/financial support, etc. etc.

  2. Diane1976 says:

    Wrong thinking. Khadr is being used as a scapegoat far beyond his own personal responsibility as a 15 year old raised where he was, by and among the people he was.

    No justification whatsoever for these assumptions about Khadr or for this hatred.

    He’s been used as a scapegoat long enough. Nobody can predict a person’s actions in the future. God knows, he would have reason to feel angry and resentful. Public safety has to be guarded against that possibility. But the government, if it thinks right, can make reasonable decisions by thinking about the chance he deserves as an individual and the need to consider security.

    1. admiwrath says:

      When you write from Quebec, it’s easy to preach from a high moral ground in defense of a fanatical murderer. You’ll never be affected by his actions, although you have your own Muslim terrorists in your province, are you going to defend them?

      Your compassion for that lowlife means nothing to the people of Scarborough, among whom he is supposed to live when he returns. They may become his first victims, if he assumes his murderous hobby (and according to the psychologist’s report that’s very likely). If you are so broadminded and compassionate, why don’t you adopt him and let him live with you?

    2. Shobhna Kapoor says:

      Dear Diane1972
      The 73 reasons given why Omar Khadr is dangerous are ‘undisputed’. Meaning that even the defence team of Khadr did dispute these reasons. Read the reasons again. Omar Khadr was a willing and very eager participant in terrorism – he wanted to be the best terrorist possible. Note that another Khadr sibling chose not to be a terrorist. To classify him with child soldiers is disengenuous. I understand that for the last ten years, the media has lied but did you ask yourself ‘why’? From 2002 and 2006, the Liberals were only too happy to have Kadr in Gitmo. Only when they lost federally to the Conservatives in 2006 did Khadr become a poster boy of American evil. It was the Conservatives that were scapegoated for political purposes over Khadr, not Khadr himself. Why are you so eager to defend an unrepentant al Qaeda terrorist? Why don’t you share some concern for the person he murdered and blinded? Where is your concern for the Speer family?

    3. SM ISAC says:

      Omar Khadr has many supporters like you who project their own liberal (sometimes they call it “Christian” values without understanding what motivated him then and what still motivates him now. Among many undisputed (by Omar’s own defense team)reasons why he is a danger to Canada, is his deep religious conviction and dedication to radical Islam. He was motivated enough to memorize the entire Koran, was trusted by his inmates including those from other camps than his own to lead them in prayer. Unless Omar was deeply steeped in radical islamism coupled with his star status of having killed American, Jihadi inmates older than Omar would not have given him that trust and respect.

      Omar’s own defense team recommended de radicalization on two occasions. However, he rejected counsel by moderate imams who preached peaceful interpretation of Islam and preferred his own. No amount of secular education, even a special curriculum developed by a group of 14 university professors in Edmonton just for Omar is going to have any effect on his deeply held religious view. When you consider his own father Ahmed was a Carlton University educated computer engineer with high paying job and a host other jihadists including our own homegrown terrorists (Toronto 18, Ottawa 2004 terror plotters) they all Western educated.

      Omar’s defense team opted out of presenting the defense team of psychologist and psychiatrist because they did not have a case.

      It’s not so much Omar is being a scapegoat, but we have reality based reasons to fear Omar is a successful Jihadi symbol living among us.

    4. Sara says:

      Then stop asking for money to build schools – what for to learn these terrorist tactics. Meanwhile they come here to Canada to defund the Catholic System what for to teach muslim prayer in schools. Canadians are not stupid, and they will not tolerate this attitude. I work for Canada, I don’t work for Afhanistan. I AM CANADIAN – do you understand English.

    5. Peter35 says:

      Diane, Khadr was 15, almost 16. A friend of mine was a para in Northern Ireland during the “Troubles”, he, and some other soldiers shot some kids, I mean KIDS Diane, 10-11 yrs old; and if they hadn’t, the kids would have shot them. Initially I was shocked, but as my friend said: “Peter, would you have just stood there and let them shoot you, just because they were kids?”

  3. Steve says:

    I am fully on board with your project here and I completely agree that it is silly to have this man back in Canada. I actually agree with Diane1976 that he is a scapegoat. That doesn’t make him innocent. He still chose to go to Afghanistan and kill our soldiers. He believes in jihad and until he can somehow prove that his beliefs have changed, he is a danger to anyone who rejects his radical views. I am not interested in punishing the man. I am interested in keeping my family safe. One suggestion to the authors of this site. It might be prudent for you to stop throwing around the words Muslim and Islamic as though they are bad things. There are over 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world covering a quarter of the earth’s surface. Islam is a peaceful religion. These jihadists are fundamentalists that represent a miniscule fraction of this population. Remember that the KKK believed their agenda was Christian. So did Koresh and Jim Jones. I don’t believe that true Muslims consider Omar a Muslim anymore than true Christians consider David Koresh a Christian. However, if during his trial a statement had been made such as ‘If it weren’t for the repulsive Koresh clan and their Christian friends, all of those people would’ve been alive today.’ people would have been in an uproar. Let’s stick to the facts. He’s a terrorist. He’s a danger. And he’s an individual. Muslims are not terrorists. You will alienate alot of people who support your position by discriminating against billions of people to keep one man off the street.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s right, not all Muslims are terrorists. However, the Islamic ideology breeds terrorism, if it’s left to spread without being questioned. This is about protecting Canada from Muslim extremists, I don’t want to jeopardize the safety of my country by changing my position in a way that won’t offend “billions of people” (that’s your exaggeration).

    2. Peter35 says:

      Steve, I take exception to “muslims are not terrorists”, we keep hearing this nonsense all the time from people who DON’T know islam. Have you read the koran? Do so, then remember muslims believe it literally.

      “There are no muslim terrorists, there are no moderate muslims, there is only ISLAM”.–Tayyip Erdogan, PM of Turkey.

  4. Sara says:

    I wish I could be there for the event. I’m so glad people are not being silent anymore.

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  6. Tono Fonseca says:

    I support bringing Omar Khadr back to Canada… to give him the good old-fashioned Canadian long drop!

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