Chechen Jihadi Forum with Toronto Connection

The despicable act of Muslim terrorism in Boston has already received an enormous coverage. Along with articles covering the facts, we see more and more attempts by the mainstream media to whitewash that horrific act.

They try to present the two animals that committed it as a pair of misguided nice guys, who were somehow alienated by the selfish Americans. That is not accidental – such an attitude has been deeply ingrained in the worldview of the “progressives” in the USA, Canada, and Western Europe.

Case in point – earlier today I was reading the coverage of the latest events at Blazingcatfur’s blog. One of the posts had a link to a Chechen jihadi forum – kavkazchat-dot-com (sorry don’t want to give them a link). The communication in it is entirely in Russian. The whole discussion is a vile terrorist propaganda, which revolves around the Islamic takeover of the West and Russia. Here is a taste of what they write about (translated from Russian):

And today the unbelievers try to extinguish Allah’s light; Islam is Allah’s light; Risalya of Muhammad (peace and Allah’s blessings upon him). They work to stop the spread of Islam and Allah says that they will fail. They spend an astonishing amount of money to fight Islam; and if you only think how much Allah has given to the kafirs and how many resources they control; and they waste all that on a fight with Islam. Sometimes we complain that they control the media, that they control every influential newspaper in the world, that they control every influential radio station in the world, every influential media resource, they control governments and police, the entire planet. They have all the money and we don’t have a chance to fight against them, then maybe we should surrender and use alternative means to deal with them; maybe we shouldn’t confront them, since we are not their match? Maybe we could try to use politics and diplomatic means to fight them?

But Allah said:

“Truly, the unbelievers waste their wealth to bring the others down from the path of Allah. They will spend it and then regret about it, and then they will be defeated.” (8:36).

So let them waste their money, they will be defeated through their spending, because Allah said that first they have to spend their money, and then be defeated.

That’s why we should be happy that they waste that money to fight Islam, because that shows that the Islam’s victory is imminent; the victory is already on its way. 

They already talk how the war in Afghanistan and Iraq costs them more than the wars in Vietnam and Korea. The Korean War cost them $200 million. The Vietnam War – $400 million. The Iraq war cost them possibly more than $800 million; and if they continue the same way, their economy will bleed to death and that’s what the ayat talks about; and they will waste money and they will be sorry that they got involved in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, which wasn’t imposed on them, on the contrary, they themselves chose that battle, and they will be sorry about the complications they got involved in: after spending all the money, losing strength and suffering defeat.


They can’t be clearer than that. They simply want to destroy us.

However, things became more interesting when I dug deeper into the site. Look at the screenshot (click to enlarge):



It turned out the domain was registered through one of the large domain registrars by a person living in Toronto. The hosting company, which makes the spread of that Muslim terrorist propaganda possible, is Staminus Communications ( ), IP:, located in a town near Fresno, CA.

What is even more frightening is that the domain has been registered in 2002, so it has been operating undisturbed for 11 years.

The information provided by sites like this one is essential for the radicalization of Russian-speaking Muslims like the Tsarnaev brothers, yet they are free to operate in countries that are targets of the Muslim terrorism.

I understand that the “progressive” software industries favour multiculturalism, but isn’t this going too far?

As this case shows, multiculturalism is a horrible idea, which gives full protection to people, whose only goal is to exterminate us.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I imagine that this problem with young radicalized Muslims living in the West, even those who were born here), is not going away anytime soon. The arrest of two others in Toronto and Montreal is proff enough of that, with more that will emerge from the shadows in time.

    I can only imagine the lefties wringing their hands and blaming Stephen Harper for all this, when they refuse to recognize that there are loony toon fanatics that will always hate us because we exist and are not like them.

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