Fans of Palestinian Terrorism Rally in Toronto, Want Harper Out

For the last few weeks Israel has been in turmoil. Violent Arabs use knives and stones to attack and kill Jewish civilians – men, women and children. If it weren’t for the Israeli security measures, tested over years of such terrorist outbursts, the situation would have been much worse. Despite that, the world again fails to see the truth and the “progressive forces” drag into the media spotlight every case of a neutralized terrorist as a “human rights violation.”

While the Middle East is burning and hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Christians and Yezidis are being slaughtered, the left in Canada is silent, but when even the slightest opportunity to trash Israel presents itself, they take it. Yesterday’s rally at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto was a prime example of that.

In the ragtag group of attendees you could see the usual suspects – angry Arabs, hysterical girls in hijabs or niqabs, ancient hippies, self-hating Jews, communists, fake rabbis, a Scotsman in a kilt and other unidentifiable characters. For several hours they kept screaming “Viva, viva Palestina, viva, viva intifada,” “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free” (leaving no place for Israel). The twist this year was that, close to the election, the crowd was determined to get rid of Stephen Harper’s government as an obstacle to normalizing Muslim extremism in Canada (a task which Justin Trudeau and his Muslim advisers are willing to accomplish).

In between the praises of the intifada, the participants didn’t forget to chant against Harper and even had signs calling for his ouster.


The intifada fans want to defeat Harper


Self-hating Jews against Israel and Harper


The fake rabbis from Neturei Karta

They even had signs accusing Israel of hijacking the “Palestinian culture,” a culture that nobody so far could have been able to identify. And nothing proved that the whole rally was an expression of the old and tested anti-Semitism than the blood libel posters they displayed. Many people held signs showing Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a vampire drinking the blood of an injured Arab boy.


What culture, what natural resources?


Muslim and leftist anti-Semitism at its best


Trudeau’s niqab task force

The blatant display of anti-Semitism proved that this wasn’t about human rights violations. The years of mayhem in the Middle East, facilitated by the impotent foreign policy of Barry Hussein Obama, has turned the area into a battle ground for moderate terrorists, violent terrorists and batshit crazy terrorists with no solution in sight. The Palestinians in refugee camps in Syria and elsewhere are systematically slaughtered by every stripe of terrorist groups. Yet the left never held a rally to defend their lives.

In contrast, the Arabs living in Israel enjoy prosperity and peace unmatched anywhere in the Middle East. They can work in a prosperous and peaceful country and on top of that receive billions of dollars in aid from Japan, USA and other gullible nations through the refugee agency UNRWA.

Somebody said years ago that the Palestinians never miss the opportunity to miss an opportunity. It’s not a surprise to see this maxim confirmed again. Instead of appreciating the peace, both Hamas and Fatah (from the defunct Palestinian Authority) launched a bloody terrorist campaign against Israel. Even the employees of UNRWA started to support the terror against Jews (link). Maybe rational thinking is not the strong side of the Arab politicians, because if they reach the goals of their endgame and destroy Israel, their people will be living in the same shithole as most Arabs in the area. Bringing such violent terrorism into Canada, which will be the ultimate result of the flirt of inept politicians like Trudeau and Mulcair with extremist Islam, should be a concern to all of us.

People are seeing that danger and that was not hard to notice in the counter-rally across the street, organized by JDL-Canada and other supporters of Israel. Both sides exchanged their views loudly and a few Muslims even tried to disrupt the counter-rally by infiltrating it.


The counter-rally


Meir Weinstein (JDL-Canada) speaks at the counter-rally

All in all, this was fallout from the mindless politics of multiculturalism introduced by Justin Trudeau’s philandering dad. The idea that violent people supporting a violent cult, which wants to subdue every country where its members are a majority, are just a few more beautiful pieces in our multicultural mosaic is as stupid as it is dangerous. In the near future we will be paying with our lives and lost freedoms for that delusion.

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    “Viva, viva, Intifada!” was heard over and over. So these vermin of people are literally calling for even mover violence against the Jews people while at the same time accusing Israel of “genocide”.

    Decent people everywhere must call them out on their lies and hypocrisy. What Palestinian culture? What Palestinian language? What Palestinian heritage? What Palestine state? It doesn’t exist.

  2. mrzee says:

    As long as barbaric palestinians are occupying Israeli land, there will never be peace.

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