JDL Canada: appeal to the Government of Canada for denaturalization and deportation of the Khadr family

Press release of JDL-Canada:

For immediate release:

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is calling on the Government of Canada to begin denaturalization and deportation proceedings against the Khadr family and to enforce the Anti-terrorism Act.    It is a documented fact that the Khadr family has been very active with the Terror Group Al Queda.   The Jewish Defence League of Canada will continue to expose, monitor and document the actions of this Al Queda family.

The Anti-terrorism Act provides measures to deter, disable, identify and prosecute those involved in terrorist activities or supporting such activities, and makes it an offence to knowingly support terrorist organizations, whether through overt violence, or by providing support through documentation, shelter or funds.

For additional information call 416-736-7000  www.jdl-canada.com

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Canada will never deport them. All they have to do is claim their “Charter Rights.”

    1. admiwrath says:

      Unfortunately, you are right. Now we can expect that piece of garbage Omar to be released after an appeal.

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