Mechanics of the Homegrown Islamist Terrorism in Canada

Earlier this month we learned the unpleasant news that four young Muslim men from the same school in London (Ontario) have been involved in terrorism. Two of them (one was a Greek convert) died during the horrific attack against a gas plant in Algeria. The third one (a Korean convert) is serving time in a Mauritanian prison and the fourth is still unaccounted for.


You might expect that the media would jump on such a story, which shatters our perception of a peaceful and dull Canada. In fact, the opposite happened – after the initial announcement little was published other than the usual rants of the offended Muslims.


That was the reason for the press conference held yesterday in Toronto by the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow.  In its press release the organization clearly stated why it is so disturbing to suppress the issue:

We have been through this before and apparently we have learned insufficiently from our experience. We are all vulnerable to the global jihad of the Islamists, and its fingerprints undeniably can be found in our country’s backyards.

Their point becomes very clear when you see how the “official Muslims” of Canada covered the case. Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star’s resident Islamist, wrote a column in which he fumed against the allegedly unfair coverage of that case of terrorism:

“…bad for the CBC that in its ensuing coverage it tied the youth from London, Ont., to the mosque and the Muslim community there, without any proof…

This is by now a familiar ritual.

News breaks that someone with a local connection is involved in terrorism somewhere. Accusations are hurled that mosques, imams and madrassahs are inculcating a jihadist culture, which is said to be an inevitable byproduct of Islam that’s deemed violent. Demands are issued that all Muslims condemn, condemn, condemn “homegrown radicalism,” “extremism,” “fundamentalism,” etc., even if they have had nothing to do with it and may, in fact, be as vehemently opposed to such traits as anyone else…

Constantly looking for culprits under prayer carpets is racist, Islamophobic and, more crucially, counterproductive.”

That is actually the ritual of the Islamists – whenever something like that happens, they try to suffocate any discussion even before it starts by blackmailing everybody who wants answers to some tough questions.

Siddiqui is not alone – in the comments following his article, another Muslims is quick to support him. Mubin Shaikh, the person who helped the police to catch the 18 Toronto terrorists, says:

“Excellent article. It’s a complete myth that Masjids cause radicalization. I would know, I was an undercover operative and went to many Masjids where suspected extremists would go and everyone knows the Imam isn’t gonna say anything regarding Jihad this or that because they’d lose their charitable status.

Also it is completely true that isolation and alienation causes radicalization. So, those who peddle the “war with Islam” narrative; you are actually giving ammunition to the enemy.”

Come on, Mubin, you can do better than that! People are much better informed today – they know that mosques are centres of the Muslim spiritual life and when they fall under the control of the “right” people, the results could be disastrous. Does the name of the Blind Sheikh ring a bell? Did the Toronto 18 get their ideas from a crocheting club?

Unfortunately, people like Haroon and Mubin are considered the “expert voices” on all Muslim issues. And when the media listens to their soothing tales about poverty, discrimination, and alienation as causes of terrorism, the real culprit – radical Islamism – continues its work undisturbed.

The number of terrorist acts caused by Muslims is disproportionally high. You can’t seriously deny the connection between Islamic ideology and extremism. That doesn’t help anybody.

If let’s say Muslim young people start converting to East Orthodox Christianity and go on a terrorist rampage because of that, I would encourage every possible discussion aimed at finding out what’s wrong. Most Muslims say they are peaceful, then why don’t they want an open conversation about their religion?

It is still difficult to find people with such courage. That’s why it was so interesting to attend the press conference on the London case organized by the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow. The organizers promised straight answers to tough questions and they delivered.

Prof. Salim Mansur and Raheel Raza spoke for nearly an hour. You can see the highlights in the video, but let me say that they had much better and detailed knowledge of the case than any media outlet.

The media took at face value the claims of the leaders of the two London mosques that they knew nothing about what happened. The truth is that even if you go only through the information available publicly, you can find disturbing links with “charities” promoting worldwide jihad.

The total denial of any connection of the mosques with the four young people causes even more problems. They didn’t go backpacking for the weekend. They went to faraway foreign countries, where it is very difficult to survive on your own, especially if you are a Greek or Korean. That means some group of people or a network have ensured their expenses and protection. It is very likely that the whole operation has started in London.

We simply can’t ignore what is going on – such indoctrination has been seen in the past, although ignored in most of the cases.

If we want to preserve the status of Canada as a liberal democracy, which ensures the rights and wellbeing of its citizens, we must not pretend that such cases are unusual and isolated. They require our full attention and careful analysis to prevent them from undermining our country.


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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Another great article.

    One of the first questions that came to my mind was who organized and funded the trip. It’s not rocket science.

    Speaking from my observation of his past comments and actions, Mubin Shaikh is a Sharia supporter (in Canada) who is smart enough to see no future in bloody jihad on his trip through the Muslim countries and instead chose a comfortable life in Canada.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I agree, his opinions sound strange for a person who is supposedly experienced in dealing with Muslim terrorism.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    The constant playing of the imjured innocents by Canada’s Islamic clerics is beginning to wear a bit thin. These kids were radicalized by Jihadists, and we know they are living here in Canada.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s right, the whole game of “I didn’t see, didn’t hear, didn’t say” is losing credibility.

    2. believer says:

      The people who radicalized these youth are know in the community and mosques. As law bidding citizens and faithful to Islam they have a responsibility to assist police in finding these persons.

  3. morticia says:

    Bravo, and please advise John Baird who is presently taking the path of an idiot, and what exactly will happen to all those 100, 000 or more extremist Palestinian refugees, who hate us and are prepared to violently express their hatred, that are planned to land in our cities soon.

    Your pannel are heros and you must begin greater lobbying with our politicians..

    Thank you for all your hard work to bring sense to this insanity and
    to live in this great land, embodying the basic principals of integration and common sense, reason, and assimilation to further the values of one of the greatest places on earth….

    You are helping us keep it this way, as opposed to the idiots who want to destroy it and make it as corrupt and ghettoized as the rest of the world.

    Please correct all the spelling and typos as I lost my reading glasses and can barely see the keys let alone the print.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. I think the way things develop now, it would be more and more difficult for the politicians to ignore reality (although we still need to rmind them of that reality).

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