Siddiqui’s Recipe for Peace –Don’t Offend the Terrorists!

I have always found Haroun Siddiqui’s columns in Toronto Star very entertaining. He has the funny ability to twist facts and concepts to the point where you wonder if he really means what he writes. It is not clear if he is clueless about what he covers or if the newspaper keeps him to stir controversy and bring in more readers.

He usually offers some simple idea, backed with questionable arguments, which in his world would resolve all complex issues. His latest column is not an exception.

Commenting on the recent arrests of four suspect terrorists in Ottawa, he takes on the enormous task to resolve the secret of terrorism in Canada. His solution is very simple and easy: all terrorism in Canada is rooted in our war in Afghanistan, if we leave, everything will be fine and dandy again.

He gives as examples three previous cases of terrorist plots, which in his opinion, were all based on anger of our involvement in Afghanistan (just like the latest one).

He also tries to downplay the role of Islam in all that. Siddiqui correctly observes that the people involved in these activities come from many diverse backgrounds: there are professionals or uneducated, people who are (seemingly) well adjusted to Canada or newcomers, there are also religious fanatics or non-believers (although the latter assumption is questionable).

Despite their diversity, they are all united in their anger over Canada’s role in Afghanistan. This is the first hole in Siddiqui’s “theory”: the facts show that all the terrorists are Muslims and they are united around the faulty idea that Canadian troops are “occupying” a Muslim country. It is a well-known fact that our country maintains peacekeeping troops in several places, like Cyprus. But I have never heard of angry Greek Cypriots, who plotted to bomb Parliament Hill.

The whole issue here is the violent Islamist ideology, which Siddiqui pretends not to notice. That is what unites the learned and the ignorant, the established who are confident enough to make fools of themselves on Canadian Idol or the newcomers who keep their women veiled.

Their purpose is to subdue the whole world under the monstrous rules of sharia. Afghanistan is one of the many excuses of those fanatics. Nothing is sacred to them, even their own people are fair game if they oppose them.

Did the West have any troops in Afghanistan when the first bombing of the World Trade Center took place? Not at all, and I don’t even remember what excuse they had for killing innocent people. Where were the Canadian troops when the “Millennium Bomber” Ressam tried to cross the US border with his car loaded with fertilizer? Definitely not in Afghanistan…

Why was Norway recently a target of a Muslim terrorist plot? It has no troops in Muslim countries and it is very compliant to Muslim demands (like advising local girls to cover up and not to tempt the Muslim newcomers, if they don’t want to get raped). Exactly the same happens in China and some African nations, whose armies are not involved in Muslim countries in any form and shape.

How is Mr. Siddiqui going to explain the violence and terror against fellow Muslims? The prolonged war of the Muslim fanatics against their own countrymen in Algeria left tens of thousands dead or mutilated. When Hamas took over Gaza, they murdered hundreds of their own people who belonged to Fatah. The terrorist acts in Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Yemen killed mostly Muslims.

Make no mistake; it all boils down to establishing a bloody new order based on the 7th century’s laws. It has nothing to do with Afghanistan.

Haroun Siddiqui is either very naïve or he is just trying to obscure his real opinion.

In all fairness, the overwhelming majority of The Star’s readers saw the flaws of his ideas and pointed them out in their comments, but he still managed to attract few who would like to improve his solution:

“Canada should leave all Muslim countries alone. Canada has no right to be in Afghanistan or any country that is Muslim. It is wrong for the government to attack Muslims in Canada as it is happening now. Muslim Canadians must stop the government from committing war against Muslims and vote it down as soon as possible. Then a new government like maybe the Liberals can give Canada new rules so people will live the way the Qu’ran teaches.”

That’s touching… They even want to enlist Ignatieff as their little helper in building the sharia paradise…

There isn’t a single case in history when appeasing terrorists has ever worked. The more you give up, the more they demand…

It’s the same case as with the schoolyard bully, the one that always grabs your lunch money and occasionally kicks you in the ass. And when you try to get help, there is always that one “wise” adult (teacher or parent), who would tell you: “Don’t fight with him, you are better than him!” Of course, that is not much of consolation, because even though you are better, he still gets your money. And one day, when you get the courage to punch him, you find out that he leaves you alone.

Dealing with bullies and terrorists is never a game of compromise and moral superiority. It’s a matter of showing them that you are alert and willing to destroy them.

Let’s hope that one day Mr. Siddiqui would realize that…


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  1. Excellent commentary. I would’ve been much less polite given Siddiqui’s history of taqiyya. Not quite the pans-on-fire op-ed on his part, but you got ‘im dead to rights on his misinterpretation of our “occupation” of waqf.

    1. admiwrath says:

      You are right, but he took such a beating from the Star’s own readers over his commentary that I tried to be more gentle.

  2. doug says:

    what else can you expect from someone who works for the star?

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