The ISIS Crisis – Genocide of Religious Minorities and Terrorist Threat to Canada



ISIS, the newest reincarnation of the old Muslim terrorism has recently emerged as a grim threat to everybody, who doesn’t accept the demands of Islamic supremacism. The situation wasn’t helped by Obama administration’s indifference, which allowed the group to grow from an obscure Syrian “resistance” group into an army, which exploits the weakness of the Muslim countries in the region to replace them with a “new Caliphate.”

Like it or not, the situation is disturbing – the ISIS fanatics are attracting an increasing number of Western Muslims, who are more than willing to express their hatred for the West by killing and beheading their “enemies.” Ignoring the threat won’t work – the terrorists are very open in their intentions to attack and destroy the USA and Canada. The ridiculous delusion of looking for “root causes” or exploring our common ground with terrorists is not going to work here.

Getting the right information in this messy situation is not easy. That’s why I would like to recommend an event dedicated to clarifying the current ISIS conflict – it has been organized by the Canada-Israel Friendship Association, which has invited for a panel discussion participants with first-hand knowledge of the Middle East.

You will have the opportunity to hear Rev. Majed el Shafie, an Egyptian Muslim, who converted to Christianity and paid for that with an arrest and torture in an Egyptian jail. Because of that he dedicated his life to saving Christians from the injustice in Muslim countries. Another participant is Lt.-Col. (IDF, retired) Jonathan Halevi, an intelligence officer, who has followed the events for decades, helped to a great degree by his knowledge of several Middle Eastern languages.

The other three participants include two Kurdish activists and a leader of a Yezidi human rights group. Needless to say, both ethnic groups have been the prime target of the ISIS terrorists and suffered torture, rapes, murders and beheadings. Anybody who attends the event would understand much better the disastrous developments in the Middle East, which may affect all of us.

Here are the details:


Canada-Israel Friendship Association invites you to a panel discussion “THE ISIS CRISIS: GENOCIDE OF RELIGIOUS MINORITIES AND TERRORIST THREAT TO CANADA”

Panelists include REV. MAJED EL SHAFIE, Founder and President, One Free World International, MIRZA ISMAIL, Chairman, Yezidi Human Rights Organization International, DR. ZROASTER SOLOMON, President, Canadian Kurdish Center, CHATO WANY, Founder and Vice-President, Kurdish House and JONATHAN HALEVI, Senior Researcher and Analyst, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Moderated by CHRISTINE WILLIAMS, Journalist, Columnist and Award-Winning Talk Show Host

WHEN: Sunday, October 26, 2014, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

WHERE: Lodzer Center Congregation, 12 Heaton Street, Toronto

Admission is free, but space is limited. To reserve your seat, please email

If you don’t live in Toronto but know someone who does, please share this event with your friends.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    It is vital that events like this keep coming. Everyone absolutely MUST wake up to the threat that ISIS and its Fifth Columnists are to the West.

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