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The last few months have been very fruitful for the spread of Muslim barbarism in Canada. The seemingly unexpected rise in the level of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East brought on one hand the assault of Hamas on Israel and on the other hand helped to create a totally new entity – the Islamic State – which quickly is taking over large territories.

Barry Hussein’s reassurances that Al-Qaeda was on the run (that aided his re-election) turned out to be empty words, emptier than his head. The dark side effect of ISIS was that it started to attract fighters and terrorists from all over the world. That’s not uncommon for the followers of extreme ideologies. In the mid-1930’s thousands went to fight for communism in Spain; in the same period, Mao’s communists in China also attracted foreigners.

The difference lies in the mindless brutality of ISIS – one of the keys of their success is the fear they generate. The mass slaughter they practice is much worse than most of what the communists have done. But even that is not that surprising, if you know the early history of Islam when the fake prophet Mo relied on mass slaughter to subdue his enemies. Islam is a barbaric death cult, where violence, in the form of jihad, is worshipped and considered a great way to get a better deal in the next life.

Of course, not all Muslims subscribe to that deadly craziness, but they don’t do anything to oppose it either. That always keeps the most violent fanatics in charge of that religious ideology. A powerful proof that it scrambles the minds of its followers, is the fact that it makes people from widely diverse cultures and traditions act like medieval desert savages. Educated West Europeans, black Africans, Chechens, Uighurs, and even Japanese, once converted to Islam, feel the urge to join the never ending carnage party.

Recently we have been bombarded with ISIS videos, urging Muslims in the West to join ISIS or start their own private jihad in their own countries. Naturally, Canada became immediately a target of threats.

The Muslims in Canada didn’t help much. Probably over 100 of them went to the Middle East to help ISIS behead Christians. The few small Muslim organizations, which are willing to work against fanaticism, are ignored by the government. Different levels of the Canadian government have the strange habit to associate with shady organizations, which pretend to represent all Canadian Muslims (maybe they really do).

An embarrassing result of such collaboration became the booklet United Against Terrorism, prepared jointly by the RCMP and the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM). Until recently, the latter was the Canadian office of CAIR – a sinister organization, linked to Hamas, some of whose leaders were sentenced a few years ago in the USA to lengthy jail terms for providing material help to terrorists.

Some of the recommendations in the booklet were laughable – they argue that there are no moderate Muslims, the term is an oxymoron. I agree with that – any Muslim can snap and turn into a killing machine, if he or she wants to apply the verses of the Koran. On page 9 they even defend radicalism as normal:

“Radicalization is a more advanced form of extremism and can find itself manifesting in the political and social views. Radicalization, just like extremism, does not always necessarily translate into terrorism or other related forms of violence.”

NCCM even advices Muslims that they can refuse to collaborate with RCMP. Among the distinguished “scholars” with knowledge about Islam recommended in the booklet is Jamal Badawi, a quite repulsive Muslim fanatic.

On page 34 we can read the most dangerous recommendation:

“Abandon public terminology that creates false linkages between Islam and terrorism in favor of consistent language that contextualizes threats and accurately identifies the perpetrators of violent extremism. Avoid terms such as “Islamist terrorism”, “Islamicism”, and “Islamic extremism” in favor of more accurate terms such as “Al Qaeda inspired extremism”.”

A very elegant way to demonize and outlaw any criticism of Islam. (And a jab at Harper – I have never heard anybody else use the term “Islamicism”.)

After public outcry, RCMP dissociated themselves from the booklet (did they read it in the first place?). The publication was very useful in revealing the true colours of those organizations – if that’s what they try to force on the police as an official approach, I can imagine what they teach privately.

With such lax controls by the government and Islamist policies promoted by clerics and Muslim activists, it was only a matter of time before we were hit on our territory.

A few days ago three Somali girls, who went to fight for ISIS were returned from Turkey before reaching the Islamic State. Once they were back the government did nothing against them – they were let to keep mooching welfare from the Canadian taxpayers. Maybe the authorities followed the booklet’s advice that radicalization is not bad and they are waiting for them to start killing before taking measures. Political correctness is going to kill us.

Another similar character was Martin Rouleau – a French guy from Quebec, who after his conversion started to behave exactly like the Somali girls or the ISIS beheaders (that’s the power of Islam). He turned into a full-blown hateful fanatic, who maintained a pro-jihadi Facebook page under the newly-adopted name Ahmad Rouleau (more about it later).

According to the still sketchy details, he planned to go to Syria to fight for ISIS, but was stopped. Then he decided to help his death cult by launching his own private jihad terror in Canada. He was well-known in his town for being a walking Muslim disaster, which could explode at any time. The RCMP were following him and he was even arrested last summer.

Yet despite everything, he was never charged and was left to prepare for his “mission.” Last Monday he drove his car to a medical centre serving army veterans and waited at the parking. When he spotted two of them, he quickly took off and ran them over; then he drove away. The next day one of his victims died. Meanwhile, Ahmad tried to escape the police, which led to a wild car chase. On his way he called 911 and told the operator that he was doing everything for “allah.” When the cops finally stopped him, he got out of the car with a big hunting knife and tried to attack them. (Some think that he carried the knife to behead his initial victims.) At that moment he was shot and killed by the police.

As it has become customary, when people from the mosque he was going to were asked about him, none of them knew anything (they have certainly learned by heart the NCCM instructions).

Miraculously, yesterday Ahmad Rouleau’s Facebook page was still online, so I took screenshots of everything that he had published on it. It wasn’t even private. Its content provided a great glimpse into the mind of a devout Muslim.

To prove the enormous power of the Jews, he uploaded many pictures, where state leaders were photographed with rabbis – it was like a statement that the “Elders of Zion” control everything.

The Elders got Harper (Those dumb Muslims don’t even know how to use Photoshop properly.)

The Elders got Harper (Those dumb Muslims don’t even know how to use Photoshop properly.)

…and Bush too! (For some reason Facebook added Bernie Farber to the picture)

…and Bush too! (For some reason Facebook added Bernie Farber to the picture)

Even Putin couldn’t get away!

Even Putin couldn’t get away!

And what kind of a self-respecting Jewish conspiracy could survive without the reptilian godfather of all Jewish conspiracies – Henry Kissinger?

2014-10-21 12_24_58-(27) Ahmad Rouleau

The Muslim dimwit had even read the Koran enough to use the verse warning Muslims about who to avoid: “O you who have believed, do not take disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do you wish to give Allah against yourselves a clear case? Indeed, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of the fire – and never will you find for them a helper.”

I take this as disapproval of the lovely hand-holding couple in the picture – Bush and the Saudi King.

2014-10-21 12_19_22-(27) Ahmad Rouleau

Actually, if you want to get along with Rouleau the Dickhead, you better convert to Islam, as he gently invites you.

2014-10-21 12_22_41-(27) Ahmad Rouleau

If you don’t want to become a Muslim, Rouleau has a gentle way of telling you what is going to happen to you: “The example of those who disbelieve is like that of one who shouts at what hears nothing but calls and cries cattle or sheep – deaf, dumb and blind, so they do not understand.”

To make the message clear, he even added the picture of a lion with the ISIS logo and a bold statement: “Better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.”

And he is right – Ahmad the terrorist spent the day of Monday like a Muslim lion – and we got two corpses as a result.

2014-10-21 20_56_14-(26) Ahmad Rouleau

This is just a part of what he posted on his page, but it is more than enough to give you the picture of the average Muslim maniac, who can easily switch from verbal hatred to actual murder.

The Jewish owner of Facebook supposedly tries to maintain a Kumbaya-like spirit of universal love by shutting down “hate speech.” Oddly enough, the Muslim hatred for Jews and everybody else is rarely erased. It takes a real murder to make the moderators realize that the views on the page are not exactly what Facebook preaches.

Unfortunately, that goes beyond Facebook. In Canada the desperate attempts to justify any type of Muslim fanaticism, has brought us Ahmad Rouleau (and many others before him, but luckily their plots failed.)

Is anybody of our elites ever going to say: enough is enough?


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