The Return of the Muslim Trash Hero



Yesterday Canada’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced that the convicted terrorist Omar Khadr has been brought back to Canada. The statement he read about the case was loaded with harsh words about Khadr’s crimes, but that didn’t diminish the effect of the Minister’s actions – he approved the return of somebody, who would be a danger to the most people in our country.

After many empty promises that he would consider the videos and other records of the USA, which showed the true feelings of Khadr, Toews made a decision that could hardly be considered beneficial to our public safety. In the end of his statement, he even implied that the case from now on would be under the jurisdiction of Corrections Canada, which can free the terrorist from the maximum security prison when they see fit. For some reason, Minister Toews reminded me of Pilate washing his hands…

The Khadr fan brigades didn’t hide their joy after hearing the news. The Muslim fanatics have been working for his release for years, but as of this writing they are still quiet. However, the useful lefty idiots are not that shy. Shortly after the news was announced, the leader of the Liberal Party Bob Rae loudly announced to the world his jubilation:



“Omar Khadr’s return to Canada long overdue – Romeo Dallaire has done an amazing job on the issue of child soldiers, and deserves thanks.”  We have here two old idiots, who praise each other. Bob Rae, Ontario’s worst Premier (although McGuinty might have already surpassed him), has never found a deranged leftist cause that he didn’t like. Now, thanks to his tireless efforts, we are stuck with a terrorist piece of garbage, because old Bob simply can’t imagine that a Muslim fanatic could be a bad person.

As of General Romeo, he also contributed to this security fiasco trying to compensate for his failure as a military commander. I recently learned that he had complex relationship issues with his daddy. It looks like the traumas that had affected his mind made him oblivious to the damage he caused to Canada by bringing in a murderer. Maybe instead of circulating petitions, he should’ve spent his golden years on a psychoanalyst’s couch addressing his issues (I am sure his Senator’s salary would be more than enough to pay for the expense, if OHIP doesn’t cover it).

It is not necessary to be a psychic to get a glimpse into the future of Omar Khadr. We already have a precedent – another shady character named Maher Arar, who managed to turn a prolonged forced vacation in Syria into a multi-million dollar windfall. After claiming that he was tortured in a country that is more than sympathetic to extremists and fanatics, he managed to extort from the Canadian taxpayers $10 million. His equally fanatical wife even ran for MP from the NDP and she almost won.

Now “child soldier” Omar is expecting the same windfall. After he wins, tens of millions of dollars will be under the control of the Khadr family – a repulsive group of Muslim savages and criminals. Can you guess how much of that money would end up Al-Qaida’s coffers financing terrorism in Canada or elsewhere in the West?

You can’t expect Bob Rae or Romeo Dallaire to worry about that – the terrorists would never reach their houses in the gated communities or their limos. Bob and Romeo don’t take buses, ride the subway or visit crowded malls where the terrorists would strike with the support of Baby Soldier Omar’s money.

Once again, the hardcore lefties and the hapless politicians have shown their contempt for the safety of the Canadian people…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    The one thing I love about being a PI. Our reach is very long. We’ll be watching Mr. Khadr.

    very closely.

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