Toronto Muslims Rally in Support of the Terrorist Omar Khadr

The report (which you can see in the video below) from Ezra Levant’s show The Source, shows once again the dangers of the Muslim ideology in Canada. A bunch of unattractive Muslim girls, with the support of the inevitable lefty idiots, held a rally in support of one of the most notorious Muslim terrorists in Canada – Omar Khadr. Not only don’t they see him as a threat to our country, but they also present him as some kind of a noble hero, who stood up in defense of Islam.

To most Canadians that may look like a weird behaviour, but if you have some knowledge about the principles of Islam, that won’t be a surprise. Islam has frozen forever into its state of a violent medieval cult, which worships violence against infidels. The fundamental principle of jihad, which is central to that religious and political ideology, not only does give the permission to use violence, but it also makes it obligatory for the advancement of the cause of Islam. From that point of view, the girls are correct – to us Khadr may look like a murderous piece of garbage, but in the eyes of many Muslims he is a glorious warrior of Islam.

The situation in Canada has deteriorated to the point, where Muslims can do whatever they want with the full protection of the authorities. The critics of Islam are suppressed – recently an activist, who displayed cartoons of the violent founder of Islam, was attacked by Muslims and harassed and threatened with arrest by the police. Now the same police force finds it perfectly normal to allow the rally of supporters of the Muslim terrorism. You don’t need to be a genius to see the double standard here.

Over the last year more terrorists from the Muslim community in Canada have gone to fight in Syria and other places. From the reports that the mainstream media grudgingly allows, we can see the horrific atrocities those people are committing against Christians. Soon those well-prepared terrorists will be back in Canada to continue their rampage – and we are not allowed to talk about that, otherwise we may offend the tender sensibilities of the Canadian Muslims.

So far, no Muslims organizations have taken measures to curb that export of terrorism. That’s not a surprise. Probably the only thing we could expect would be more rallies in support of those terrorists.

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  1. Don Christie says:

    Ironically enough, American soldiers did fight and die for ‘justice’ in that hijabi’s usage, justice according to shariah made supreme in the constitutions of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Are we really so surprised that Khadr the Killer is being feted and given hero-status? My biggest worry is not just the brainwashed Junior Jihadist league that are standing up for Khadr, but also the empty headed lefties who support therm. There are too many people in Canada with this kind of warped ideology about who makes it to the iconic status of “freedom fighter.”

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