Wiebo Ludwig Arrives Safely in Hell


Wiebo Ludwig, Karl Marx's equally evil twin


Wiebo Ludwig, Canada’s most notorious convicted terrorist, has died.

A look at his life reveals what’s wrong at so many levels with the current situation in Canada.

When CTV Calgaryannounced his death, the news started with:

“The man best known for taking a stand against the oil industry has died of esophageal cancer. Ludwig, 70, spent nearly 20 years at odds with the oil industry.”

Note the language – “stand against…” “at odds with…” – it sounds like he was one of the many cockeyed lefties, who were yelling against capitalism.

The truth is, he was much more than that – a terrorist and criminal, who went through life suffering very little in terms of punishment for all the atrocities he did. He was suspected of shooting a girl at his farm in 1999, but was never arrested. Judging from the fact that a rural farm in Alberta is not as crowded as Chinatown, maybe taking the case seriously could’ve help to catch a criminal…

Then he was finally caught red-handed after bombing gas and oil facilities. For some strange reason, his activities were considered “vandalism”. He got away with only about two years in jail.

His “conviction” showed that the Canadian Government is as bad as the media in dealing with people like Ludwig. Actions, which would’ve been considered terrorist, if committed by anybody else, were ignored – like in many other cases, his self-proclaimed environmentalism absolved him from anything bad he has ever done.

Of course, for the Left he was an undisputed idol. They were ready to overlook his Christian fundamentalism just because they considered him such an important soldier in the fight against the dreaded oil industry. The fact that he looked like their other idol, Karl Marx, didn’t hurt either.

It was a strange connection, because Wiebo was the typical grumpy Luddite, who could’ve survived on his farm for years without oil or gas, while the urban pansies, who adored his destruction spree, couldn’t have lasted a day without those hated commodities.

You probably know the common saying that if you can’t say anything good about the dead, you’d better say nothing.

Wiebo Ludwig’s death is one of the rare cases when you can’t say anything good, but saying nothing is like expressing silent support for a terrorist. The world becomes a much better place when people like him leave it.

Good riddance, Wiebo…


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