Yezidis and Rabbis March against Genocide – Rally in Toronto on September 9, 2015

A large rally against the genocidal policies and actions of the radical Islam will take place in front of the US Consulate on September 9, 2015, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The event is organized by:

Yezidi Human Rights Org. International (
Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (
Canadian Jews and Friends for Yezidis (
Jewish Defense League.

It will include the following speakers (listed below):


Rabbi Adam Law – Toronto Lights

Reverand El Shafie – One Free World;

Key Note Speakers:

Mirza Ismail – Yezidi Human Rights Organization International;

Steve Mamann President- C.Y.C.I – The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq

Asaf Romirowsky – Scholars for Peace in the MIddle East and Middle East Forum;

Supporting Speakers:

Geoffrey Clarifield – Mozuud;

Doris Epstein -CIJR;

Norm Gardner – former City Councillor

Renanah Gemeiner – Canadian Jews and Friends for Yezidis

Mark Vandermaas – Israel Truth Week

Meyer Weinstein – JDL-Canada

Vivienne Ziner – Toronto Activist

The picture in the poster shows a terrified Yezidi child sold as sex-slave by laughing terrorist at Mosul Slave Market.


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