York University Proudly Displays the Tamil Terrorist Flag



Tamil Tigers – welcome to York University


Yesterday I visited York University to attend an event. While walking around after it ended, I noticed that they were holding again their annual multicultural event during which they display large flags of all countries in the world.

For a second time in a row they had prominently displayed over the Wendy’s restaurant a big banner of the Tamil Tigers. Now, the York University’s people are supposed to be smart – they are more than willing to tell the other Canadians what to do. If that’s true, they should be aware that the organization, whose flag is hanging there, is considered terrorist by most countries in the world, including Canada.

It’s true that the Tigers have thousands of Tamil supporters in Toronto, but that doesn’t change the situation. However, York University is a different reality – they like everything that a Canada-hating minority likes.

Another part of the exhibit included Canadian Indian flags. That was another odd display. First of all, the “Mohawk Warrior” flag is not even a tribal flag. It was created recently. It could be seen in Caledonia and many other places, where Indian thugs terrorized the local people.

As of the other flags, which also include the “Six Nations”, where are the rest? We are being told by the Idle No More loons that there are 648 “first nations” in Canada. True, they are only small villages, but if York University is following its agenda, all of their flags should be hanging there as well.


Where are the other 645 flags?


If they say they showed only Ontario native flags, they are still discriminating against the rest of the over 120 “nations” in Ontario.

It’s not easy to be politically correct, stupid and ignorant at the same time…


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