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Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada Day to all friends and readers!


Happy Orthodox Easter to All Readers and Friends!





Toronto Falun Gong Vigil against the Murderous Chinese Regime

Falun Gong is a peaceful Buddhist sect, founded in China, which has been viciously terrorized for many years by the Chinese communist government. You can see them almost every day in front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto quietly reminding Canada about their plight.


Falun Gong candlelight vigil in Toronto


The Falun Gong practitioners have been a target of systematic persecution by the Chinese communists. They have been tortured, thrown in jails, maimed and killed for no other reason than their beliefs. Their organs are routinely harvested for the benefit of the cheap “Made in China” organ transplant industry, which rivals the atrocities of a Dr. Mengele.


Pictures of the victims


The candlelight vigil they held last night was a silent reminder of those atrocities. Over 100 meditating practitioners sat silently along the sidewalks of St. George St. It was a heart wrenching sight – with a small candle in front of them while each was holding a picture of a victim of the Chinese brutality.


The entrance of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto


There was no chanting, no speeches – only the signs and posters they displayed were telling their sad story.


“Help End Organ Harvesting from Live Falun Gong Practitioners in Communist China”



“Falun Da Fa”


It’s a shame that the horrible treatment of Falun Gong is practically ignored in Canada (just like the plight of the Christians in the Muslim countries). Even the so-called “progressives”, who adore every South American communist or Arab terrorist, are totally indifferent to them.


In front of the consulate



Across the street


To be fair, the Chinese communists are equal opportunity offenders – they do exactly the same on a much larger scale in Tibet. The genocide there continues to this day, as the Tibetan demonstration which took place earlier the same day reminded us.


Tibetans rally for independence from China


And earlier today China chastised Canada for “human rights” violations at a meeting’s committee in Geneva.

We really live in an insane world.


© 2013

Pamela Geller to Speak in Toronto on May 13

JDL-Canada has announced that they have invited Pamela Geller to speak in Toronto on May 13, 2013, at 7:30 p.m. The event will take place at the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue in Thornhill (technically that’s outside of Toronto’s city limits, but it is accessible).



Who is Pamela Geller?

She is one of America’s foremost fighters for free speech and traditional values. Her work is focused on preventing the influence of militant Islam on the United States.

It is important to listen to people like her, because most Canadians still live in lethargy ignoring the danger. Many of us still think that the inherent niceness of Canada puts us above any troubles. And yet the signs are all around us.

Just this month Palestine House brought to Toronto an Arab member of the Knesset, who openly advocated an armed insurrection against his country’s government.  We witnessed in London (Ontario) the unraveling of a Muslim terrorist network, with at least four members (and of course the Muslim “leaders” of the town know nothing about it).

Over the last few days, the blogger Blazingcatfuruncovered extensive hate materials on the website of the Muslims of Calgary, which are supposed to be a moderate Muslim organization.

Openly manifesting their hatred for the Jews, they don’t even use the obligatory code word “Zionists” when blackmailing their targets. According to their vile propaganda, the Jews are to be blamed for all misfortunes in the world and that view is even supported with quotes from the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” From the writings of the Calgary Muslims becomes very clear that jihad is a continuous war against Christians and Jews.

It is ironic that those people can preach their hatred with impunity, while Pamela Geller is persecuted – different organizations of American Muslim fanatics have been trying (and often succeeding) to shut down her public appearances and campaigns. The notorious Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization which tries to silence everybody who differs from the leftist agenda, has blacklisted her.

And they have to be afraid – Pamela Geller’s work is really extensive. She is the founder, editor and publisher of Atlas and President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA).

Among her books are The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America (co-authored with Robert Spencer and with a foreword by Ambassador John Bolton); Freedom or Submission: On the Dangers of Islamic Extremism and American Complacency; and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance (WND Books). She is also a regular columnist for World Net Daily, the American Thinker, and other publications.

She has been involved not only in writing, but also in practical work in defense of the victims of Muslim fanaticism, like potential targets of honour killings and apostates from Islam. She has organized ad campaigns throughout the United States to bring awareness about those dangers (naturally, the Muslim extremists and their proxies like CAIR have fiercely fought to silence her).

No matter what your political views are, it is essential to hear what she has to say. The dangers she deals with would not go away, if we pretend that they don’t exist.

More details about the event will follow.

Happy All-Inclusive Valentine’s Day!


You go girl!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all readers!

Through the greeting card above I would like to express solidarity with my oppressed Muslim sisters, who are deprived from celebrating that holiday.

Their always angry male compatriots have expressed numerous times their contempt for that decadent day, when million people of the world express their love for each other. Love is foreign to Islam (unless it targets the moon god Allah and his butler Mohammed), so the women must keep quiet or else their husbands or boyfriends would apply on them the educational beating prescribed by the Koran.

The Muslim war on the Valentine’s Day has also entered the cyberspace. A gang of Muslim hackers, probably mad because they can’t get laid, hacked the Ottawa Catholic School Board website.



And what a lovely message they left! I am sure Hallmark is going to incorporate it soon into some of their alternative multicultural cards:

“#OP Fuck Valentine Days. This is an operation to reject the valentine’s day.!! Valentine is a pagan culture, a culture that is not suitable for us… Im Not Yours, You’re not mine, Be My, ANTI VALENTINE. We are Muslims, Soldier off Allah.”

I know that Islam is a dangerous mental condition, but these guys suffer from its extremely acute form. Not only are they dumb enough to start  jihad against a harmless holiday, but they are also semi-literate (obviously their madrasah doesn’t have a good English class).

Still, that’s good – those savages remind us even on Valentine’s Day what we are up against.

So again – happy Valentine’s Day to all oppressed Muslim sisters and to all bearded idiots: have a pleasant Anti-Valentine in hell in the fine companionship of sows and goats!


© 2013

Attention – Blazingcatfur Needs Your Help

Blazingcatfur, one of the best conservative bloggers of Canada, has been a target of a lawsuit, caused by his relentless work in defense of freedom. Despite that he has never stopped his work to expose militant lefties, Muslim fahatics and anti-Semites.

The trial is about to start early next year and the legal expenses are mounting. Every donation to his legal fund improves his chances to fight the charges. Please read his message below and visit his site to help:

Hi All,   As many of you are aware my legal tussle, the fallout from our victory over Section 13 (1), with Richard Warman continues. Warman is suing for libel, largely for comments made by multiple readers.

Trial is approaching in the New Year and anticipated costs will be be very significant, as in several 10′s of thousands.   While I take no pleasure in asking for your help I must if we are to continue to fight. If everyone who visits this blog on a daily basis were to donate 20 Dollars our situation would be vastly improved.

If you enjoy reading Blazingcatfur please donate, your help is needed.   I want to thank all of you for your ongoing support, it means a great deal to both K and I. It isn’t always an easy task to provide a forum such as this where the voices of ordinary people can be heard without fear or censure. I will keep on keeping on so long as you want me.

Merry Christmas everyone from Me, K & Pip.  ***

To make a donation by PayPal please click the Paypal Kitty Treat pic on the sidebar or use email –   Donations may also be made via email/interac money transfers, again using

If you wish to make a donation by cheque and send it via the mail:

The cheque must be made payable to “Bersenas Jacobsen In Trust”

You must address the envelope as follows:

Bersenas Jacobsen C/O Blazingcatfur Legal Defense Fund

33 Yonge St., Suite 201

Toronto, ON   M5E 1G4,



In Memoriam – Merlyn Kinrade



Merlyn Kinrade has passed away. He was one of the heroes of Caledonia, who, through persistence and dedication, managed to reverse a seemingly hopeless situation of lawlessness and despair and give hope to the local people abused by criminals and abandoned by their government.

I wanted to make this tribute more personal, without going into political issues, but it was impossible to do so. His personal life was so closely interwoven with his activism, that it would be impossible to separate them.

It was a difficult fight and it certainly took its toll on Merlyn’s health, which deteriorated rapidly. I got to know him during the last year of his life and I am sure he didn’t regret the price he paid to be a part of that struggle for justice.

I hesitated which one of the many pictures of him to choose for this short tribute, but of course the most natural thing to do was to show him in the environment, which gave the meaning of the last years of his life, the site of the illegal occupation of Caledonia. That was on February 18 of this year. Merlyn found enough strength to overcome the pain and attend the protest, which turned out to be a good event – our group managed to walk the road far inside the land, until Gary McHale got arrested, but the OPP also arrested for the first time a violent native woman.

That’s how I will remember Merlyn – standing tall for justice, with his somber expression of toughness and resilience, which conveyed the message that he would be standing there no matter what they try to do to him.

I met him for the first time in a similar situation just over a year ago, on May 28, 2011. There was a short-lived native occupation of a part of High Park in Toronto (complete with tents, Six Nations’ and Mohawk flags and a video by the Toronto Police falsely promoting the idea that this was an Indian burial ground). Most Torontonians were not familiar with the possible consequences of such an occupation.

It took a few activists from Caledonia to turn the things around. When they announced that they were coming to High Park to protest the racial segregation on public property, the wheels of the city administration started to spin frantically. When the group showed up, the tents and the flags were gone. Two employees of the parks department tried to explain that everything was about rejuvenation of an area used by bikers for their races. It was obviously damage control – their stammering wasn’t very convincing.

They were watched carefully by a skinny but energetic old man. Later I learned that his name was Merlyn. He had that intense gaze, which was creating the impression that he was scrutinizing you and he might have made many people feel uncomfortable because of it. It looked like his piercing eyes were telling you: “Don’t try to fool me, I can see through you.” It seemed to me that he was a difficult guy, but when I got to know him, a caring and compassionate person emerged behind his stern look.

He already knew that he didn’t have much time left – the cancer was advancing. That didn’t slow him down. Every time he took part in a protest, it cost him dearly – he had to recover for weeks from the pain and exhaustion.

I covered in my blog the High Park event, but I wasn’t prepared for the reaction – none of my previous posts had ever received such a barrage of hate mail and vile and hostile comments. It made me realize that Merlyn and his friends were exposed to slander and abuse, which was probably ten times worse, just for their attempts to convince the government to treat everybody equally.

Many people would’ve retreated, but he didn’t. That’s the way he was – from his service in the Navy, which in 1956 took him all the way to Egypt as a peacekeeper, to his years in Caledonia, where he served his community and coached sports teams.

It was always about something bigger than him.  When the Caledonia assaults and occupation started, he got engaged to help the town solve the problems. He could’ve enjoyed his comfortable retirement and move somewhere else for the sake of his wife and young daughter, but that wasn’t an option for him. He never ran away from problems – he needed to solve them, because he didn’t think that he could help his family without helping everybody else.




I saw him for the last time on March 30, when he showed up in Toronto again to help somebody else – the Jewish people at an event against the Muslim anti-Semites.

The law and the moral values were the most important issues for him. In her book “Helpless” Christie Blatchford shares a story about Merlyn. As many times before, two OPP officers came to his home to talk about an upcoming rally. Such talks inevitably used to turn into heated debates. On that day, Olivia, his little daughter, was at home sick. Merlyn refused to let the officers inside and explained to them that he didn’t want their arguments to shatter Olivia’s trust in the police as protectors with morals and scruples.

And that happened during the time when the cowards from the McGuinty government were using the police as a tool to cover up the lawlessness in Caledonia. Even in that situation his faith in the democratic institutions of Canada didn’t diminish. He was confident that despite the ignorant and evil politicians, our values would not only survive but thrive in a long term.  Of course, you need to fight for that and be willing to take all the blows that come your way.

I think this is one of the most important lessons we can derive from Merlyn Kinrade’s remarkable life.

Rest in peace, Merlyn, you’ll never be forgotten…

Happy Canada Day!


Happy Canada Day to All Friends and Readers!

Smoke on Flight AC 001 to Tokyo or What Went Wrong with Air Canada



It has been a long time since I had posted anything on my blog. During my absence, quite a few things had happened in Canada – the dreaded Section 13 appears to be already dead; another Caribbean degenerate has violated Toronto’s multicultural nirvana by shooting a few people right in the heart of the city; the pinheads of the City Council had again displayed their unique brand of downtown stupidity by banning the plastic bags, etc.

There are quite a few issues to catch up on, but let me start with an event, which most likely has gone unnoticed, although its consequences might be felt on a larger scale in the future.

What you see above is a copy of my ticket for the Air Canada flight to Tokyo at 2:10 p.m. on May 28, 2012. By the time you read my post, probably nobody will remember what happened on that flight (Air Canada being most interested in forgetting it). So please consider my writing something like a message from your nagging aunt who reminds you of things nobody wants to remember, but which may help you save your life.

I have never felt comfortable flying – whenever I am on an airplane, I play through my mind the most horrible scenarios of crash and burn. However, luckily I have never gone through a truly dangerous experience (if you don’t count the Russian airplanes, where shaking and funny noises are parts of the normal flight).

Ironically, flight AC 001 was my worst experience, but I hardly noticed it. According to the reports that appeared in the papers the next day, smoke began to come out of one of the engines of our airplane shortly after we took off. That’s what many people on the ground saw, and so did a few on board, but since the majority of the passengers were Japanese, who are too polite to engage in a panic behaviour, the rest of us didn’t find out about the smoke.

The strange thing I noticed was the silence I felt about half an hour after the flight started. It was a pleasant surprise compared to the usual noise, but actually there was nothing pleasant about it – it was caused by the fact that the pilot turned off the burning engine. Another unusual thing was that for over two ours none of the flight attendants showed up to offer us anything.

It turned out that during that time we were circling over Toronto trying to get permission for an emergency landing. The next day I read in the National Post that debris, which most likely fell from our airplane, reached Mississauga and broke the windshield of a car.

Apparently, it was a matter of luck that the incident happened over Toronto. If we were hit by it over the prairies or the ocean, our non-stop flight carrying over 300 passengers and 16 crew members, would have become the next large international body retrieval operation.

I have always found weird Air Canada’s hiring practices for flight attendants. You would never see in the Singaporean or Thai airlines a pudgy middle-aged man with white hair working as a flight attendant. But that’s what we had on Flight AC 001. He was the one who communicated with us over the speakers. Maybe because of his experience, not only did he manage to put a brave face on the situation, but he also did it with a sense of humor.

He told us what a nice bunch of people we are and how bad it was that the crew wasn’t able to keep flying with us, but since one of the engines was overheating, we had to return to Toronto to check up the plane. Then we would continue.

Well, soon we landed. At the door of the airplane we were met by quite a few officials in uniforms and many ID cards hanging from their necks. That was the first sign that something serious had happened.

I already mentioned that the crew handled the situation quite well; things were under control, without screams and panic. However, that’s the last good thing I can say in this post about Air Canada. Things got erratic from that point on.

Upon leaving the damaged airplane, we were told that we would continue for Tokyo at 7 p.m. While waiting at the Maple Leaf Lounge, where we had to endure watching Strombo on CBC, it was announced that the airplane couldn’t continue, and there was no other crew or airplane available. Everybody was called to the luggage unloading area to retrieve their suitcases.

Then we were told that with our boarding passes we can get up to $15 worth of food at any of the airport restaurants. Once we got the luggage, we were supposed to go again to the departures area to rebook the flight. It turned out that was not necessary until the next day.

Then they announced that they will provide hotel accommodation to all passengers for the night. It turned out that wasn’t quite true – the people from Toronto were exempt. One of the ground employees told us that we had to take a taxi home and return the next day with the receipts – Air Canada was supposed to cover the expense. I have always been suspicious of such arrangements – it is usually a pain in the ass trying to get a large company to redeem your out-of-the-pocket expenses.

We asked around and lo and behold, another employee told us that we can get Air Canada taxi vouchers, so no cash would change hands. The only problem was that we had to line up at a different place. By the time we got the vouchers, found a taxi and reached our home, it was well past midnight. The flight was scheduled for 8 a.m. the next day and we were told to be at the airport by 5:30 a.m. So we had to get up 3 a.m. to make it for the flight.

The next morning everything went on smoothly (if you don’t count the exhaustion). The only eerie thing was that at the moment when we were passing through the security, the loudspeakers were playing the Everly Brothers’ Ebony Eyes.  I don’t know if it was a radio or a local program, and I like the song, but the story in it revolves around an airplane crash. That sounded like a bad omen, but we managed to reach Tokyo safely.

Although the whole experience was quite frustrating, I didn’t find it surprising at all.

For many years Air Canada has been a grossly mismanaged company. First of all, it is a monopoly with all the benefits it could derive from that position, yet it has managed to come near bankruptcy a few times. It is hard to figure out how that is possible, until one gets into consideration the company’s unions.

Over the last few years, the Air Canada unions (especially the one, which controls the flight attendants) have shamelessly made a mockery of the company’s clients – the passengers who pay for their services.

Many times they had played sinister games by threatening strikes and creating uncertainty about the flights. In the summer of the last year, during such a cat and mouse play between the management and the unions, the flight attendants threatened to go on a strike. At the time we needed to fly to South Korea for an event and had to be there by a specific date. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we had to book a flight through the USA. Other than depriving their company from our money, the Air Canada unions forced us to deal with the imbeciles from the US immigration services, who experience a sadistic pleasure in humiliating everybody, except Muslims (most Americans I know are quite nice people, but I am not sure where they find those immigration idiots).

When we came back from Korea, we were “pleasantly” surprised to see that the CUPE local that unites the Air Canada flight attendants was a major part of the Occupy Toronto movement:


Air Canada flight attendants in support of the occupy freaks


I am not sure what the flight attendants think about that, but I find it strange that they are represented by criminal unions, which support a movement organized by stinky and deranged hippies, whose purpose is get us back to the stone age. Their hatred for all corporations would put in danger Air Canada as one of the largest Canadian corporations and a “carbon polluter”. But that’s what the unions do – they push and scream until they drive out of business the company they are part of.

In the months that followed the “occupation” we had several other strike scares involving pilots calling sick en masse. Then there was an illegal several-hour- long strike of the security personnel, which caused chaos at the Toronto Airport and caused many people to miss their flights.

Of course, all those events involve the visible personnel, with which the passengers communicate directly. But what about those who work behind the scenes, like the mechanics?

The incident we went through was caused by an engine malfunction and the mechanics are those responsible for uncovering and fixing such defects.

Judging from the chaos that the unions managed to cause by creating an atmosphere of irresponsibility and contempt for the company’s clients, it is hard to believe that the maintenance division has escaped the poisonous effects of those activities.

Nobody would give a damn about any mechanical problems, if the company was producing let’s say Hello Kitty stickers. But we are talking here about a company, which is entrusted with transporting large numbers of people in complex machines, which require first-class maintenance.

That’s not the maintenance we got for that flight – remember, if the engine started to burn far from a major airport, it’s safe to assume that we would’ve ended up on the ground, with no survivors left.

So my question is – when will the management, staff and unions of Air Canada stop acting like a bunch of hysterical schoolgirls? When will they realize that their stupid quarrels and fights endanger the safety and the lives of thousands of people? One may consider such a lousy service normal in Africa, where they don’t have enough money to do better, but how can you feel comfortable seeing the same service in Canada?

Yes, I am asking the questions, but not holding my breath to get answers anytime soon…


© 2012

Orthodox Easter in Toronto 2012


Christ has risen from the dead...


Tonight I went to the Orthodox Easter service. Just came back with a few pictures (sorry for the quality, it’s the best I can do with my camera at night).


Walking around the church shortly after midnight...



The service continues inside



Lighting a candle...




Happy Orthodox Easter!




Happy Orthodox Easter!


Happy Easter to All Readers



Happy Easter, Dear Readers!

Happy New Year!


Happy and Prosperous 2012 to All My Readers and Friends!

Her Majesty the Queen – Christmas Message 2011

 A head of state for whom Christmas is still Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


Mark Steyn in Toronto


Mark Steyn at the end of the talk


Mark Steyn, a world-class gadfly and one of Canada’s “most prominent free-speech extremists” (as a dumb professor defined him in The Globe and Mail) made his appearance in front of a Toronto’s audience earlier today.

While I was listening to his excellent presentation, I had that eerie feeling that if six years ago the Jennifer Lynch and Barbara Hall’s storm troopers had their way, we would have never heard him speak. After all, the “human rights” attack against him has as its purpose to ban him from speaking about Islam ever again.

At the time the barbarians failed to silence him, so we could enjoy his wit for about an hour and a half at the Holy Blossom Temple. The talk was scheduled for 8 p.m., but by 7:30 the hall was full and they had to open the balconies.

After a short introduction by Jonathan Kay (from National Post), the event proceeded as a conversation between Prof. Melamed (from York University) and Steyn. Despite his superb sense of humour, the topics he covered were anything but humorous. The questions revolved around the issues he covered in his newest book (After America) – namely the decline of the Western civilization.


Mark's new book


The role of the USA is diminishing, not only because of the mounting debt, but also due to the loss of traditional values. From an undisputed world power, the USA turned into a confused entity, which frantically looks for a new agenda – from Ron Paul’s isolationism to the odd ideas that come from Canada. The problem with the decline is that once the beneficial influence of England and USA, expressed in the common law as a basis of democracy, disappears, the loss will be felt throughout the world.

At that point Prof. Melamed asked him about the roots of terrorism – if we could blame it on poverty or evil. Mark’s opinion was that we can’t explain it with poverty – all terrorists we have dealt with in the West were university-educated. There is nothing strange about that – you have to be educated to be a good terrorist. A poor uneducated person simply can’t handle the complicated logistics. It seems that the hatred is based on their contempt of the material goods our civilization can provide, although the Left would never abandon its theories about the non-existent harm we’ve done to the Muslims.

The handling of those threats has been made difficult by the cultural relativism, which has overtaken our media and universities. It has paralyzed our ability to tell good from evil. For example, it was beyond belief that here in Ontario we could have the Shafia quadruple honour killing – one may expect something like that in Afghanistan.


Mark Steyn is signing my copy of the book


Yet the media had to be dragged to recognize the horrible nature of that crime. The collective “rights” imposed by multiculturalism have brought us to the point where, for example, feminists have created a two-tier system, in which Canadian women have all the rights and can fight, while Muslim and other immigrant women should be left alone in their suffering, because that’s their culture. The future generations will definitely condemn us for that betrayal of liberty and individual rights.

Steyn also talked about the suppression of free speech. When Salman Rushdie was condemned to death by Khomeini, he received at least some support from the intellectuals. And recently, when a few cartoonists from Western Europe “offended” Muslims and were threatened, they were completely abandoned not only by their intellectual peers, but also by the Left as a whole. This is a troubling trend, because it avoids taking responsibility in the fight against primitive hostility, and that results in the evil taking over.

The Western European attempts to “prevent” conflicts by suppressing free speech have always failed. In the Weimar Republic in Germany they had the strictest hate speech laws – Hitler’s party had been charged over 500 times under those laws, yet they didn’t prevent him from coming to power.

The same applies to Canada – the hate speech laws, initially introduced to protect Jews, now are used against everybody who has an inconvenient opinion (including Jews). It is naïve to think, as some leaders do (e.g. Bernie Farber), that you can fight the anti-Semitism in the world by policing free speech.

Mark Steyn also covered the issue of Israel – the country is being singled out as a convenient scapegoat for all incompetence and self-inflicted misfortune in the Muslim countries. Every action of Israel is scrutinized – its enemies ignore terrorism, while considering every response “disproportionate”. The Palestinians are used like pawns in that game, still held in refugee camps by their Arab hosts, thus creating fourth generations of totally useless people, who get hundreds of millions of dollars in charity from the West. At the same time, the Palestinians are deceived to believe that through terrorism they can defeat Israel and take control over the Jews.

The concluding remarks covered again the cultural relativism – we are gradually abandoning the English traditional culture, which provided the highest level of democracy. Instead of looking for the substance of a civilization, we are being deceived by the appearance – it is ridiculous to think that the foreign minister of Sweden has the same functions as the foreign minister of Syria. The roots of a culture determine the reality – that’s why Barbados is Barbados and Haiti is Haiti, with all the negative implications in the latter.

Yet the cultural relativists create the illusion that everything is almost the same. As a result, we are losing the common sense, which would help us what is important to preserve our civilization.

The most horrifying sign of that is the brainwashing going on in our schools, which deprives the kids from knowing their heritage. A third-world culture is not the same as the Western culture, which took several centuries to establish the science and art forming the bedrock of our civilization. We can’t expect a government to reverse that process – the only solution is to fight back at every level. Preserving a meaningful curriculum at school; fighting the petty regulation in businesses; protecting our privacy and free speech – these are at least some of the things we can do to make our civilization survive.

At the reception after the talk, I managed to get Mark Steyn to sign my copies of his books (after waiting in line for over half an hour).

Anyway, the talk is over, but the problems remain.

The struggle to fix them continues…


© 2011

Canadian National Costume – Pants Optional


Pants are optional in the Canadian national costume


Last week I wrote about the Abilympics (a skills competition for disabled people). It took place in Seoul, South Korea, and quite a few countries took part in the event.

The organizers found it useful to present more information about the culture of the participating countries. One of the exhibits showed the national costumes of each country. What you see above is supposed to be the Canadian national costume.

Obviously, according to understanding of the South Korean organizers or the Canadian delegation, it is common in Canada to wear hockey jerseys and Nova Scotian fisherman’s outfits. In both cases, wearing pants appears to be optional.

Unlike Canada, in other countries, like Ecuador, they like to wear more complicated outfits:


Apparently, Ecuadorians like to wear more clothes


The participants in the Abilympics

Obama Giving More Mortgages to Welfare Bums

I posted my opinion about Joe Biden charging Secret Services rent to protect him just a few hours ago. I qualified it as a moral low, but now we have a competitor to that.

I just found out that Obama’s pitbull Eric Holder (remember him? he refused to prosecute the New Balck Panthers for voting intimidation) has threatened several US banks that they discriminate against minorities (mostly black of course).

He is upset that people with no jobs, no credit, and perspectives have been discriminated against when applying for a mortgage. Now he says that the banks “must apply more flexible underwriting standards”. Translation: give all those bums the money they want so that they would vote for my master Barry, if anything goes wrong, just eat the loss.

Those rules are supposed to apply when the banks are lending money to bums from the proverbial “inner cities”.

Didin’t exactly the same situation cause the financial catastrophe a few years ago?

Yes, the agenda of Barry and his friends Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton is more than clear.

Would you like to give him the option to impose it on you for another four years?


Gay Pride – Pecker Fest with a Pinch of Jew Hate


The anti-Semitic banner placed today by QuAIA on the Wellesley Subway Station


The main event of the Pride week took place today – the Parade. It was supposed to be the zenith of the celebrations, but what happened today, combined with yesterday’s flop, made it a very low nadir.

What you see on the picture above is the huge banner that the idiots from Queers against Israeli Apartheid lowered from the roof of the Wellesley Subway Station at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Here is the picture of the banner being lowered:


The apartheid queers are lowering the banner


That thing hanged there for at least an hour. It was a horrible provocation, which requires some questions to be answered.

How did those people get on the roof of a TTC building? Did they break in (like in the Calgary Tower provocation committed by Greenpeace)? Or did anybody from TTC let them in?

I hope the case would get a thorough investigation.

Then, within the parade itself, there was an obnoxious sign displayed in the Queer Ontario group, which stated: “Deal with It: Our Pride Includes QUAIA+TNT Men”. We will return to the TNT Men, but here are the photos of this happening. The first picture shows the sign near the organization’s sign, the second one shows the sign itself and since it is not complete, I added a third one, which displays the whole sign, although out of focus.


The sign displayed by Queer Ontario





Now let’s get back to the TNT men. I owe the middle of this article’s title to their activities. That group of middle-aged men somehow claims the right to march totally naked in the Gay Parade. Nude recreation is wonderful and I totally support it as long as it is performed in nature – nudist camps or beaches,
uninhabited islands, etc.

However, doing that in front of the thousands of people (including children) who came to see the parade should be considered a problem (if we accept the gay activists’ number of over a million of people coming to the parade, the problem would be even bigger).

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, a man who exposes his genitalia in public is guilty of a certain clearly defined crime. What I don’t understand when watching the parade is why the men who fully expose themselves are not charged with anything.

If a heterosexual pervert who likes to expose himself is charged, then why a homosexual pervert who likes to expose himself is not treated in the same way? Is the gay community superior to all of us? Maybe I am too stupid to ask this question and Barbara Hall and her Human Rights Inquisition have the right

Last year I had a problem when I posted a comment on a blog regarding the TNT men issue. A fierce gay activist attacked me stating that everything I said was wrong – there were no naked men; he saw only one who was promptly arrested by the police.

That’s why this year I am adding my picture evidence – for those of my readers who are offended by such pictures, I am going to place them under the break in this post. Whatever your convictions are, please consider the photos forensic evidence.

Another curious issue to watch was politics. There was a total condemnation of Rob Ford for his decision to go to his cottage instead of spending his weekend with naked men. And how can you blame him when the gay paper Xtra called for his rape. If they wrote the same about a woman, their rag would have been shut down long time ago. They recycled yesterday’s F***k Ford sign and of course there were many new signs:


Rob Ford hate


Unlike Ford, other politicians desperate for attention showed up. First we saw Bob Rae, the ultimate political whore, who came to Toronto to take a look at the province he destroyed while an NDP Premier. Now we are supposed to forget that, because he is the leader of the almost defunct Liberal Party.


Bob Rae, Ontario's worst premier, inspects his province


He was followed by “Taliban Jack” Layton and his wife Olivia, the family that controls the Parliament opposition. Last year they showed up on the roof of a
London-style bus. Today they were riding a rickshaw pulled by a human being. I don’t know what you think, but I have always found that type of rickshaw the most despicable means of transportation, where you directly treat a human being like an animal. Don’t Jack and Olivia have better plans for mankind than forcing them to pull rickshaws?



Jack and Olivia in a rikshaw pulled by an "intern"


And if you look at Jack’s right hand, you’ll see that he is either showing love or making the Satan’s sign. The choice is yours.

Of course, the type of politicians who showed up made an impression on the audience. A guy behind me, with a squeaky voice, made an observation addressed to his boyfriend:  “See? Ford is not here, neither is the Prime Minister. We should get Jack Layton to become a Prime Minister.” Yes, Sir.

In case you got the impression that only the politicians and naked men were bad, here is a bunch of other unsavoury characters:


The Black Bloc: fortunately they didn't try to break anything


The notorious Black Bloc was there, although they didn’t have the chance to set on fire a few police cars.

Then we had the Communist Party of Canada that has being going for decades through a prolonged death, but still manages to present a few human relics at public events:


The communists, as alive as Lenin's mummy


And what leftist event could go on without the confrontational Mohawk Warrior flag, the symbol of hostility of the Native extremists?


The Mohawk Warrior flag


In case you think everything was bad, I must assure you that I saw quite a few good things.

The Jewish presence this year was much better organized, bolder, and better prepared to state its position. The credit for that goes to Kulanu. Here is how they performed:


Kulanu's sign



The Jewish group prepares to march



Getting ready...




The bold and clear message about Israel



And there was more…

Stunning transvestites:


Classy "ladies"


An Iranian gay group, which openly and fiercely opposed Ahmadinejad (I wonder if the apartheid queers talked to them about what Islam means for gays):



The Iranian gay group


And of course we saw the usual cute girls. When looking at the pictures, don’t forget that in Ontario walking topless is perfectly legal for women (I wonder if the TNT men should fight in the same way for walking bottomless):




And here is the TNT group. Judge for yourself if you find that it is normal for those men to expose themselves in public just because they are gay:

(CAUTION! NAKED MIDDLE-AGED MEN BELOW) Read the rest of this entry »

Father’s Day BBQ, and Truth & Reconciliation Rally in Caledonia

On Sunday, June 19, 2011, from 12 (noon) to 2 p.m. CANACE and Caledonia Victims Project organize a Father’s Day BBQ, with hotdogs, drinks, and chat. You’ll be able to listen to the music of Stuart Laughton, one of the  original members of Canadian Brass, founder of the roots-rock band Porkbelly Futures, and Founder/Artistic Director of The Forest Festival.

After the BBQ, from 2 p.m. a Truth and Reconciliation Rally is going to take place. The participants will try, once again, to erect a symbolic plywood Healing/Apology monument on the road allowance in front of the Douglas Creek Estates. Similar peaceful event took place a few months ago. Sadly, shortly after that the first monument  was stolen, destroyed and burnt along with the Canadian flag while OPP officers watched. Let’s hope that this time common sense would prevail…

For more information and directions, please check the organizers’ media release.

Canada Post’s Suicidal Union

When shortly after midnight last Thursday Canada Post’s union (CUPW) announced they were on strike, I met the news with almost total disbelief. After the 1997 strike and the numerous short calls during negotiations after that, it seemed to me that it was getting less and less likely to justify a postal strike.

But nevertheless they did it!

The first thing that popped up in my mind upon hearing the news was the final scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. If you remember, Brian (Graham Chapman’s character) was mistaken for a prophet and eventually crucified by the Romans. After he was abandoned by all of his friends and family,  something exciting happened – the “crack suicide squad” approached the crucifixion place. All of them were armed to the teeth and they scared away the Roman soldiers.

But instead of freeing the crucified people, they all took out their swords and committed a collective suicide. It was a totally meaningless event done for a totally meaningless reason.

That’s what CUPW’s actions look like. They went on strike over some strange issues that the normal working people would neither understand, nor encounter in their working lives. Besides that, the workload of the postal workers is not going up; it’s even being reduced by the new forms of communication.

Yet postal workers are better paid than many highly educated and qualified professions. All they need to qualify for the job is reading ability at grade 3 level that would let them find the names of the streets and match the address written on the envelopes or packages. That’s hardly a work that deserves such a high pay. As of the sob story about delivering mail in February, there are many more occupations that suffer cold and are paid less.

Despite all that, they still manage to screw things – last year a credit card sent by my bank was delivered to a totally different address. The nice person who got the envelope was kind enough to bring it to my place. What if he wasn’t that nice?

The 1997 strike was horrible – it continued for 2 weeks in December and probably devastated many small businesses. I remember that I had to send my Christmas letters to Europe and other countries. The rates that UPS and the couriers asked for were exorbitant and I had no choice but to go to the USA to mail them. I had no car at the time so I had to take the bus to Buffalo.

Then I had to deal with the obnoxious weirdos that guard the US border (they had the same attitude long before 9/11 even during the “wonderful” Clinto times). Up to that point I thought that the Russian guards were the worst. One of those Nazi-like people flatly stated that he had the right to open all letters to look for money, said with the smirk of  the powerful customs agent, who is much better than me, the insignificant ant. And he really started to rip the letters open, but changed his mind after the third one and let me go (there was no money in the letters).

Then I had to deal with the ghost town of Buffalo – it was a Sunday and everything was closed. While walking the streets, I encountered several black guys shaking and barely able to speak (I had no idea that the state was drug-induced) who asked me for cigarettes and I had to give them all my smokes to get rid of them.

I finally found stamps at the souvenir shop of the Hilton Hotel. I even had to have a lunch at their restaurant, because everything else was closed. On top of
everything, they only had Coors Beer, which I hate.

Every element of that experience piled up points of hate against Canada Post.

What a difference 14 years make! Now I don’t have to send letters and I don’t need to deal with sadistic border guards. One of my businesses still depends on physical shipping, but I can survive the interruption.

Yet the Canada Post union somehow failed to notice that they entered a new century. Or maybe they did – this is not a total walk-out, but as of now is conducted as a rotating strike, hitting new towns every day.

Still, it’s a sad end for a powerful union that used to make the country tremble from its power. They have long ago abandoned the real world and are trying to get involved in questionable initiatives.

CUPW is a major sponsor of the Canadian flotilla supposed to leave for Gaza in the end of this month. I wonder how they come to support that anti-Semitic venture, which is going to confront IDF directly. How is going the union to react if the hapless idiots on the boat get hurt in the confrontation? The Palestinian terrorists will be excited to have few Canadian fools sacrificed for their cause, but how are the leaders of CUPW going to sleep at night?

I guess they’ll sleep all right – all postal workers are forced to join the union and pay dues, which the leadership can use any way they please.

Isn’t it time to end that madness?

Let’s disband the Canada Post union – postal workers have no use for it, the only people who benefit are the bosses who can waste the dues on anti-Semitic ventures.

And let our next goal be the privatization of Canada Post to bring it truly to the business practices of the new century.

© 2011

Russia’s Terrorist Problem

In the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Russia, a suicide bomber killed 35 people and wounded over 180. The location was chosen to maximize the impact of the attack – it was the arrivals area of the Domodedovo Airport, one of Russia’s largest airports.

This came after the devastating attack on the Moscow subway last year. About a month ago a similar attack was miraculously averted. Two Muslim women, who were supposed to blow up themselves during the New Year’s Eve celebrations couldn’t make it to their target – one of them accidentally exploded while preparing her suicide vest, the other one was arrested.

Just like all previous attacks, that one was a work of the Muslim extremists from the small Caucasus   provinces in Russia – Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, etc. Their activities rose significantly after the Soviet iron grip on the country loosened up when Gorbachev came to power.

Unfortunately, in the 1990’s the hapless West contributed significantly to the strengthening of the Islamic extremism in Russia. The Chechens were viewed as “freedom fighters” and nothing was done to prevent countries like Saudi Arabia to finance them. Great Britain even provided political asylum to Chechen terrorists.

Chechnya and the surrounding lands have been a problem for Russia for centuries. The mountainous area provides very little opportunity for agriculture. It has always been populated by backward tribes whose main source of income has been robbery of the neighbouring countries. That was basically the reason that Russia took control over it in the XVIII century – to ensure the safe trade with Georgia.

Ever since that happened, there has been a constant struggle between Russia and those tribes. Their leaders have been trying for centuries to establish shariah rule. The temporary calm established by the Communist rule was interrupted when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

While the whole country mobilized to fight Hitler, the Chechen Muslims were very quick to offer their collaboration to the invaders. Their guerrilla forces started to fight the Soviet Army so vigorously that significant number of units had to be relocated to the area instead of defending Stalingrad.

Like many other Muslim countries at the time, they went even further:  the whole region of North Caucasus became a big source of the Muslim Waffen SS Divisions during World War II. Those units fought on the side of the Nazis against the Russians on the eastern front. They were just following the “shining” example of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and others like him, who provided Muslim fighters to destroy the anti-Nazi resistance in Europe.

When everything finished in 1945, Stalin didn’t forget about what they did. In his typical mode of large-scale vengeance he deported the entire Chechen and Ingushetian population. When Khrushchev came to power, he brought them back.

Do you see the pattern here? We are dealing with a treacherous culture, which does not hesitate to stab you in the back with the help of the darkest possible forces.

Now the situation is not much different. The Chechens are deeply involved in the Saudi pet project of establishing a shariah caliphate in Caucasus. They don’t shy away from using extortion, drug trade and simple theft to finance it (in addition to the Wahabi oil money).

It’s a losing battle to keep that hostile province in Russia.  The country derives absolutely no benefit from fighting those backward tribes. Russia for once should swallow its pride and apply the best solution – grant them independence, send the Chechen troublemakers back to their country and seal off the border. Then treat the “caliphate” as an enemy state and just watch how well they will do in their mountains.


Lefty Loons Attack JDL


The revolutionaries are ready to take over the world


Why don't we just shut down Israel?

Why is it that whenever I travel, I miss the most exciting events in Toronto? That’s what happened yesterday: as my airplane was touching ground at the Pearson airport, JDL-Canada was holding an event in support of the English Defense League.

So I missed the event, but there were enough people present there to tell what happened (see Blazingcatfur). Apparently as all members and guests of JDL were peacefully conducting their rally in the building, a small group of about 20 mad “progressives” in front of the Zionist Centre did their best to disturb them. Across the street they had another group with approximately the same number. While the police were trying to get the situation under control, few of those wackos attacked an officer who had to be taken to the hospital (reportedly with broken ribs). As a result several people were arrested.

Who were the people present there? Judging from the list of the organizations that endorsed the protest, they were members of the following:


It’s a nice list: insane revolutionaries, pro-Muslim activists, Arabs, self-loathing Jews and many others in between. The only odd fact is that the impressive number of 32 world-changing organizations managed to produce only about 40 protesters. It all sounds too familiar to me, I have seen them all before, which brings us to the pictures in the beginning of this post. I took both of them during the G20 Summit riots in Toronto last summer. Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas!

Wishing a Merry Christmas

to All Our Readers!



Have a Very Muslim Christmas

Anatomy of an Islamic Poster


Poster for the Islamic conference in Toronto

Christmas is almost here and the Muslim fundamentalists would never miss this opportunity to show a big middle finger to the Christian community in Canada.

Just like in the last year, they are organizing a huge gathering in the Toronto Convention Centre, with dates carefully scheduled to coincide with the holiest Christian holiday. The hate fest will run on the 24, 25 and 26 of December.

I can imagine how a Christian conference during the Ramadan would ignite the Muslim rage causing the usual whining and assaults, but since in Canada Muslims are untouchable, they can get away with whatever they want.

The topic of this post is the interesting poster that announces the event. It litters the whole city, even the subway system.

It loudly proclaims that the purpose of the event is to revive the Islamic spirit. And to avoid any doubt how that goal is to be achieved, they state that they will give you the rules of life (that would probably include telling you what to wear or think and other joys of the sharia). The surprise comes when the organizers explain further that they are going to revive the Ten Commandments.

Now, we know that most of the Koran’s ideas have been plagiarized from the Jewish and the Christian Holy Books, so it is possible that it may mention the Commandments.

However, it is a shameless display of hypocrisy to claim that the Islam is the religion that will revive the Ten Commandments. A religion, in which terror, murder and intolerance are worshipped as paths to salvation, hardly has any credibility in establishing any moral values.

If you look closer at the poster, you will notice that around the edges there are remains of an old manuscript. It is in Greek and it looks like it has been ripped or burned. Behind it is Toronto in darkness, with rays of light coming from the sky, that must be the Islamic enlightenment.

The message is crystal-clear: we will destroy your traditions and impose on you our medieval cult.

It’s unlikely that any of the Christian churches in Canada would react in any way to this insult.

So let’s all have a very Muslim Christmas!




Aftermath of the Galloway Protest at York or the Jewish Ghetto Revisited

When I attended the protest against Galloway’s speech last week, I had no idea what would follow. My thought was that it would be a protest like any other, where the students and other people would express their opinions and go home.

I wrote my post the same night and included in it the most interesting pictures.

A blogger who was there wrote the next day that he was not going to include in his blog the footage from the protest. He was told by the Jewish students that they feared repercussions for what they were doing. I didn’t pay much attention to that, thinking they were way too cautious.

Then I received several e-mails with requests to remove some of the pictures. Their reason was that they were threatened with legal action. There were no e-mails from the Muslims and the lefties, who organized the Galloway circus.

Then I read Ezra Levant’s column about  Mamdouh Shoukri, the President of York University, who threatened a Rabbi with legal action for calling people to oppose Galloway’s appearance.

Then there was the editorial of National Post, which revealed that the Jewish organizations at York were about to be charged with violations, which may bring expulsion.

I thought that Galloway and the Israeli Apartheid Week were bad enough, but it turned out the things were much, much worse. In the wise words of George Costanza, this thing is like an onion: the more layers you peel, the more it stinks!

So the events which happened that night started to fit into their places. The blatant anti-Semitism suddenly came to light.

First of all, the appearance of Galloway was not unlike an appearance by Adolf Hitler. Both of them have the same final solution for the Jews, with the only difference that Galloway expects the Palestinian Arabs to do the dirty job by moving en masse into Israel and destroying the country. Read the rest of this entry »

Portrait of Norman Finkelstein as a Proud Palestinian

On October 28, 2010, Norman Finkelstein delivered a lecture in Toronto sponsored by CJPME (Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East). He is an American Jewish scholar, who has been a supporter of Hezbollah, Hamas and few other questionable organizations. At the event he proudly displayed on his jacket’s lapel a pin with the Palestinian flag (thus the title of this post).



For his support of those Muslim extremist organizations, they have bestowed upon him the highest possible “honour” in their hierarchy of values – that they consider him a non-Jew. That’s very similar to what Hitler did. In the cases when he reluctantly wanted to keep a Jew, who was useful to his regime, he used to resolve his moral dilemma by declaring him or her an “Honorary Arian”. That was the case with the conductor Herbert von Karajan’s wife, who was of Jewish background. We could only guess what would have happened to those “Honorary Arians”, had Hitler survived beyond 1945 and they were no longer needed.

The audience was the usual assortment of the types of people common for such an event. There were numerous ladies with hijabs (but unfortunately no niqab/burkas), angry looking young Arab men, tattooed lefties with purple or orange-coloured hair, nostalgic old hippies with white hair, and many others that wore different versions of that ugly chequered scarf, which Arafat utilized to hide his baldness.


Although the organization that put together the event claims that they are supporters of peace, the image they created at the beginning was anything but peaceful. The lady who opened immediately directed the audience’s attention to their website’s “BDS Centre”, i.e. the boycott page. Right now they are boycotting the Mountain Equipment Co-op for its links with Israeli companies. (So far the boycott has been an utter failure, rejected both by the co-op and its customers. No wonder, how can the lefty cyclists afford the higher prices of other bike retailers?)

Read the rest of this entry »

How Ignatieff and the Canadian Arab Federation Sabotaged Canada at the UN

Perhaps you’ve already heard that, Canada’s bid to win a seat at the United Nations Security Council came to an end. Canada’s UN Ambassador John McNee announced it as soon as it became obvious that Portugal was sure to collect the votes necessary to secure the seat. The press didn’t forget to mention that this was the first time in the history of the Council when Canada could not get a UN position it ran for.

It was ironic that the rich and powerful Canada was “outsmarted” by Portugal, a small and nearly bankrupt European nation. In my opinion (which I will explain below) that loss wasn’t a bad thing. However, the loss reveals some very ugly political realities in Canada, which need to be addressed. Read the rest of this entry »

JDL Canada Confronts the Gaza Boat Fundraiser Cruise

Some people in Canada want to put their country into the same class of notoriety as Turkey and Iran by sending a boat with supplies to Gaza, which is supposed to break the so-called blockade. In addition to the usual left-wing loons and academics, even unions are involved in this dubious venture (particularly that of the Canadian postal workers).

However, the price to equip and send that boat (named The Sea Hitler by its opponents) is quite steep; the organizers need to collect $300,000 to finance it. One of the initiatives they came up with to get some of the money was the fundraising cruise in the Lake Ontario, which took place in the night of September 25.

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza boat1

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat2 Read the rest of this entry »

Canada Post and Hamas – The Odd Couple?

Only few months have passed from the last attempt to “break” the blockade on Gaza. The ships involved couldn’t make it and several of the participants learned the hard way that it is not a good idea to mess up with a country, which takes the protection of its borders seriously.

Few other “saviours of the world” tried to repeat the adventure. The Turkish Islamist government and the loudmouth from Iran actually never went beyond the empty threats. But it appears that they may try to send a ship again, which will be prepared and loaded in our country. All that the noble lefties need is $300,000, which they hope to collect quickly. Once everything is said and done, The Sea Hitler (as the ship was lovingly christened by not so nice people who still have some common sense left) will take off from Canada and proudly sail to Gaza. Read the rest of this entry »