$102,117 of Your Tax Money for Queer Bathroom Sex

York University stinks.

The statement won’t surprise anybody who has dealt with that odious institution – it always manages to bring the idiocy of the political correctness one more notch down. YU hosted the British anti-Semite George Galloway with administration’s approval. Their notorious CUPE 3903 local has supported for years the Indian criminals, who terrorized and assaulted the people in Caledonia. Their student union voted for the anti-Semitic boycott of Israel and intimidated the Jewish students who dared to express their opinions.

Its Marxist professor David McNally, who spoke at the boycott rally, recommends to his followers the idiotic work “Theoretical foundations of an anti-racist queer feminist historical materialism.” Last year the talentless homosexual hack John Greyson (who moonlights as a film professor at York) got stuck in an Egyptian prison on his way to help Hamas in Gaza. Earlier this year the lefty feminazis of that institution sold chocolate vaginas to fund their Vagina Monologues event (I didn’t buy any of them, but I hope they were clean).

However, what I want to talk now about is a really stinky issue (worse than the moral stench outlined in the mentioned events). In a nutshell, a professor from York University has received a grant of $102,117 to study the homosexual sex in public toilets and write a play about it. This is a literally stinky event, which dwarves everything cited above.

Let me explain how I found that information. Last month, on my way to the Hart House gym (which I should visit more often) I saw a grumpy short-haired girl sticking small pamphlets on billboards and doors in the University of Toronto downtown campus. My experience in the area has taught me to pick up every piece of paper that somebody hands out – often they advertise such weird events that without the actual ad nobody would believe you that the event actually happened.

This time wasn’t an exception – the girl gave me a copy of the pamphlet (which you can see below). On the front page there was a photograph of a filthy toilet bowl buried under piles of used toilet paper. The announcement read:

Libido Productions Presents: Queer Bathroom Stories: the Secret Sex Life of Bathrooms, verbatim theatre culled from 100 LGBTQ interviews, written by Sheila Cavanagh

On the back I found more details:

Who put the stick men and women in charge?

Queer Bathroom Stories is verbatim theatre culled from100 interviews with LGBTQ North Americans. Much more than the secret sex life of bathrooms, QBS is a brutally honest display of gender politics in public washrooms.

queer-bathroom-stories-1queer-bathroom-stories-2It was a play to be presented at the notorious homosexual theatre Buddies in Bad Times. I didn’t give much of a thought to the pamphlet, thinking that the whole project was a crippled brainchild of some of the Xtra losers. A few days ago I found the pamphlet in my papers and looked at it more carefully. At the bottom of the back there was an important piece of information about the sponsors:

Queer Bathroom Stories acknowledges the support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies at York University.


The toilet sex play was an event from the “worldpride” extravaganza.

Well, when I went to the York University page listed in the pamphlet, I was surprised to see that Sheila wasn’t a nose-ring dyke with 50 tattoos, who hasn’t washed her clothes since the last year’s dyke parade. No – Sheila L. Cavanagh was an Associate Professor of Sociology and the Sexuality Studies Program Coordinator at York University, whose scholarship lies in the area of gender and sexuality studies.

She is best known for her book Queering Bathrooms: Gender, Sexuality, and the Hygienic Imagination, published by The University of Toronto Press in 2010:

The intersection of public washrooms and gender has become increasingly politicized in recent years: queer and trans folk have been harassed for allegedly using the ‘wrong’ washroom, while widespread campaigns have advocated for more gender-neutral facilities. In Queering Bathrooms, Sheila L. Cavanagh explores how public toilets demarcate the masculine and the feminine and condition ideas of gender and sexuality.

Based on 100 interviews with GLBT and/or intersex peoples in major North American cities, Cavanagh delves into the ways that queer and trans communities challenge the rigid gendering and heteronormative composition of public washrooms. Incorporating theories from queer studies, trans studies, psychoanalysis, and the work of Michel Foucault, Cavanagh argues that the cultural politics of excretion is intimately related to the regulation of gender and sexuality. Public toilets house the illicit and act as repositories for the social unconscious. Also offering suggestions for imagining a more inclusive public washroom, Queering Bathrooms asserts that although toilets are not typically considered within traditional scholarly bounds, they form a crucial part of our modern understanding of sex and gender.

The only person who was that well versed in the topic of public washrooms was the imaginary character George Costanza, with his intimate knowledge of the public toilets in New York and bright ideas for their improvement at the Yankee Stadium.

It seems that Ms. Cavanagh is the Einstein of the public toilet in Canada, because that aspect of her work was considered worthy enough to be reflected in her Wikipedia page:

In 2012, Queering Bathrooms received the CWSA/ACEF Outstanding Scholarship Prize Honourable Mention. Queering Bathrooms “brings to light one of the last remaining forms of discrimination and segregation that goes unquestioned”. Fuse Magazine reviewer Syrus Ware writes that Queering Bathrooms “provides a strong argument for reconsidering the public toilet, making it a must-read for city and urban planners, policy makers, architects and designers. Queering Bathrooms offers important recommendations about the future of bathroom design, suggests areas for future research, and imagines a future in which public toilets are at once luxurious, accessible and welcoming to all human beings”.

But the fascinating genius of Prof. Cavanagh is not limited to finding the mental turds of Michel Foucault in public washrooms. Her creativity found a way to turn the excretion sociology into a play to be presented at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre:

The material is frequently fascinating…a brief monologue about an Islamic man sitting for hours in a stall looking for some sort of connection is powerful. And a scene about a trans woman autoworker’s experiences is horrific — NOW magazine

Queer Bathroom Stories is a play about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans- and queer experiences in Canada’s public facilities written by Sheila Cavanagh. It is based on interviews conducted for the award winning Queering Bathrooms: Gender, Sexuality and the Hygienic Imagination (2010) book by Cavanagh. The stories open our eyes to the secret sex life of the bathroom and to the gendered politics of the washroom. You will never look at the bathroom the same way after witnessing the tragic and passionate reenactments of life in the can.

I can’t understand the fascination with some Muslim spending hours in a stinky place to look for a connection, and I won’t even go into the tranny autoworker’s toilet adventures. However, it looks like bathroom sex is a major part of the homosexual culture.

Years ago the great actor John Gielgud was caught soliciting sex in a public lavatory after having a few drinks at a party:

Nicked, and aware that he should give a false identity, he said he was a clerk called Arthur (his real name) Gielgud. The next day he appeared before a magistrate who did not know who he was, fined him £10, and ordered him, with the disdain and sexual ignorance of the period, to “see your doctor the moment you leave this court.”
Gielgud was known, de Jongh says, as having a penchant for anonymous lavatory sex – “It’s one of the reasons his knighthood [just a few months before the arrest] was postponed for years.” It was even known he had a “cruising cap” for such forays, an attempt to disguise himself as someone lower down the social scale. But, de Jongh says, “There was no one at the time close enough to him to say, ‘John, you mustn’t.'”

I am sure that with his income at the time Sir John could afford at least a cheap motel room, where he could take a shower after the deed is done, but he preferred the “romantic” way. In 2007 the US Republican Senator Larry Craig was caught in a similar situation, “tapping” for sex a guy at neighboring stall at the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport’s washroom.

I can’t figure out the homosexual obsession with the bathroom sex. They go to a place, where people deposit their excrements and urine, which already makes it dirty; then they stick their members into an orifice, from which those excrements come. I don’t even want to think what their tools look like after the job is done. I wouldn’t even discuss this revolting picture, but York University and Prof. Cavanagh consider it worthy of academic research.

Even worse, criticizing that shit business is dangerous in Canada. If you do not accept it as a beautiful experience suitable to be taught to kids, you may land in hot water in our gay totalitarian society. Still, I am not criticizing the homosexuals – I always include in my writings a disclaimer that they can do whatever they want, as long as it involves consenting adults in confined spaces, like bedrooms, bathhouses and gay bar toilets.

Unfortunately, York University and Prof. Cavanagh violate several conditions of the disclaimer. First of all, praising any sex activities in a public washroom is disgusting. The last thing I want to see in such place is some sleazy pervert, who comes on to other men (regardless of how “complicated and beautiful” his inner nature is).

Of course, the professor could write whatever she wants, but in this case not only did she rely on her salary (from taxpayers’ money), but she also received a generous grant to spew that toilet nonsense. The grant didn’t come from Soros or some homosexual federation, but from the federal government of Canada, which operates by redistributing your tax money.

In the pamphlet she acknowledged the assistance of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, which lists the following goals on its website:

The work SSHRC supports encourages the deepest levels of inquiry. It spurs innovative researchers to learn from one another’s disciplines, delve into multiparty collaborations and achieve common goals for the betterment of Canadian society. Research outcomes are shared with communities, businesses and governments, who use this new knowledge to innovate and improve people’s lives.

SSHRC also invests directly in Canada’s future. Through the social sciences and humanities, students receive the best possible training in critical thinking, complex decision-making and creative exploration. By investing in scholarships, fellowships and research training, SSHRC helps develop Canada’s best and brightest scholars and researchers into Canada’s future leaders.

I can leave it to you to decide how a filthy toilet play reveals the “deepest levels of inquiry,” but the idiots, who run the institution found money for her opus. A search for Prof. Cavanagh’s name at their site gives you a report: “ProActive Disclosure for SSHRC’s Grants and Contributions/Divulgation proactive des subventions et des contributions du CRSH, 01/01/2012 12:00:00 AM – 03/31/2012 12:00:00 AM.” You can download it in PDF form.

In the report it is recorded that Sheila L. Cavanagh from the Centre for Feminist Research, York University, Ontario, has received a grant of $102,117 for the period from 3/1/2012 to 2/28/2013, for Queer bathroom monologues.


To be fair, the professor wasn’t the only one to take advantage of the generosity of the dumb government that played Santa Claus. The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council proudly provides statistics for the money they wasted.

In fiscal year 2012-13 SSHRC received 12,563 applications. It used 5,053 experts to perform the peer review, and then awarded 3,822 new grants, fellowships and scholarships with the total value of $337.0 million.

So what kind of high scientific research did the people’s money buy? I went only through the list of grants processed during the month when the toilet genius got her money, but many of the approved projects leave you wondering, if the SSHRC board is ran by the Three Stooges:

Geraldine J. Pratt (Geography, The University of British Columbia) received $59,245 for “Stimulating public debate about temporary labour migration.” (Do you need stimulation to discuss that travesty?)

Another $25,000 went to Heather L. Sparling (Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia) for mysterious undertaking about “Travelling in Time: Islands of the Past, Islands of the Future.” (Don’t ask me what that means.)

Michael R. Best (English, University of Victoria, British Columbia) hit the jackpot with $208,336 for “A web edition of Shakespeare’s King Lears” (Yes, it was spelled “King Lears” in the document. How the hell could anybody spend over $200,000 on a web edition of a play?!)

David S.Churchill (History, University of Manitoba) managed to get $98,800 for the nonsense “Homophile internationalism: human rights, cosmopolitan politics, and travel.” (Huh?)

James L. Miller (Modern Languages and Literatures, The University of Western Ontario) $67,507 for “The straight way lost: queering Dante’s commedia.” (Will Virgil and Dante have sex in hell’s washroom?)

Shafique N. Virani (Historical Studies, University of Toronto) $90,070 for “A model of heroes and communities in Pir Sabzali’s journey to the Roof of the World: Ismaili Muslim studies and digital humanities.”

Beth I. Savan (Centre for Environment, University of Toronto), $186,280 wasted on “Cycling for all: an urban cycling think and do tank.” (This must have been channelled through Whorehouse Jack’s spirit.)

Lucia M.Fanning (Head Office, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia), got whopping $1,997,900 for “Exploring distinct indigenous knowledge systems to inform fisheries governance and management on Canada’s coasts.” (Everything involving Indians is financed generously regardless of whether it makes sense.)

David R. Newhouse (Head Office, Trent University, Ontario), $2,500,000 for “Urban Aboriginal knowledge network research for a better life.” (Another useless project.)

Michele K. Donnelly (Sociology, University of Southern California, California) $81,000 for “Riding, community, segregation: exploring girls-only skateboarding programs.” (Is this a mosque project? And why does the money go to California?)

Michel S. Beaulieu (Centre for Northern Studies, Lakehead University, Ontario) $72,600 for “Hard work conquers all: mobilizing knowledge about the Finnish experience in Canada.” (Isn’t the answer clear without spending so much money?)

Rita Shelton Deverell (Institute for Women, Gender and Social Justice (IWGSJ), Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia) managed to extract $46,600 for “Women, contemporary Aboriginal issues, and resistance.” (Shouldn’t the rejection of stinky government money be part of the Aboriginal resistance?)

John Loxley (Manitoba Office, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ontario) got $34,380 for “Decolonizing research and promoting intergenerational knowledge mobilization.” (Another nonsensical Indian project, for which they are not ashamed to take colonial money).

There are many more such wasteful money drains, which make Prof. Cavanagh’s homosexual toilet look almost normal.

And finally, the last issue is with the theatre where the weird play was presented. Despite its questionable reputation, it is considered a suitable place for children by the TDSB. Last month they organized a homosexual indoctrination conference (“Gay-Straight Alliance” project) for school kids (brought to public attention by ).


According to the schedule, the kids spent a whole day at Buddies. There they were tortured by the notorious tranny protector MPP Cheri DiNovo and prepared for the “future queer and trans battles” by Xtra’s Andrea Huston.


Then the millionaire Linda McQuaig explained to them how the system is designed to oppress us.


And by the way, York University was also involved in that indoctrination as one of the organizers.

The whole stinky incident is a sad picture of how deeply rotten the things in Canada have become. Homosexuals and other special interest groups raid regularly the public purse, wide open for them by the supposedly conservative government, to finance ridiculous projects and causes.

Can’t we flush all those groups along with our political class down Prof. Cavanagh’s queer toilet?


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    Taxpayers money went on this load of old bollocks?

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