Aftermath of the Galloway Protest at York or the Jewish Ghetto Revisited

When I attended the protest against Galloway’s speech last week, I had no idea what would follow. My thought was that it would be a protest like any other, where the students and other people would express their opinions and go home.

I wrote my post the same night and included in it the most interesting pictures.

A blogger who was there wrote the next day that he was not going to include in his blog the footage from the protest. He was told by the Jewish students that they feared repercussions for what they were doing. I didn’t pay much attention to that, thinking they were way too cautious.

Then I received several e-mails with requests to remove some of the pictures. Their reason was that they were threatened with legal action. There were no e-mails from the Muslims and the lefties, who organized the Galloway circus.

Then I read Ezra Levant’s column about  Mamdouh Shoukri, the President of York University, who threatened a Rabbi with legal action for calling people to oppose Galloway’s appearance.

Then there was the editorial of National Post, which revealed that the Jewish organizations at York were about to be charged with violations, which may bring expulsion.

I thought that Galloway and the Israeli Apartheid Week were bad enough, but it turned out the things were much, much worse. In the wise words of George Costanza, this thing is like an onion: the more layers you peel, the more it stinks!

So the events which happened that night started to fit into their places. The blatant anti-Semitism suddenly came to light.

First of all, the appearance of Galloway was not unlike an appearance by Adolf Hitler. Both of them have the same final solution for the Jews, with the only difference that Galloway expects the Palestinian Arabs to do the dirty job by moving en masse into Israel and destroying the country.

Do you think that Hitler, while in a beer hall in 1920’s to give a speech, was ever guarded and protected by the police? Whatever you may think about Germans, the politicians of the Weimar Republic would have laughed at such a proposal.

Yet in “democratic and progressive” Canada security guards and the Toronto police were paid from our tax dollars to protect a disgusting little racist. I have hard time deciding which country is better.

Then the protesting Jews were given a tiny square in the building, where they could be easily cornered from all sides by security and police. The guards were constantly watching and recording every move of the “dangerous” Jews.

It was like a miniature ghetto where they were confined, while in the hall next door a little bald man with big ambitions was planning their bleak future.

How many times have we seen that before?

Like in Warsaw, where the guards amused themselves by watching the Jews in their ghetto, ready to shoot or take away anyone who disobeyed. I hope that is not forgotten.

As if this was not disgusting enough, by the end Muslims from the student union came into the crowd to provoke a fight. It was done with the blessing of the police, who did absolutely nothing to stop them.

I can imagine what would have happened if some of the Jewish students tried to enter the hall. There would have been Tasers and batons in action to make the resemblance to the Warsaw ghetto complete.

And on top of that now they want to sue or expel the students, who courageously opposed Galloway.

Out of respect to them, I decided to temporarily censor the pictures in my post.

The good thing about such events is that they expose the ugly side of Canada. The government tries to convince us that we are all happy multiculturalists, who love each other in a selfless John-and-Yoko style. But the fact that a person like Shoukri, who invites anti-Semites, threatens Rabbis, and lets Muslim thugs harass Jewish students, was able to reach such a high position is symptomatic.

The Canadian society is sick and dysfunctional.

Is anybody listening?


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