Calgary – Where Muslim Jew-Beaters Are Punished with Essay-Writing



The Muslim extremism becomes a problem that is more and more difficult to ignore in Canada. It’s not just the terrorism and the sadists, who go to fight for ISIS – those are easy to identify and punish (though the government is slow to deal with the “jihad travellers”). The majority of the Muslims in Canada claim that they are peaceful, but their increasing demands show little regard for the Canadian laws and traditions. From the request to wear the most repulsive symbol of Islam – the niqab – at a citizenship ceremony, through the proposal to segregate genders at McGill University and the Muslim prayers held in Ontario public schools, to the demand to be able to park anywhere when going to a prayer service, Islam is slowly imposing its dominance.

Of course, that won’t be possible, if it weren’t for the government and the judicial system, both crippled by the concept of multiculturalism, which would prefer to march over the rights of all Canadians rather than to inconvenience that aggressive religion. When some Muslims see that their demands are not met with quick accommodation, they may become violent.

We witnessed such a case in Calgary last summer. After a small peaceful group of Jews and Christians showed up near a large pro-Hamas rally, they were quickly attacked and viciously beaten by a Muslim mob. Anti-Semitism, which is an essential part of the Koran, simply can’t stay still; it shows in the actions of the Muslims. As you can expect, the media tried to ignore the event for as long as they could. What’s even worse, the smiley Muslim Mayor of Calgary and his police force did the same. In the multiculturally diverse Calgary such things never happen (or if they do, we’ll pretend they never happened).

Palestine Rally Calgary fight-1

Muslim multicultural dialogue in Calgary

Calgarian Muslim essayist attacks a Jew

Calgarian Muslim essayist attacks a Jew

Palestine Rally Calgary fight-3

More Muslim interfaith outreach

The disgraceful event got a little attention only after some hard work – local activists, bloggers and the journalist Ezra Levant kept pushing the issue, until the authorities grudgingly admitted that there was a problem. Even then, the people who suffered had to scour the internet for videos and pictures to identify the Muslim attackers. Shouldn’t have this been done by the police? It was even worse than that – according to recently released documents, the police and especially the Muslim Sergeant Asif Rashid were much more concerned about Ezra’s investigation than with finding the truth, cynically referring to the beaten Jews in quotation marks as “victims” and “victims of violence”.

At approximately the same time in Toronto, in a case again related to Islam, Eric Brazau, a free speech activist, was arrested. He is considered an oddball ready to push the boundaries of free speech – last year he held a Draw Mohammed Day in downtown Toronto.


Eric Brazau draws Mohammed

A couple of months later he did a social experiment, speaking about Islam on the Toronto subway while being filmed. He wasn’t rude or violent, but he didn’t avoid the deep flaws and violence in Islam either. Since few Muslims in Canada can take criticism of their religion, Muslim riders activated the subway alarm to complain, the police showed up and Brazau was arrested. He was refused bail twice and had to stay in jail until his trial on January 5th.

Was anybody of the perpetrators of the violence in Calgary arrested? After all, what they did was much worse than discussing a religion publically. As you may have guessed, none of them was arrested. What’s even worse, the organizers of the pro-Hamas rally were jubilant after learning that Jews were beaten. The chief honcho, Saima Jamal shared her joy on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.09.13 AMOddly enough, that strange woman is considered a “peace activist” and rubs shoulders with the progressive liberal aristocracy of Canada.

Saima snuggles with the Lord Protector of the Islamists in Canada

Saima snuggles with the Lord Protector of the Islamists in Canada

When a few months later she couldn’t get some peace award from YMCA, the people around her blamed the evil Jews for destroying her chances. (Maybe she will have a better chance of getting an award from the Niqab Society of Alberta.)

While the authorities in Calgary kept dragging the court case for many months, the authorities in Toronto kept Eric Brazau firmly in jail. When his trial date came on January 5th, only witnesses against him appeared before the court. The judge sentenced him to 18 months jail. He is still in jail. Ironically, two days after the trial, two Muslim animals attacked the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people.

Meanwhile, in Calgary it became clear that the four perpetrators charged with violence were about to get away easily. In the early 2015 rumours spread that a plea bargain was discussed. The first one to experience the leniency of the Canadian law was a guy too young to be named. That “child soldier” of Islam got away with probation.

The three “grownup” perpetrators had their day in court on March 10th. The press covered the details the next day:

Pro-Palestinian protesters who attacked an Israeli supporter at a rally were handed fines and probation Tuesday.

All three were also ordered to pen essays and write letters of apology to their victim, provincial court Judge Marlene Graham ordered.

“Each will write an essay on the Charter rights of freedom of association and freedom of speech,” Graham said, accepting a joint Crown and defence submission on sentencing.

Graham fined Arslan Razzaq Khan $500, Asiz Mohamed Madi $400 and Kamaal Maxamud Jaamac $300 for their roles in a melee last July 18 which saw each of them assault Calgarian Jacob Birrell.
All three were placed on probation for one year.

It is strange that they mention only one victim, while when you watch the videos or see the pictures, it is easy to notice that the Muslim cowards attacked several people, including women. The court must be located in a different dimension. The punishment coverage is not a joke – they actually got away with small fines and essay-writing.

Imagine if the opposite happened – a few Muslims attacked by a Christian or Jewish mob. The extremist organizations and imams, who speak for the Muslims in Canada, will be whining and shouting until the perpetrators are charged with a “hate crime”. That’s what happened to Eric Brazau for a much lesser “crime”. Islam rules in Canada.

The paper notes how the lawyer downplayed the crime:

Katrib said none of them were part of any organization.

“They’re not members of any specific types of groups, they’re just concerned with international events,” he said.

Graham accepted the three were young, first offenders “but it’s aggravating that you would engage in physical altercations that would undermine our Charter values,” she said.

Isn’t it marvelous to be a “young, first” Muslim offender in Canada?

I am sure that upon hearing the results, the organizers of the pro-Hamas rally had another orgasmic experience (and I suspect that Mayor Nenshi had one as well).

The other side was far from satisfied. The Calgary activist Ryan Bellerose was in the courtroom and later described his dissatisfaction in a colourful expose:

“I have seen some ridiculous shit in my lifetime but today’s court session takes the cake. The Judge was outstanding and clearly a very good judge, the prosecution clearly was inept and not even conversant on the basic facts of the case, I would be surprised if questioned, he was able to name all the people who were assaulted.

“The 3 asshats who were charged, all plead guilty, the Prosecutor sounded more like a defence attorney, didn’t even know the most basic facts of the case and sounded like he just wanted this over and done with.

The judge gave him multiple chances, even going so far as to ask him if he wanted to take an adjournment, and when the Prosecutor said ” I could use 5 minutes” the judge actually said ” ok I’m not sure what you will accomplish in 5 minutes but go ahead.”

“The Prosecutor said he didn’t think the protests were organised by any group and that the 3 defendants were not members of any political group, the judge asked the prosecutor if he didn’t think those were important facts. At one point I was shaking my head in disbelief at some of the abjectly incorrect statements being made and the court actually said “Are you certain about these facts because it seems the gallery has some people who disagree”? Not a single word about the fact that it was a mob attack, and only one mention of the fact that people were screaming “kill the Jews.” The judge actually had to ask the prosecution if there was any involvement of an organisation. Of course he “didn’t know”.

“Basically what it meant was that 3 men who were involved in a mob attacking 7 people, will now receive a 300, 400, and 500 dollar fine, 12 months’ probation and each has to write an essay about the charter of rights and freedoms in Canada. All I can do is shake my head and wonder how anyone can take this “justice system” seriously.”

Sad picture – it seemed that both the prosecution and the defense worked hard on getting the Muslims off the hook. I doubt it if the rabid people in the pictures of the attack would benefit from writing essays on freedom of speech and association. Most likely they’ll laugh while writing and the “punishment” will affirm their conviction that everybody is afraid of their religion and the path of violence is the right one.

Recently Syed Soharwardy, the imam who once sued Ezra Levant over publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed, issued a fatwa against ISIS. It was another theatrical stunt with no practical use – it is very unlikely that the Muslim terrorist group would ever notice his fatwa. If Syed was sincere in fighting extremism, there is something much more practical he could do – why doesn’t he condemn the Muslims who organized the beating in Calgary? Or even better – why doesn’t he work on preventing similar violence in the future?

He will never do that – the violent Muslims prepare the way for the “moderate” Islam. They create fear in the victims and the latter are ready to accept every possible demand to prevent the “moderate” Muslims from becoming violent. Naturally, they never admit they are doing it out of fear; it is always for the sake of creating a “just and inclusive” society.

That approach corrupts our judicial system. When you have a gang of violent Muslims that after an attack gets away with essay-writing and a person who gets 18 months jail for criticizing Islam, this is no more the fair British common law – it is sharia. The barbaric Muslim “law code” defends only true Muslims – women and infidels always lose when it is applied.

Seeing the Western civilization crumble when its elites accept a primitive medieval code to resolve conflicts in the West is a cause for alarm. Encouraging the evil forces is not going to appease them – on the contrary, it will only make them bolder and eventually we would find ourselves in the position of France with its extreme polarization and violence. Do we really need to go that far to figure out that the only sensible way is to apply the law equally to everybody?

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    Next time this happens here, I’m taking my camera! Hopefully I’ll get some decent footage for your YouTube channel, Admiwrath.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Good idea. It’s kind of sad that today you need your own video footage to make the police listen to you after you are beaten by Muslim savages.

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