Canada Post and Hamas – The Odd Couple?

Only few months have passed from the last attempt to “break” the blockade on Gaza. The ships involved couldn’t make it and several of the participants learned the hard way that it is not a good idea to mess up with a country, which takes the protection of its borders seriously.

Few other “saviours of the world” tried to repeat the adventure. The Turkish Islamist government and the loudmouth from Iran actually never went beyond the empty threats. But it appears that they may try to send a ship again, which will be prepared and loaded in our country. All that the noble lefties need is $300,000, which they hope to collect quickly. Once everything is said and done, The Sea Hitler (as the ship was lovingly christened by not so nice people who still have some common sense left) will take off from Canada and proudly sail to Gaza.

What’s so important about Gaza? If you ask the communists, they will gladly tell you that the evil Jews have turned Gaza into a horrible concentration camp, where people are poor and starving (and may even turn to cannibalism to stay alive). The not so sad truth is that despite the Israeli blockade (which covers only specific products), the territory receives plenty of supplies from the United Nations and a whole rainbow of different organizations, and that’s only the legally delivered aid. On top of that the Arabs smuggle tons of other products, even those that are not allowed in by Israel.

The “starving” Gaza has well-stuffed stores and markets and it’s the third fattest country in the world (after Qatar and Saudi Arabia), with 42.5% of the women obese. (It kind of reminds me of the fat starving artist, whom Elaine Benes dated in one of Seinfeld’s episodes).

Of course, you can’t argue with the lefty loons, their “ideals” are much more important than truth.

And if only loons were involved, we could have just shrugged off the whole thing, because that’s what the loons do. However, the most disturbing thing in this questionable enterprise is that Canada Post is involved. To be fair, it’s not the company directly, but its union – CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers).

They not only support the illegal entry into Israel, but also want to deliver mail to Gaza. If the delivery was being done by Joey’s Bicycle Courier Service, it wouldn’t have mattered, but the problem is that Canada Post is a Crown Corporation. It is owned and financed by the Government of Canada and its people. Ever since Hamas took over Gaza, the Canadian Government took a position against the rule of Hamas and for good reason – that’s a terrorist organization, which still hasn’t changed its ways. It intimidates and kills its citizens and just two days ago they boasted as their great operation the cold-blooded murder of a pregnant Jewish woman while thousands of their supporters celebrated. Yesterday Hamas announced that it would cooperate with 13 other anti-Semitic organizations to fight Israel more effectively.

So Canada Post wants to deal with Hamas… They may say that it is not the company itself, but its union. That doesn’t make any difference: the union doesn’t unite aliens from Mars, but the very workers who are paid by Canada Post and who are an integral part of the company.

The union leaders may not be the brightest tools in the box, they may not realize the consequences of their actions, but hopefully the management is aware that it not a good idea to deal with terrorists. Perhaps they can explain that to their union, but as of today, we haven’t heard even a peep of disagreement from them.

Maybe they are afraid of the anger of the unions that can threaten with walk out (as they do almost every year). After all, the unions are simply tools of extortion. The internal fights within Canada Post always end up with injecting more government subsidies and raising the prices of the postal services, while the service gets worse and worse.

Now, on top of that, we have a government monopoly, which is not only inefficient, but also has its own foreign policy. Isn’t that getting too much? What’s next? Export Development Canada encouraging exports of nuclear technology to Iran?

Hey, Canada Post, wake up!

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