Canada Post Prepares for the Coming Caliphate



The other day I needed to get some information from Canada Post’s website. Upon opening it, I was surprised to see that they added new languages to the display options. Now you can use the interface in Chinese and Arabic as well:

2015-02-02 16_14_44-Canada Post - MailingWhen you click on the Arabic option, the site turns into a version of Saudi Post:

2015-02-02 16_15_43-Canada Post - PersonalNow, before the Muslim fanatics in Canada accuse me that I am a bigot, who doesn’t want to appreciate the “contributions” of their cult to the rich tapestry of the suicidal Canadian multiculturalism, let me explain something. Canada Post is a crown corporation – in everyday language that means that it is a government-owned losing enterprise generously subsidized by our tax dollars.

As a crown corporation, the only languages it should operate in are English and French. People who immigrate to Canada should be able to speak at least one of those languages.

If you go to the website of the United States Postal Service, you’ll see that it is entirely in English – there are no Spanish, Chinese or Arabic options. (Maybe Barry Obama will try to abolish English from the USPS site, but let’s wait and see.)

Even if we assume for a moment that we accept so many stupid Chinese, who can’s learn English and need special postal site in their language, there should be more stupid people from other ethnicities that need their mother tongue given as an option – and the Arabs are not the most numerous group. Canada Post needs to provide statistics why the ignorant Arabic speakers who don’t know English deserve better treatment than the speakers of other languages that outnumber them in Canada.

Is this done to facilitate the work of the “Palestinian revolutionaries” whose cause has always been supported by Canada Post’s labour union? Other than extorting the Canadian taxpayers and ruining businesses through their strikes, the union supported the infamous “boat to Gaza” and other crazy terrorist projects. And the management of that crown corporation never objected to its union’s support for odd causes.

We could see the union marching shoulder to shoulder with the anarchists and communists at Occupy Toronto.


Che Guevara would make a fine Canadian postman

They also have their lasting presence at the annual homosexual parade in Toronto:

You won’t want this postman to ring even once

You won’t want this postman to ring even once

So what’s the deal with the language options, Canada Post? Is it to let the noble ISIS fighters get their tracking in a language they understand? Or is this a preparation for the coming Muslim takeover when Arabic will become the only official language?

Canada Post, you are a Canadian company. You should support Canada. Accommodating Chinese or Arab losers who can’t read any of the two official languages is not winning you any fans. There are only two official languages in Canada. If your management is too dumb to figure that out, it’s no wonder that there are too many problems in your business that you can’t resolve and that will drive you out of business.

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  1. ScreamiMimi says:

    I’m disgusted. Guess they had to cut door to door delivery to afford their fancy new multilingual web site. Canada Post & CBC belong in the same garbage can.

  2. Bill Gibbons says:

    I would describe the Chinese migrants as “stupid,” but I would say that the word itself should refer to our immigration policy, allowing masses of people into Canada who are not obligated to integrate, then give them all kinds of government services in their own language.

    multiculturalism will surely be the death of Canada.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I probably could use another word, because there are no stupid people anymore, they have “learning disability,” “mental challenge,” etc. Some of those migrants show an amazing inability to adapt to Canada. Last year a Chinese woman in Vancouver, who has lived in Canada for over ten years (and she wasn’t old) without learning English, was whining in the press, through her son, that she couldn’t order a meal in McDonald’s, because the employees didn’t understand her. The son demanded that the restaurant hire Chinese-speaking staff to serve people like her.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  4. Derek Read says:

    A couple issues with your post.

    1) Canada Post has been given a mandate to not lose money. Translating the main portions of their site into other languages helps them fulfill that mandate by gaining clients. You’re saying you would prefer they lose money? That seems idiotic.

    2) The United States Postal Service has a similar mandate and for that reason they translate their website into both Spanish and Chinese. They have been doing this for years and they would be stupid not to. I’m not sure how you missed it but if you go to you will see “English” in a dropdown list at the top left of each page (unless your browser’s default language is set to Spanish or Chinese). Clicking on that option allows you to select “Español” (Spanish) or “????” (Simplified Chinese).

    Both of these organizations are competing directly with private companies that offer services to their clients in many languages (UPS translates their website into a few dozen language for example) so it would be stupid for Canada Post and the USPS not to try to get some of that business.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That doesn’t explain why Arabic is chosen – there are more people in Canada speaking Ukrainian, Russian or Urdu than Arabic. Isn’t that a problem?

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