Gay Pride – Pecker Fest with a Pinch of Jew Hate


The anti-Semitic banner placed today by QuAIA on the Wellesley Subway Station


The main event of the Pride week took place today – the Parade. It was supposed to be the zenith of the celebrations, but what happened today, combined with yesterday’s flop, made it a very low nadir.

What you see on the picture above is the huge banner that the idiots from Queers against Israeli Apartheid lowered from the roof of the Wellesley Subway Station at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Here is the picture of the banner being lowered:


The apartheid queers are lowering the banner


That thing hanged there for at least an hour. It was a horrible provocation, which requires some questions to be answered.

How did those people get on the roof of a TTC building? Did they break in (like in the Calgary Tower provocation committed by Greenpeace)? Or did anybody from TTC let them in?

I hope the case would get a thorough investigation.

Then, within the parade itself, there was an obnoxious sign displayed in the Queer Ontario group, which stated: “Deal with It: Our Pride Includes QUAIA+TNT Men”. We will return to the TNT Men, but here are the photos of this happening. The first picture shows the sign near the organization’s sign, the second one shows the sign itself and since it is not complete, I added a third one, which displays the whole sign, although out of focus.


The sign displayed by Queer Ontario





Now let’s get back to the TNT men. I owe the middle of this article’s title to their activities. That group of middle-aged men somehow claims the right to march totally naked in the Gay Parade. Nude recreation is wonderful and I totally support it as long as it is performed in nature – nudist camps or beaches,
uninhabited islands, etc.

However, doing that in front of the thousands of people (including children) who came to see the parade should be considered a problem (if we accept the gay activists’ number of over a million of people coming to the parade, the problem would be even bigger).

According to the Criminal Code of Canada, a man who exposes his genitalia in public is guilty of a certain clearly defined crime. What I don’t understand when watching the parade is why the men who fully expose themselves are not charged with anything.

If a heterosexual pervert who likes to expose himself is charged, then why a homosexual pervert who likes to expose himself is not treated in the same way? Is the gay community superior to all of us? Maybe I am too stupid to ask this question and Barbara Hall and her Human Rights Inquisition have the right

Last year I had a problem when I posted a comment on a blog regarding the TNT men issue. A fierce gay activist attacked me stating that everything I said was wrong – there were no naked men; he saw only one who was promptly arrested by the police.

That’s why this year I am adding my picture evidence – for those of my readers who are offended by such pictures, I am going to place them under the break in this post. Whatever your convictions are, please consider the photos forensic evidence.

Another curious issue to watch was politics. There was a total condemnation of Rob Ford for his decision to go to his cottage instead of spending his weekend with naked men. And how can you blame him when the gay paper Xtra called for his rape. If they wrote the same about a woman, their rag would have been shut down long time ago. They recycled yesterday’s F***k Ford sign and of course there were many new signs:


Rob Ford hate


Unlike Ford, other politicians desperate for attention showed up. First we saw Bob Rae, the ultimate political whore, who came to Toronto to take a look at the province he destroyed while an NDP Premier. Now we are supposed to forget that, because he is the leader of the almost defunct Liberal Party.


Bob Rae, Ontario's worst premier, inspects his province


He was followed by “Taliban Jack” Layton and his wife Olivia, the family that controls the Parliament opposition. Last year they showed up on the roof of a
London-style bus. Today they were riding a rickshaw pulled by a human being. I don’t know what you think, but I have always found that type of rickshaw the most despicable means of transportation, where you directly treat a human being like an animal. Don’t Jack and Olivia have better plans for mankind than forcing them to pull rickshaws?



Jack and Olivia in a rikshaw pulled by an "intern"


And if you look at Jack’s right hand, you’ll see that he is either showing love or making the Satan’s sign. The choice is yours.

Of course, the type of politicians who showed up made an impression on the audience. A guy behind me, with a squeaky voice, made an observation addressed to his boyfriend:  “See? Ford is not here, neither is the Prime Minister. We should get Jack Layton to become a Prime Minister.” Yes, Sir.

In case you got the impression that only the politicians and naked men were bad, here is a bunch of other unsavoury characters:


The Black Bloc: fortunately they didn't try to break anything


The notorious Black Bloc was there, although they didn’t have the chance to set on fire a few police cars.

Then we had the Communist Party of Canada that has being going for decades through a prolonged death, but still manages to present a few human relics at public events:


The communists, as alive as Lenin's mummy


And what leftist event could go on without the confrontational Mohawk Warrior flag, the symbol of hostility of the Native extremists?


The Mohawk Warrior flag


In case you think everything was bad, I must assure you that I saw quite a few good things.

The Jewish presence this year was much better organized, bolder, and better prepared to state its position. The credit for that goes to Kulanu. Here is how they performed:


Kulanu's sign



The Jewish group prepares to march



Getting ready...




The bold and clear message about Israel



And there was more…

Stunning transvestites:


Classy "ladies"


An Iranian gay group, which openly and fiercely opposed Ahmadinejad (I wonder if the apartheid queers talked to them about what Islam means for gays):



The Iranian gay group


And of course we saw the usual cute girls. When looking at the pictures, don’t forget that in Ontario walking topless is perfectly legal for women (I wonder if the TNT men should fight in the same way for walking bottomless):




And here is the TNT group. Judge for yourself if you find that it is normal for those men to expose themselves in public just because they are gay:



A casual exposure...



Impressing the girls...



The TNT men impress the crowd...


Still going strong...

In the end, I can show you a strange creature, which I can’t identify – but the question remains – should he/she/it expose him/her/it-self in public like the TNT men?


Uh... Whatever...


We truly live in a messed up world…

© 2011


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  1. Blazingcatfur says:

    Good work, Blogwrath.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

  2. max says:

    Taking kids to this event is clearly child abuse.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The gay lobby will ignore your opinion – everybody who says anything negative about the fate naked perverts marching there would be considered a HOMOPHOBE. They are absolutely brilliant in destroying their cause through anti-Semitism and perverted exposure.

  3. Laughing says:

    My first time visiting your Blog and love your headlines for your news articles Blogwrath. Still laughing! Interesting, I think the only “legal” nudity in this parade were the topless people, many females with nice boobs. It is legal for women/men to be topless in public in Ontario (re: the old Guelph case).

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, the girls are perfectly legal thank to the Guelph precedent. Now, if the Pride naked perverts manage to do the same, I’ll be willing to apologize to them.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    I wonder what will happen to this annual Deviant Fest once the Muslims become numerous enuogh to make their presence felt in Toronto?

  5. NESCBill says:

    You do know there is a clothing optional beach on the Toronto Islands amd the World Naked Bike Ride takes place a couple of weeks before the Pride Parade, don’t you?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yonge Street is not a nudist beach. At the parade we saw a bunch of perverted exhibitionists who were happy to expose themselves in front of children. If your group finds that exciting, most parents don’t.

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