Happy All-Inclusive Valentine’s Day!


You go girl!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all readers!

Through the greeting card above I would like to express solidarity with my oppressed Muslim sisters, who are deprived from celebrating that holiday.

Their always angry male compatriots have expressed numerous times their contempt for that decadent day, when million people of the world express their love for each other. Love is foreign to Islam (unless it targets the moon god Allah and his butler Mohammed), so the women must keep quiet or else their husbands or boyfriends would apply on them the educational beating prescribed by the Koran.

The Muslim war on the Valentine’s Day has also entered the cyberspace. A gang of Muslim hackers, probably mad because they can’t get laid, hacked the Ottawa Catholic School Board website.



And what a lovely message they left! I am sure Hallmark is going to incorporate it soon into some of their alternative multicultural cards:

“#OP Fuck Valentine Days. This is an operation to reject the valentine’s day.!! Valentine is a pagan culture, a culture that is not suitable for us… Im Not Yours, You’re not mine, Be My, ANTI VALENTINE. We are Muslims, Soldier off Allah.”

I know that Islam is a dangerous mental condition, but these guys suffer from its extremely acute form. Not only are they dumb enough to start  jihad against a harmless holiday, but they are also semi-literate (obviously their madrasah doesn’t have a good English class).

Still, that’s good – those savages remind us even on Valentine’s Day what we are up against.

So again – happy Valentine’s Day to all oppressed Muslim sisters and to all bearded idiots: have a pleasant Anti-Valentine in hell in the fine companionship of sows and goats!


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