Have a Very Muslim Christmas

Anatomy of an Islamic Poster


Poster for the Islamic conference in Toronto

Christmas is almost here and the Muslim fundamentalists would never miss this opportunity to show a big middle finger to the Christian community in Canada.

Just like in the last year, they are organizing a huge gathering in the Toronto Convention Centre, with dates carefully scheduled to coincide with the holiest Christian holiday. The hate fest will run on the 24, 25 and 26 of December.

I can imagine how a Christian conference during the Ramadan would ignite the Muslim rage causing the usual whining and assaults, but since in Canada Muslims are untouchable, they can get away with whatever they want.

The topic of this post is the interesting poster that announces the event. It litters the whole city, even the subway system.

It loudly proclaims that the purpose of the event is to revive the Islamic spirit. And to avoid any doubt how that goal is to be achieved, they state that they will give you the rules of life (that would probably include telling you what to wear or think and other joys of the sharia). The surprise comes when the organizers explain further that they are going to revive the Ten Commandments.

Now, we know that most of the Koran’s ideas have been plagiarized from the Jewish and the Christian Holy Books, so it is possible that it may mention the Commandments.

However, it is a shameless display of hypocrisy to claim that the Islam is the religion that will revive the Ten Commandments. A religion, in which terror, murder and intolerance are worshipped as paths to salvation, hardly has any credibility in establishing any moral values.

If you look closer at the poster, you will notice that around the edges there are remains of an old manuscript. It is in Greek and it looks like it has been ripped or burned. Behind it is Toronto in darkness, with rays of light coming from the sky, that must be the Islamic enlightenment.

The message is crystal-clear: we will destroy your traditions and impose on you our medieval cult.

It’s unlikely that any of the Christian churches in Canada would react in any way to this insult.

So let’s all have a very Muslim Christmas!

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