How Ignatieff and the Canadian Arab Federation Sabotaged Canada at the UN

Perhaps you’ve already heard that, Canada’s bid to win a seat at the United Nations Security Council came to an end. Canada’s UN Ambassador John McNee announced it as soon as it became obvious that Portugal was sure to collect the votes necessary to secure the seat. The press didn’t forget to mention that this was the first time in the history of the Council when Canada could not get a UN position it ran for.

It was ironic that the rich and powerful Canada was “outsmarted” by Portugal, a small and nearly bankrupt European nation. In my opinion (which I will explain below) that loss wasn’t a bad thing. However, the loss reveals some very ugly political realities in Canada, which need to be addressed.

For starters, the parliamentary opposition, led by Michael Ignatieff, not only was against Canada’s success in this situation, but also loudly attempted to disgrace their country. In the months preceding the vote, Ignatieff repeatedly attacked the government’s foreign policy, emphasizing the failure to enforce the Kyoto climate change accord (although even Jean Chretien didn’t do anything about that scammy initiative). Canada allegedly stopped supporting Africa as well, which he found to be bad (again, how much money should we throw into that bottomless pit?), and also lamented that the country froze the foreign aid and refused to send peacekeepers to Congo. Iggy may still haven’t noticed it, but Canada is in recession and sending more money to countries that don’t know how to run their own affairs is not a top priority of the taxpayers.

He openly said that the country doesn’t deserve the seat: “This is a government that for four years has basically ignored the United Nations and now is suddenly showing up saying, ‘Hey, put us on the council.’ Don’t mistake me. I know how important it is for Canada to get a seat on the Security Council, but Canadians have to ask a tough question: Has this government earned that place? We’re not convinced it has.”

That was a strange behaviour. In contrast, the campaigns of all European countries who ran for seats at the Council were firmly supported by the their governments and opposition. And I don’t recall a single case in Canada during the Chretien years when the opposition tried to sabotage an important international initiative.

To be fair, there is probably some truth in the words of the people who say that Ignatieff is not significant enough to influence the United Nations, despite his hostility. That might be true, but the animosity he showed toward his own country is troubling.

Iggy wasn’t the only one opposed; there was also the Canadian Arab Federation, which fiercely and viciously attacked Canada’s campaign.

On September 27, Al-Jazzerah’s website published a declaration of the Canadian Arab Federation, written by Khaled Mouammar. It was included in the Cross-Cultural Understanding section (that was hilarious).

In the very beginning Mouammar wants to make crystal-clear what a disgusting and violently “Islamophobic” country Canada is:

“The evidence has been accumulating about the anti-Arab and anti-Islamic Canadian government to the extent it is feared that if Canada gains a seat in the UN Security Council, it may be used against Arabs and Muslims around the world. The Canadian Arab Federation calls upon all Arab and Muslim Missions at the United Nations to vote against Canada’s bid to have a seat at the UN Security Council for the following reasons…”

After that he presented a long laundry list of transgressions, which supposedly prove his hatred for Canada.

“Canada is the only western country that has refused to ask for the repatriation of its citizen, 15-year-old Omar Khadr, from the jail in Guantanamo Bay where he has languished since May 2005.

Of course, he forgets to mention that the “poor” Omar, who “languishes” in Guantanamo is a proven terrorist, there are witnesses of his crime and he is facing justice.

“Since coming to power in February 2006 the Harper government has refused to deal with the Canadian Arab Federation and the Canadian Islamic Congress, the two main national organizations representing Arab and Muslim Canadians, because they advocate for Palestinian rights.”

Since when are CAF and CIC are the two main Muslim organizations? There are many other influential groups, which don’t agree with them. And just in case he can’t figure it out: supporting a terrorist organization like Hamas is not “advocating for Palestinian rights” and is not likely to be met with the jubilant admiration of the government.

“March 2006: Canada was the first country (after Israel) to cut its assistance to the Palestinian Authority. The aid cutoff, which was designed to sow division within Palestinian society, had devastating social effects.”

Canada cut off the assistance to the Hamas thugs, who used most of the money to buy weapons. That was really devastating for them, because from that point on the Palestinians had to get only food, clothes and other materials to support everyday living and that stuff was impossible to turn into bombs.

“January 2008: Canada was the first country, ahead even of Israel, to withdraw from theUN conference on racism – Durban II accusing it of promoting anti-Semitism.”

Good for Canada! That was a conference dominated by Muslims and leftists, who desperately tried to advance their barbaric sharia-imposing agenda. Why should Canada agree with that?

“March 2009: Canada cuts funding to settlement programs delivered by the Canadian Arab Federation since 1994 because of its support for Palestinian rights.”

Probably you should try collecting money from your own members to help the new “settlers”. Isn’t charity one of the pillars of Islam?

“February 2010: Canada cuts funding to Montreal-based Alternatives because it argued against Israel’s status as a Jewish state.”

Israel is a Jewish state. If that organization’s purpose is to turn Israel into an Arab country and drown the Jews in the Mediterranean Sea, perhaps they can look for more suitable sponsors (like Saudi Arabia and Iran).

“March 2010: Canada yields to Israeli pressure and terminates the grant to Mada al-Carmel, a 10-year-old social research centre based in Haifa that conducts research into Israel’s Arab minority. Two years ago, Mada received a pair of three-year grants from the Canada to study the marginalization of women in Arab-Israeli society and the low level of political participation by Arab Israelis.”

Who needs those totally useless social studies? And why should the Canadian taxpayers sponsor them? If they are so important to the Palestinians, why don’t PLO and Hamas chip in to pay for them?

“May 2010: Prime Minister Harper welcomes Benjamin Netanyahu one day after Israel’s military raided the Gaza-aid flotilla and killed 9 humanitarian workers, injured dozens and kidnapped 700 international citizens.”

Calling those burly Turks armed with metal sticks and knives “humanitarian workers” is a very big stretch of the imagination. Since when a country’s self-protection actions have become a crime?

There are few more accusations, but this is enough to get the gist of this organization’s positions. And in the end, to make sure that his point is clear, he throws in the big conclusion:

“In view of the above policies and practices of the Canadian government, granting Canada a seat on the UN Security Council would be tantamount to rewarding Canada for discriminating against Arab and Muslim Canadians, and for its unconditional and blatant support for Israel’s war crimes and violations of international law.”

So Canada is discriminating against Arab and Muslim Canadians? This is one of the most repulsive and vile lies uttered by an ethnic organization. Muslims are not only far from being discriminated, but some use all the power of the government, especially the Human Rights Commissions, to persecute people who dare to say something that the Muslims don’t like (let’s not forget Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn and Maclean’s Magazine).

So far, no Arab in Canada had objected to that declaration, which is strange. Blackmailing and hating your own country to such a degree begs the question: why do you still live here?  Isn’t that organization’s ultimate goal to make Canada more “liveable” by converting it into a “sharia kingdom”?

Anyway, this brings us to the main issue. Organizations like CAF are not self-standing, they are part of something bigger. The declaration was published on Al-Jazeerah’s site, which is a news agency hostile to the West, it’s no wonder that Osama Bin Laden sends first to them each new issue of his “tape of the month club”.

These organizations are parts of the big octopus called OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference), which unites 56 Muslim countries, which act on the basis of imposing Islamic principles. It’s no wonder that in the beginning Mouammar “calls upon all Arab and Muslim Missions at the United Nations to vote against Canada.” United in their hatred, they would vote like one against our country and that’s exactly what happened.

CAF and OIC have a very clearly defined agenda. Their purpose is to impose through the UN total ban on criticism of Islam. At a recent meeting the foreign ministers of OIC called upon the international community to “make collective efforts to prevent incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims and to take effective measures to discourage negative stereotyping of people on the basis of religion, faith or race.

They also want to use for that goal some of the UN organizations, like its Human Rights Council. At the same meeting they stated: “We emphasize the need to develop, at the UN, including the HRC, a legally binding institutional instrument to promote respect for all religions and cultural values and prevent intolerance, discrimination and the instigation of hatred against any group or followers of any religion.”

Translation: this “instrument” will benefit only Islam, because Christianity and Buddhism are much more tolerant and they have never urged their followers to harass and kill everyone who badmouths them, unlike the Muslim religion. The result of that will be the establishing of a new Inquisition that will persecute every person who dares to criticize Islam.

And there is no doubt that they mean it. They are more than ready to destroy anyone who goes against Islam. In 2008 Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary General of the OIC, issued a clear threat:  “We sent a clear message to the West regarding the red lines that should not be crossed” regarding free speech about Islam and terrorism. And he reported success: “The official West and its public opinion are all now well-aware of the sensitivities of these issues. They have also started to look seriously into the question of freedom of expression from the perspective of its inherent responsibility, which should not be overlooked.”

Make no mistake, they will use all means to ensure the total immunity of their “religion” while going in full speed against the Western societies and destroying their values. All the oil money of the Arab countries will be mobilized to fulfill that grand project. As it became clear from the CAF declaration against Canada, they are bound by no decency and no morals would ever stop them from attacking their own country, because Islam is their supreme value.

And here comes the point in which I am in total agreement with Mr. Khaled Mouammar. Yes, Canada shouldn’t be a member of the Security Council, it shouldn’t even be a member of the UN, because UN is a corrupt and useless organization, which is controlled by Muslim fanatics, petty African dictators and other opportunists who only want to mooch money out of it. The really democratic countries are a tiny minority in that disgraced organization.

The organization was formed after World War II with the faulty and dreamy premise that it will provide a rational world order built after the Western democracies. However, with many colonies gaining independence and the creation of even more countries after the fall of communism, it became overburdened by numerous countries that have no intention whatsoever to introduce democracy. It turned out that now the United Nations is used by the Muslim fanatics to bully the democratic countries (especially Israel). It is also a haven for many third-world swindlers, who under the guise of UN bureaucrats steal whatever they can (do you still remember the Iraqi “food for oil” scam and Kofi Anan’s family?).

As usual, the suckers are the civilized countries, which pay everything that is being stolen or misused by the third world. According to the UN’s 2009 budget, 10 countries contributed 76% of the money. That means that the remaining 182 countries pay only 24% of the budget.

The USA pays the most, 22%, yet it is constantly vilified by the usual suspects. Japan pays 16.624% and it is totally ignored as a country, unless the third-world swindlers want it it to put more money in their “projects”. Canada pays 2.977%, which is more than what China pays (2.667%). Is that fair? The world’s second largest economy with over 1 billion of population pays less than Canada?! Hello, is anybody listening?! The other “sherpas” are Germany with 8.577%, UK – 6.64%, France – 6.301%, Italy – 5.079%, Spain – 2.968%, Mexico – 2.257%.

The rich Saudi Arabia is not in the list, although it has more than enough money to finance Muslim extremists.

The Western world should abolish the United Nations and let the third world countries work for a living.


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  1. How Ignatieff and the Canadian Arab Federation Sabotaged Canada at ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. When*Pigs*Fly says:

    I am absolutely disgusted with Ignatieff’s behavior & will never consider him for PM. The muslim organizations mentioned behaved as expected and have supplied more evidence of their pursuit of islamic supremacy in North America. Neither should ever be trusted or be seen as being loyal to Canada.

  3. When*Pigs*Fly says:

    I forgot to say: KUDOS to Canada for supporting Isreal, for refusing to acknowledge & deal with the CAF & CIC and for being the first country to boycott the racist UN conference on racism-Durban II.

    I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU and keep up the good work.

  4. When*Pigs*Fly says:

    “deal” should be “kowtow to”

  5. flipper says:

    Too bad you couldn’t publish this blog in the national press or be seen on the CBC…The national media have kowtowed to the extreme left and only apologize to the Islamists for people who bring up the topics of Honour Killings,Sharia Law,women as second class muslims, and the list goes on…..
    When will the western world WAKE UP and recognize these zealots for what they truly are…Religious fanatics who want to subjugate the free world under the thumb of Islam….The so-called “religion of peace” …It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious…
    Maybe the truth will come out when the terrorist Khadr goes on trial on the 18th..Let’s see how biased their reporting will be when they try to portray Khadr as a poor innocent child soldier who was only defending his country and did NOT do anything wrong….YEAH….That’s the ticket….yeah…

  6. Diane says:

    I find the effort of the Harper government, and their supporters, to blame anybody but themselves for not obtaining a seat on the UNSC ridiculous. What do they not know about accepting responsibility?

    This government has embarrassed Canada internationally on human rights, womens’ issues, aboriginal issues and the environment. Could it be that has something to do with their failure to gain a seat, first in Canadian history?

  7. Diane says:

    According to the Supreme Court, even a minority government like Harper’s has the right to set foreign policy. They’ve done that.

    If they honestly did what they thought was right, that’s fine. But when they are rejected by the international community, they should accept the fact that this is based on their own actions and ideology, and not immediately blame others.

    1. When*Pigs*Fly says:

      I think you mean Obama not Harper.

    2. flipper says:

      Embarassed on human rights….where pray tell??Women’s issues ..the same as well as aboriginal issues and the environment.Where exactly did the government go wrong???

  8. admiwrath says:

    Diane, Diane, it’s great that you left the two comments, but what planet do you come from?

    How has Canada been “embarassed”? On human rights??? Canada takes in every refugee swindler who reaches its borders and lets him live on the tax payers’ dime for years.

    Womens’ issues??? In Canada every woman can sue any man for any reason through the Human Rights Commissions, and get a hefty payout. How do you compare that to the African savages in Congo or Sudan where rape and mutilation of tens of thousands of women is just a “distinctive culture”? And both of these countries can vote against Canada in the UN.

    Aboriginal issues??? Only four years ago the government of Ontario let armed native gangs in Caledonia intimidate and terrorize the white people in the area. The same people who provide the tax dollars to support the natives who don’t work and don’t pay taxes (according to the government pay structure 96% of the funds to support the Indian reserves come from government subsidies). Can you name any other country that supports so much people who don’t work?

    And what about the environment??? Neither Chretien nor Harper have supported the global warming swindle. Yet, Canada takes much more care of the environment than most of the thrird world countries that you probably admire. Are you aware of the environmental record of China, Russia and most of the African countries that poison and destroy their own population?

    I understand that the Western leftists hate their own countries, but unfortunately, so far none of them has moved to the Communist, Muslim or African paradise they worship.

  9. bluetech says:

    Found your blog via your comment at SDA. Excellent posts here! An congrats on your reply to Diane.

  10. ptbc says:

    Today I am so proud to be Canadian. To have a government that supports Israel. Canada is a leader because of the country, Israel that we support we were the least country to be in big economical debt, and we will be the first to get out of the financial crisis. The United Nations is the biggest scam in political history. To have supported this organization is a waste of money, and waste of time.

    God Bless Canada and the people who bless Israel.

  11. Concise and well written, tyvm for the post

  12. Rouba says:

    I just hope that the actions of few do not influence your opinion of the majority. I always hear calls by ‘pure’ Canadians to liberal or moderate Arab immigrants to speak up against the radical Arabs or Muslim minorities. So, here I am speaking up. I am an atheist Arab-Canadian, I love Canada and I am very proud to be part of this country. My advice to you, however, is to continue distinguishing between Arab-Canadians and to not sum us all in one basket – ss tempting as that might be. Otherwise, you will be discriminating against us the liberal Arabs, when you actually want to avoid alienating us since we are on your camp and fighting the same fight.

  13. Sol Berrones says:

    I really like your wp web template, exactly where did you down load it through?

  14. […] More here – Iggy Gets Jiggy Wit Khaled […]

  15. Cal says:

    Thank you for this article, it was right on!
    Is there any type of Canadian Citizen Coalition organization which wants to have CAF’s charter revoked, and to have those that govern CAF and it’s members, who are anti-Canada, anti-Israel out of this country?

    Because the CAF’s charter truly expresses what their goals are, and that is to infiltrate and turn Canada into a muslim state run by their Sharia law.

    Truly this and ALL “muslim” organizations are enemies of our fine nation, therefore must be deported out of Canada!

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