JDL Canada Confronts the Gaza Boat Fundraiser Cruise

Some people in Canada want to put their country into the same class of notoriety as Turkey and Iran by sending a boat with supplies to Gaza, which is supposed to break the so-called blockade. In addition to the usual left-wing loons and academics, even unions are involved in this dubious venture (particularly that of the Canadian postal workers).

However, the price to equip and send that boat (named The Sea Hitler by its opponents) is quite steep; the organizers need to collect $300,000 to finance it. One of the initiatives they came up with to get some of the money was the fundraising cruise in the Lake Ontario, which took place in the night of September 25.

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza boat1

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat2

The Jewish Defence League-Canada announced early on that they would protest the event and confront the participants upon their arrival after the cruise. The purpose was to make clear that the organizers of the boat mission would support a terrorist organization (wilfully or due to ignorance) while claiming that they are helping the “poor Gazans.”

Maybe we have to state again the facts that the Gaza boat people conveniently forget. They plan to deal directly with the Gazan government, which is controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization. The argument is that Hamas was lawfully elected, but that doesn’t legitimize them (it’s worth noting that Hitler was also lawfully elected). After the elections, Hamas took control over Gaza by eliminating Fatah and killing hundreds of Arabs, who supported it. They have always clearly declared that their goal is the annihilation of Israel. They have fired thousands of missiles into the Israeli territory killing mostly civilians. Just few weeks ago when militants shot in cold blood a pregnant woman and three other Israelis, Hamas proudly took responsibility and organized a noisy celebration in Gaza.

The vast majority of the world’s governments agree that Hamas is a terrorist organization and they don’t maintain any ties with it. In Canada raising money for them is considered illegal by law.

Beside that, the reality in Gaza is far from the image of the “starving concentration camp” that the lefties are trying to project. The Arabs there receive millions of dollars in UN aid, most of the goods are allowed in by Israel and nobody knows how much more things are smuggled in from Egypt through the underground tunnels. According to The Economist, Gaza is third in the world with regard to female obesity – nearly 43% of the women there are overweight. It’s hard to imagine that all those fat people are really starving…

That was the point that JDL Canada wanted to make in that cold September night. It was worth it, because even though the organizers of the boat mission knew very well what they were doing, many of the people suckered into that venture probably just didn’t bother to think about finding out the truth. A wake up call is what they needed.

The cruise boat was scheduled to return at 9:30 p.m., but it took much longer. The participants in the demonstration waited patiently, sipping coffee and hot chocolate, trying to keep warm in the windy night.

Meanwhile, the police started showing up: four officers in a boat, then several in cars, and even few on bicycles. Few of them were tense and nervous, probably expecting a violent confrontation. Although all the people were peaceful and calm, they had to move everybody further from the place were the boat was supposed to arrive, all the way to Queens Quay.

Shortly after 10:30 the boat appeared in the lake and slowly headed for the shore. Loud, non-sharia music was playing on board. When it finally stopped, it took over twenty minutes for the “donors” to get off the boat and none of them left right away. Surprisingly, there were not that many of them, only about 75 people. The police officers kept JDL off the road, still very tense.

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza boat 3

JDL Canada confronts Gaza Boat 4

Finally, the people from the cruise headed toward the street, passing by the protesters. Waiving Israeli flags and holding signs, JDL clearly and loudly started to express their opinions about the fundraiser: “You support terrorists!” “You collect money for baby killers!” You could feel in their voices the bitterness of people, who have suffered enough and are determined to never allow that to happen again.

Of course, the other side was far from feeling any remorse or guilt. They started to shout pro-Palestinian slogans, accompanied from time to time by obscene gestures. Fortunately, the police stood firmly between the two groups, so nothing bad happened.

To a side observer, there is probably something Quixotic in the attempt of a small group to state loudly the truth and reverse the public opinion. It’s no secret that most of the press and media in Canada have never condemned the anti-Israeli sentiments and actions and the pro-Islamic propaganda is very strong. However, it is important to always assert the truth, because even slowly and painfully, the truth eventually always prevails. And let’s not forget David and Goliath as well…

Here are some more pictures from that night (sorry for the bad quality, but it was very dark):

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 5

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 7

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 8

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 9

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 10

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 11

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 12

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 13

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 14

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 15

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 16

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 16

JDL-Canada confronts Gaza Boat 18

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  1. […] JDL Canada Confronts the Gaza Boat Fundraiser Cruise September 26th, 2010 | Author: admiwrath […]

  2. Thank you “Blog Wrath” for attending the Protest Against HAMAS-Supporters and so quicly writing an excellent article + posting it along with your photos.

    Your work and support are greatly appreciated.

    L’chaim…. “to life”


  3. Good work, pity I could not make it, sounded like a fun time.

  4. Voltaire's Ghost says:

    Nice work and excellent post! I’m guessing the protesters had a lot more fun than the Hamas supporters. The Sea Hitler Jr’s passengers don’t look like a fun group at all.

  5. David says:

    Well written account of what took place. After coming face-to-face with The JDL, no one on who attended that fundraiser can claim they didn’t know the money wss being raiaed for a terrorist organization.

  6. Salomon says:

    Kudos to BlogWrath for reporting this event, something the mainstream media wouldn’t do, to their lasting shame.

    The dimwits who attended the cruise fundraising event have only their ignorance to blame for blindly following the siren call of the organizers.

    But the organizers are clearly breaching the law in their support of an organization (Hamas) which is recognized as a terrorist group in Canada and all over the civilized world.

    The Canadian government is bound to “…criminalize the willful provision or collection, by any means, directly or indirectly, of funds by their nationals or in their territories with the intention that the funds should be used, or in the knowledge that they are to be used, in order to carry out terrorist acts” (UN Security Council Resolution 1373, binding to all States under Chapter VII of the UN Charter).

  7. ravi kumar says:

    Sounds like fun, the CANADIAN HINDU ADVOCACY planned to send a delegation but it fell thru this time..next time tho we will be there..

    Sri Ravi Kumar
    Director of Strategic Planning

  8. I raise my hat to you for your brave and bold reporting on this shameful, and yes, criminal event.

    I hope that our much respected government will loudly condemn the action of the boat passengers, whose unlawful participation on this farcical ‘excursion runs contrary to everything Canadian citizens should stand for.

  9. marit says:

    It was a cold night when I was waiting for the boat coming to the shore. It was my first time to join the protest against the terrorist organization. I never thought I would hold a sign that read “ HAMAS STOP THE AGRESSIION “, I never imagined I would shout “Go home Gaza”., but it was not as bad as I thought. It was fun, actually..

    Soon after the “fun event”, I learned from the Yahoo Japan news that the restriction of settlement construction in West Bank expires. I was amazed that all the comments posted showed such a strong anti-Israel sentiments. In Japan, like Canada, major media reports stories of the one side. The Japanese end up being exposed to heavily biased views. It is sad and really frustrating. The Japanese people must listen to Israel and learn from it. Japan is, like Israel, unfairly misunderstood by the rest of the world for its history of before and during WWII. The neighbouring countries of Japan have distorted the truth in history and spread propaganda and lies. A lot of people blindly accept the false accusations
    against Japan.

    For those countries, a sense of victimization is a major part of the national identify and it is used by their governments to justify their blackmail and extortion against Japan. Israel has always fought and will fight for its right and existence.
    Japan must learn from Israel to defend its land and people.

  10. Fern Winston says:

    People who are supporting the terrorist must be stopped. They are again planning another boat during the month May 2011. I don’t understand why the Jewish people are always being victimized.

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