Orthodox Easter in Toronto 2012


Christ has risen from the dead...


Tonight I went to the Orthodox Easter service. Just came back with a few pictures (sorry for the quality, it’s the best I can do with my camera at night).


Walking around the church shortly after midnight...



The service continues inside



Lighting a candle...




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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    very nice photos. Where is that church?

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s in downtown Toronto. I think that it was built in 1910. The (not so) funny thing about the church is that it’s located next to Regent Park, one of Toronto’s most notorious projects, which was created in the 1960’s to provide affordable housing, but is now dominated by drug dealers and strange characters with beards and long robes. That’s not a big deal Sunday morning, but when you go there for the midnight service on Easter, it’s a little bit scary.

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