Russia’s Terrorist Problem

In the latest Muslim terrorist attack in Russia, a suicide bomber killed 35 people and wounded over 180. The location was chosen to maximize the impact of the attack – it was the arrivals area of the Domodedovo Airport, one of Russia’s largest airports.

This came after the devastating attack on the Moscow subway last year. About a month ago a similar attack was miraculously averted. Two Muslim women, who were supposed to blow up themselves during the New Year’s Eve celebrations couldn’t make it to their target – one of them accidentally exploded while preparing her suicide vest, the other one was arrested.

Just like all previous attacks, that one was a work of the Muslim extremists from the small Caucasus   provinces in Russia – Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, etc. Their activities rose significantly after the Soviet iron grip on the country loosened up when Gorbachev came to power.

Unfortunately, in the 1990’s the hapless West contributed significantly to the strengthening of the Islamic extremism in Russia. The Chechens were viewed as “freedom fighters” and nothing was done to prevent countries like Saudi Arabia to finance them. Great Britain even provided political asylum to Chechen terrorists.

Chechnya and the surrounding lands have been a problem for Russia for centuries. The mountainous area provides very little opportunity for agriculture. It has always been populated by backward tribes whose main source of income has been robbery of the neighbouring countries. That was basically the reason that Russia took control over it in the XVIII century – to ensure the safe trade with Georgia.

Ever since that happened, there has been a constant struggle between Russia and those tribes. Their leaders have been trying for centuries to establish shariah rule. The temporary calm established by the Communist rule was interrupted when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

While the whole country mobilized to fight Hitler, the Chechen Muslims were very quick to offer their collaboration to the invaders. Their guerrilla forces started to fight the Soviet Army so vigorously that significant number of units had to be relocated to the area instead of defending Stalingrad.

Like many other Muslim countries at the time, they went even further:  the whole region of North Caucasus became a big source of the Muslim Waffen SS Divisions during World War II. Those units fought on the side of the Nazis against the Russians on the eastern front. They were just following the “shining” example of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and others like him, who provided Muslim fighters to destroy the anti-Nazi resistance in Europe.

When everything finished in 1945, Stalin didn’t forget about what they did. In his typical mode of large-scale vengeance he deported the entire Chechen and Ingushetian population. When Khrushchev came to power, he brought them back.

Do you see the pattern here? We are dealing with a treacherous culture, which does not hesitate to stab you in the back with the help of the darkest possible forces.

Now the situation is not much different. The Chechens are deeply involved in the Saudi pet project of establishing a shariah caliphate in Caucasus. They don’t shy away from using extortion, drug trade and simple theft to finance it (in addition to the Wahabi oil money).

It’s a losing battle to keep that hostile province in Russia.  The country derives absolutely no benefit from fighting those backward tribes. Russia for once should swallow its pride and apply the best solution – grant them independence, send the Chechen troublemakers back to their country and seal off the border. Then treat the “caliphate” as an enemy state and just watch how well they will do in their mountains.


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