The Dubai Ragheads Jail a Raped Norwegian Woman

Once a filthy Muslim fanatic – always a filthy Muslim fanatic. Whether you deal with a Taliban who hasn’t taken a bath for 35 years or a Gulf raghead, who wears a suit, the truth remains the same.


However, it never enters the heads of all the Westerners, who go to those countries lured by better payments, unaware of the fact that they’ll be dealing with primitive Muslim savages ruled by the even more primitive sharia law. Recently the Norwegian interior designer Debora Dalelv, who worked in Dubai, was very loudly reminded of that reality. Behind the facade of modernity and prosperity that Dubai is trying to project through its shiny buildings and malls, lurks  the same Muslim barbarism, which you can find in the most backward Afghani village.

She reported to the police that she had been raped and even had the evidence to prove it. However, what’s considered evidence in a normal country, is not accepted by the stinky Arabs. In their caveman’s law a rape should be witnessed by four male witnesses to be really considered a rape. If they are not there, what happened is seen as extra-marital sex, for which a woman could be stoned to death, but the Dubai ragheads are more noble – a raped woman can “get away” with a few years of jail.

That’s exactly what happened to Debora Dalelv – she got 16 months. Additionally, the company she worked for fired her. It is owned by a Qatari billionaire, who is married to Janet Jackson. With their prolonged history of perversion and pedophilia, the Jacksons are perfectly suited to live in an equally perverted Muslim society.

Sharia is the type of law that organizations like CAIR and other arms of the Muslim Brotherhood or the Saudi Salafism want to introduce in the West. And they are very successful in England with nearly 100 sharia courts already operating. Sure, the Arab cavemen can stone, kill, and jail each other in their own countries, if they wish to do so. But why should we allow them to spread their filthy cult in the Western countries?

It’s time to stop the Muslim immigration and  prevent that madness from infecting our societies. As of those Westerners, who still want to live in the Muslim shitholes, they should be left to take care of themselves.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Tragically, all three major political parties in this country are committed to filling up Canada with the Third World, and the majority of Canadians have been brainwashed into accepted “multiculturalism” as being good for the country. Muslims will use this to their advantage until its too late to reverse the decline.

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