Toronto Falun Gong Vigil against the Murderous Chinese Regime

Falun Gong is a peaceful Buddhist sect, founded in China, which has been viciously terrorized for many years by the Chinese communist government. You can see them almost every day in front of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto quietly reminding Canada about their plight.


Falun Gong candlelight vigil in Toronto


The Falun Gong practitioners have been a target of systematic persecution by the Chinese communists. They have been tortured, thrown in jails, maimed and killed for no other reason than their beliefs. Their organs are routinely harvested for the benefit of the cheap “Made in China” organ transplant industry, which rivals the atrocities of a Dr. Mengele.


Pictures of the victims


The candlelight vigil they held last night was a silent reminder of those atrocities. Over 100 meditating practitioners sat silently along the sidewalks of St. George St. It was a heart wrenching sight – with a small candle in front of them while each was holding a picture of a victim of the Chinese brutality.


The entrance of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto


There was no chanting, no speeches – only the signs and posters they displayed were telling their sad story.


“Help End Organ Harvesting from Live Falun Gong Practitioners in Communist China”



“Falun Da Fa”


It’s a shame that the horrible treatment of Falun Gong is practically ignored in Canada (just like the plight of the Christians in the Muslim countries). Even the so-called “progressives”, who adore every South American communist or Arab terrorist, are totally indifferent to them.


In front of the consulate



Across the street


To be fair, the Chinese communists are equal opportunity offenders – they do exactly the same on a much larger scale in Tibet. The genocide there continues to this day, as the Tibetan demonstration which took place earlier the same day reminded us.


Tibetans rally for independence from China


And earlier today China chastised Canada for “human rights” violations at a meeting’s committee in Geneva.

We really live in an insane world.


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