Toronto – Neturei Karta Disrupts Walk for Israel 2014

There were thousands of people at yesterday’s Walk for Israel event in Toronto. Just like in the real everyday life, the event couldn’t avoid the usual Israel-hating kapos. Two groups made sure that the only normal country in the Middle East is attacked again. The notorious pseudo-rabbis from Neturei Karta appeared in the beginning and the end of the walk. Their signs spoke for themselves – they want to dismantle Israel and leave all Jews living there at the mercy of the local Arab terrorists. The weird group even displayed the “Palestinian” flag.

The other cluster of haters included the usual lefties that you can see at any anti-Semitic event in Toronto. Strictly, they don’t want to destroy Israel, but just want to castrate it by taking away its ability to defend itself. Naturally, the result will be the same.

JDL-Canada and other people confronted both groups. As you may expect, in both instances (just like in the case of Eric Brazau last week) the multicultural Toronto police took the site of the hateful anti-Semites.

Here is a short video of the confrontation:

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  1. Daniel Moshe Johnson says:


    I did not attend the march this year, finding it to be useless in creating Jewish solidarity among the so called Left and the right.
    Groupies like Nuturei Karta are proxies and possibly actors from the other side, they are a disgrace.
    Israel will continue to make strides if the house becomes less divided, until the erecting of the Bet Knesseth on the Holy rightful site, the rooting out of all traitors within government, and Islam removed, , there can never be peace

    The cultic devotees obedience to an evil deity call A–‘-h, must be removed from the land. The PA and Hamas must be eliminated.

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