Don Cherry, Remembrance Day and the Transgendered Canadian Army

This is how the Canadian Army may look like in a few years. If you want to know why, please read on.

Tomorrow is Canada’s Remembrance Day. The day when we all are supposed to pay respect to those soldiers, who gave their lives for making the country what it is today. I am sorry that my post won’t be uplifting and cheerful, but when we compare the glory of the old army with what we have today, there is nothing to be cheerful about.

Case in point – the recent uproar about the honorary degree presented by the Royal Military College of Canada to Don Cherry. The degree was planned as a token of appreciation of the famous hockey commentator’s ongoing work in support of our troops.

So far, so good – but as it often happens with such noble intentions, something comes up to spoil everything and remind us that Canada is turning into a giant insane asylum.

In this situation, the decision of the college senate was almost immediately attacked by the asylum inmates. A certain Catherine Lord, French “professor” at the college, and a few others of her ilk objected to the degree. That’s what she said:

“On many occasions he publicly expressed his contempt for many groups of the Canadian population, notably for the French-speaking Canadians, for the (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) community and for the immigrants. What message will RMC send, in celebrating Don Cherry, to the students coming from these groups? And what will the Canadian people remember from RMC, as a serious and prestigious institution?”

That’s priceless. If you have ever worked at an office, you might have noticed that at every such place there is always at least one little angry vermin, who is so bitter about its useless existence that it experiences almost an orgasmic pleasure in destroying somebody who is more successful.

Frankly, I couldn’t find any statements by Don Cherry, which would confirm that woman’s accusations. I am not saying this to defend him – in fact, if he showed some real criticism, I would have respected him even more. But let’s not forget that he is an employee of CBC, the dark kingdom of the political correctness. If he really said anything he was accused of, he would’ve been fired long time ago.

However, his manly behaviour (aside from his suits’ design), which doesn’t match the metrosexual ideal promoted by CBC, was enough to make the little worms from the language faculty try to eat him alive.

As another proof of his manly behaviour, Don Cherry refused to accept the degree, instead of getting sucked into that cesspool.

This brings me to my main topic. The post is not about Don Cherry – he is a personality larger than life and he’ll be still around after the little “academic” losers who confronted him are long forgotten.

The topic is the Canadian army and the pathetic condition in which it is now. If you think that the actions of that French “professor” were some aberration, I will have to disappoint you. In the beginning of this year, the army commanders, who among many things had also to deal with the war in Afghanistan, spent a considerable time developing a policy to accommodate the transgendered and transvestite army staff.

Cheering that development, a gay rights group leader

“hailed the development of the guidelines as a progressive approach to people whose gender issues can trigger life-threatening psychological troubles.”

Then she added:

“This is an important step towards recognizing a community that has always struggled for equal rights and basic human protection. When government becomes more inclusive, over time, society will follow.”

The article goes into further details:

“Added as a chapter to a National Defence manual, the new document defines transsexual as someone with a psychological need to live as a member of the opposite sex, whether they have undergone sex-change surgery or not. Their unit must treat them with the “utmost privacy and respect,” meaning, for instance, that there is no need to explain why a person’s sex is being changed in computer records.”

Do you need more evidence that the Canadian Army is turning into a subdivision of the world’s largest insane asylum? It looks like Canada’s military doctrine is charted out in the gay bars of Toronto and Ottawa.

Reading the quotes above, you may get the impression that they are talking of the National Ballet of Canada. But when somebody says that accommodating transvestites in the army benefits “people whose gender issues can trigger life-threatening psychological troubles”, you must be totally blind to miss the point that we are in a huge trouble.

I find it unbelievable that I have to explain that to my gay friends, but the army is not a self-esteem improvement club. If it was, we could have appointed Deepak Chopra as the Minister of Defence and create the strongest army in the world.

The only function of the army is to ensure the most effective defence of the country it serves. It’s one thing to have in it a man, who is attracted to other men – that shouldn’t require a special accommodation (unless the gays demand the right on everybody). However, filling it with mentally disturbed guys, who think they are women and want to wear dresses, is not the way to empower it. In any other army in the world such people would be considered unsuitable for service, because even the gay activists say that they will have life-threatening psychological problems if not treated properly. They can either hurt themselves or kill somebody else.

Yes, I remember that the army had such a misunderstood transvestite Colonel and the whole affair ended very badly for two women:



The desire of the gays to change everything to suit their selfish interests is hard to understand.

If you want to wear a dress, there are thousands of places and occupations where you can do it. The army is too important to subject it to ridiculous social experiments. Its most important feature is the flawless collaboration between officers and soldiers to ensure quick and efficient military action, which will be lost if you introduce many special groups, each of which requires special treatment.

I can’t believe that the army’s high command doesn’t notice the implications.

That whole mess wouldn’t be a big deal, if we were talking about a squad of security guards dealing with drunks and petty thieves. However, here we are dealing with the organization, which is supposed to protect our country. It has to confront other large armies.

In the future Canada’s army will probably have to fight other hostile forces like China, Russia or the Arab countries. If the global warming loon David Suzuki is right, the melting of the Arctic ice will make the resources buried underneath accessible. Many countries would be interested to take their cut, especially Russia and China. (Do you remember what Adolf Hitler did to grab more resources and Lebensraum?)

If you have even the faintest idea how those armies operate, you may know that the hell will freeze over before the opinion of a college French professor influences their commanders’ decisions in any way.

And you definitely won’t see any platoons of tutu-wearing Chinese trannies fighting our transvestites.

It is sad that our politicians and the military fell into the influence (and often bullying) of a bunch of delusional people, who think that the whole world is a huge rainbow parade. The fact that the West hasn’t been seriously attacked for decades is not because our enemies have been smitten by our beautiful hippy ideas, but because we have been stronger and better prepared.

But with the destructive efforts of the Marxist loser in the Oval Office and his cockeyed supporters in the North things are changing rapidly for the worst.

God save Canada…

© 2011

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  1. Winston says:

    weird! One would expect people with confused psyches (i.e. transgendered, gays… etc) stay away from important jobs.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I wonder where this lunacy will end. The British Army is now recruiting from gay “pride’ events, and queer military personnel now march in these sicko shows in uniform. I’m glad I’m not a soldier any more with this crap going on. If we ever have to face down the armed hordes of North Korea or China, will the “GBLT” members of the armed services suddenly refuse to fight because of “conscience?”

  3. Damien says:

    I don’t think my genetalia should justify wether I should have the right to serve or not my own country. In fact I like Canada’s freedom of mind and being who you are and this is what I want to fight for. Now, I have been 3 years as an infatry soldier now a civilian. I would really be able to go back and serve again under my real indentity.

    I can tell you this, a bullet comming from a straight, gay or trans person will hurt just as much the ennemies of freedom.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Damien – Yes, it does matter. All medical research shows that a large percentage of “GBLTs” suffer from mental health issues and addiction problems, even in countries like Denmark where full rights are granted to them. Indeed, the relentless assault on our public education system by militant homosexuals seeking to push queer sex “education” onto young minds reveals their true intentions. This is not about “rights” any more, but dominance. The same with the military. Allowing GBLTs to serve in our military will only lead to serious problems down the road in maintaining order and discipline.

    As for the “enemies of freedom,” the enemies or real freedom and liberty are already among us.

    1. bonnie says:

      I don’t know where you got your information about LGBT people but nothing could be farther from the truth.I know a lot of LGBT people and I find them as responsible and many times quite intelligent. Maybe you should try reading factual data rather than relying on Billy Bob down at the corner tavern.

      1. admiwrath says:

        I get my information about homosexuals from observing what they do. Here are the perverts who appeared at the latest gay parade in Toronto, fully supported by Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne (you can see them in the video):

        Unfortunately, Billy Bob from the corner tavern never attends gay parades and has no idea about the magnitude of the homosexual depravity displayed there. Maybe you should educate yourself before making ignorant remarks.

      2. admiwrath says:

        Sorry, I didn’t see that you are an American. Justin Trudeau is a leader of the federal Liberal Party of Canada and Kathleen Wynne is a Premier (something like a governor of Ontario). They both are part of that sorry spectacle. At least at this point Barry Obama doesn’t march with perverts, who display their penises.

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