New Zealand Cats Mad at the Eco-idiot Who Wants to Exterminate Them


Cats react unfavourably to Mr. Morgan’s brainless proposal


The environmental movement is a never-ending source of fear-mongering wackos, psychopaths and hypocrites. Al Gore, who claimed that by now we would live under water due to the melting glaciers, partially abandoned his scam by selling Current TV to some of the largest polluters in the world.

The whale-loving international terrorist Paul Watson had his fat ass kicked by both the Germans and the Japanese. Sea Shepherd, his merry band of idiots, is looking for new ways to rebuild their “legitimacy”.  The fur enemies virtually destroyed the hunting and trapping industry of the Indians and Eskimos in Canada, reducing them to welfare dependency.

It looks like there is a new contender for that Hall of Infamy. A certain New Zealander named Gareth Morgan has come up with the idea to exterminate the cats in his country. We are expected to trust him, because he is described as a “prominent” economist and environmentalist.

His beef with the cats comes from the damage they allegedly cause to the bird world. Apparently they are threatening 33 bird species in New Zealand. Morgan even goes as far as calling those venerable animals “natural born killers”.

Nothing new in that slander – cats are predators, which eat meat. No amount of Purina or engineering fantasies by Mr. Morgan would change that. He is aware of the fact, that’s why he proposes a radical solution – he calls for elimination of all cats.

Since cats are not very articulate animals, let me make their case against that idiot.

Cats and birds have never had good relations. But that applies to countless other species in nature, which have feuds with each other. Morgan may try to move to the jungle, where there are many more species threatened by predators. He may not want to go there, because he can get eaten by a predator, which doesn’t understand his noble intentions. It’s much easier to pick on defenseless cats and their owners.

Cats do what all other animals do. Trying to change that is futile.

They are complex animals, which always keep you on your toes, because they always do things for their own reasons. Dogs are considered more likable, because they are very good at expressing their emotions. They are social animals, which are happy to fit in a structure. On top of that, when they accept you, they love you unconditionally.

Cats are difficult – in most cases you never know what they think. They don’t make you a part of their world – they only tolerate you. They remember everything you have done to them and may take revenge in an unexpected way (it’s hard to explain it until you see their crap in your shoes or sink).

Winning a cat’s trust is a monumental task, which is not always successfully accomplished.

A friend of mine has two cats. Both of them have spent their entire lives together among people, yet they have completely different personalities. King is an affable fluffy cat, who constantly meows and loves being petted, often with the ulterior motive to get more food.

Leo is the complete opposite – he never meows and if you try to pet him, he will hiss at you and try to scratch you right away (he got me once). When he lies on a chair, it is impossible to remove him – he hisses with very well expressed contempt and is more than ready to fight, if you try to get him off the chair. Sometimes he lies on top of the piano observing and listening to the conversations of the people around the table. I suppose that is his way of researching humans, but so far his research hasn’t changed his opinions.

It is a challenge to make such a cat like you, but so far I have been unsuccessful.

The point is that cats are not simply pets – they are members of the family, often cranky and difficult, but that makes them interesting and fascinating.

I am sure that if they had hands, upon hearing Morgan’s idiotic proposal, they would’ve beaten his dumb head with baseball bats until he finds the marbles he lost. Another thing I would recommend is to let him spend a week in a house with 100 hungry cats, who would be singing: “Hey, Morgan, leave us cats alone!”

I am tired of those psychopaths whose only purpose is to use their delusions to make life difficult and more miserable for all of us (including our cats).

That’s why I am saying again:




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  1. SM ISAC says:

    If this eco-idiots really wants to save birds, he ought turn his attention to the wind turbines that kill millions of birds and bats each ear for a little bit of energy in return. But of course he won’t, because eco-fascists like Morgan are hypocrites who never let facts stand in the way of their stupid opinion.

  2. Shirley says:

    Putting aside the serious nature of the artcle; the description of your friends 2 cats was/is cute.

    Some people, I find, just like to be in the news. There are so many factors in bird deaths, it’s not just cats. This was something this government wanted to do, and they used this man, who was perfectly wiling, to fly the idea.

    Wonder, how did this turn out?

    1. admiwrath says:

      I admit that I love cats, so my opinion could be biased, but to be fair, birds have a good chance of protecting themselves. Besides, most house cats are way too lazy to hunt for birds.

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