Thousands Rally Against Wynne-Levin’s Queer Sex-Ed Curriculum

If the Ontario Liberal government ever had the idea that parents would get tired of protesting the perverted sex-ed curriculum, their delusions were shattered by the large rally held yesterday at Queen’s Park. Since the first rally I attended back in February, when several hundred people showed up despite the unbearable cold, the protest movement has kept growing – more and more people are getting aware of the issue. The latest rally on Sunday gathered at least 2,000 people frustrated that their voices are not being heard (that’s my estimate; the participants could’ve been more than 2,000).


Yesterday’s rally at Queen’s Park

As usual, the cause united parents and other concerned citizens from many ethnicities and religions, who may have their differences, but on the issue of their children’s safety they are on the same page.

Before going into details about the points raised at the rally, let me say something about the counter-protest, because that’s what attracted the media attention. As you may expect, the media swarmed the representatives of the homosexual community, who came to confront the parents. At the event in February they managed to bring about ten people with rainbow flags and pro-homosexual signs; this time they did worse – only two people showed up. However, they were two of the community’s heavyweights. In front of the legislature we saw a large homosexual flag held by Rev. Cheri Dinovo, an MPP from the NDP and an aggressive promoter of the “transgender” lifestyle. She was assisted by Andrea Houston, an activist and a leading reporter at Xtra, the main homosexual paper in Toronto.


Dinovo (naturally interviewed by the CBC) with Houston

Things became more interesting when the number of the counter-protesters doubled. Dinovo and Houston were joined by two strange creatures, which are hard to describe. (That is very enlightening – it shows the enormous power that the homosexual community wields, despite their small numbers. A recent USA’s National Health Statistics Report (Number 77, July 15, 2014) stated that the homosexuals are 1.6% of the population.) The two weird guys were dressed like nuns with badly painted faces that made them look like rejects from a geisha school.


The freaks are interviewed by Xtra

As a Christian, I find it extremely offensive that those freaks are mocking one of the institutions of Christianity, but that is the price you pay for living in a tolerant democracy. It turned out they were “The Toronto Sisters – The Abbey of the Divine Wood” as their Facebook page says (I can assure you that “wood” in this case is very different from what you think). The tags they were wearing were worth noting:


Wynne may hire them to teach the new curriculum

A close-up shows that the tag identified the freaky guy with the darker beard as “Sister Twisted Fister”. I will abstain from explaining what “fisting” means in the context of the homosexual sexual activities (maybe Wynne and Levin will include the appropriate lessons on that topic). However, this shows the total lack of even the simplest decency among those people – the homosexual narcissists have absolutely no concern about exposing the hundreds of children running around to their “Twisted Fister” messages. At the annual gay parade things are much worse, with all the naked exhibitionists roaming the streets.


The fisting brigade

In contrast, the thousands at the rally were very clear that they didn’t want any of that smut and perversion to find its way into the minds of their children. Many people wanted to state their outrage over the sex-ed curriculum, so the organizers had to limit every speech to only 2 minutes. The speakers represented every group involved in the protest – Christians (Catholic, Coptic, Protestant and Orthodox), Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and many more.

A common thread in the speeches was that they opposed the proposed government solution – that the unhappy parents may have the opportunity to opt out of the curriculum. Almost unanimously they wanted the curriculum to be reformed and made age-appropriate, so that it could be suitable for the many different religions and cultures that now co-exist in Ontario.

Very strong words were said about the Liberal Party of Ontario and personally about Kathleen Wynne. Her total disregard for the opinions of the majority in order to accommodate the tiny minority of people with alternative sex lifestyles, made many speakers call for her resignation and for voting against the federal Liberals and Justin Trudeau (who also supports that curriculum).

Among the speakers I saw Ghada Melek, MPP Monte McNaughton, Sam Sotiropoulos, Pastor Dominic Chan and many others.


Monte McNaughton


Pastor Dominic Chan

As I mentioned, the crowd was really large and it occupied the whole park. Most parents brought their children and many of them were wearing pins with the statement “Don’t confuse me… I’m a boy” (or a girl). The message was confronting directly the idiotic voodoo science concept of “gender fluidity” – one of the backbones of that perverted curriculum.


The participants

sex-ed-curriculum-protest-june-2015-14Even the parents from Kathleen Wynne’s own riding in Thorncliffe turned against her:


Thorncliffe against the curriculum

Most of the protesters came with their own hand-made signs, which boldly stated their opinions. Here are a few of the signs they brought:


“Morality just kicked out from Ontario”


A rebuttal of the “gender fluidity” scam


The people who really benefit from the curriculum


“Alcohol Age – 19; Driving Age 16; Sex Education – Grade 1”


“Don’t push transgenderism in schools”


A point against anal sex


“Wynne’s Sex-Ed Curriculum Is P-is-n-us”

The protesters didn’t forget the alleged architect of the sex-ed curriculum, Prof. Ben Levin, who was a Deputy Minister of Education when that perversion was being created. Now the esteemed professor is a convicted pedophile, serving three years in jail for making child pornography and counselling an adult to commit sadistic sex acts with a child.


Ben Levin – the devil in disguise


”Parents are first teachers – not Ben Levin!”

After the end of the speeches at about 4:30 p.m., the participants marched through the streets of Toronto, chanting their messages.


The march begins


The fight for the innocence of the children is far from over. The Canadian media, dominated by militant lefties and homosexual activists, continues to slander the angry parents, presenting them as ignorant idiots, who don’t understand that teaching masturbation and homosexual sex is the best knowledge their kids could gain at school. The indoctrination is being pushed relentlessly with half-truths and outright lies, whose purpose is to make the parents surrender and subject their kids to the monstrous social experiments. Today The Toronto Star came up with a biased article about the rally, blaming the resistance to the sex-ed curriculum on the Muslims (before it was the Conservative Party’s fault).

The fight for saving kids from perversion rages on…


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  1. px fragonard says:

    Who on earth would hire a convicted pedophile to write a children’s sex-ed course?

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Great report as always Admiwrath. Judging by the number of minorities and young people protesting against Wynne’s sick gender-bender pro-queer bill, there won’t be “GBLTQI” right in another three generations.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    ” Rev. Cheri Dinovo, an MPP from the NDP and an aggressive promoter of the “transgender” lifestyle. She was assisted by Andrea Houston, an activist and a leading reporter at Xtra, the main homosexual paper in Toronto.”

    I cannot understand these liberal “clergy’ who think it’s somehow OK to ignore God’s Word that expressly condemns homosexuality. The so-called “Reverend” Dinovo will find one day that her pro-homosexual views will not find any sympathy before the throne of God.

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