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Canadian corporations are known for their dedication to the special interest groups. Imagining that the official multicultural “mosaic” is something that everybody approves, they cater to marginal groups and neglect the vast majority of the population. The bank monopolies are not an exception – CIBC has its own “halal department,” which provides banking in accordance with the barbaric sharia law. They had to close the account of at least one Muslim organization – IRFAN – which used their services to finance terrorists.

The Bank of Montreal has been involved in the opposite bigotry – trying to show an ill-conceived sign of support for the homosexual minority, they have gone on a frontal attack against Christians in Canada. The decision of a British Columbia Christian university to require a pledge of abstinence from its students has been met with hostility by the militant homosexuals in Canada. They claim that abstaining from sex will deprive them from their very essence of being homosexual (though they can choose plenty of other universities, which glorify sex of every shade of perversion). Supporting that point of view, the Bank of Montreal has started a repugnant campaign against that university. Dr. Charles McVety has expressed the opinion of the Christians affected by the blackmail of that mighty Canadian corporation:

Why is the Bank of Montreal Attacking Christians?

Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms begins by stating “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:”The Bank of Montreal has decided to turn its back on these principles with a campaign against Christians. BMO’s opening salvo was to attack the Christian standards of Trinity Western University. BMO has now expanded their war by attacking Christian legal suppliers doing business with the bank.

BMO Attacks a Christian University

On March 26th, 2014 the Bank of Montreal wrote a scathing letter to the Law Society of Upper Canada entitled “RE: Accreditation of Trinity Western University’s (“TCU”) proposed law school program.” The missive states “The purpose of this letter is to request the Law Society deny the accreditation of any legal educational programs, recognized for the admission of the bar of Ontario, that are discriminatory.” BMO was successful as the Law Society denied Trinity Western.

BMO Attacks Christian Law Firms saying “they will be dropped”

With one success against Christians under their belt, BMO is now advancing their war. On October 9th, the Bank sent an email to its legal suppliers outlining their other war front stating “BMO requires the law firms with whom we do business to disclose the diversity statistics of their associates, partners and management committee as part of our External Counsel Selection Program.”

BMO goes on to say “The bank is starting with legal suppliers and going from there. If their standards are not compatible with the bank , they will be dropped. Beyond that, the bank is intent on it’s employees reflecting its “inclusiveness” as not just tolerating others but “reflecting” the values of the clients.”

In an interview with the Canadian Lawyer Magazine, BMO’s vice president Simon Fish threatens “that in the future, the metrics will influence who the legal group chooses to do business with. The bank hopes its diversity efforts will give law firms another reason to ensure their teams include people from different ethnic groups, members of the lesbian and gay community, those with different physical abilities, and a balance of men and women.”

BMO Not Interested in Ethnic Diversity

The fact that BMO has never attacked anyone based on diversity of ethnic groups, physical abilities and balance of men and women suggests that these demographics are in place as a smokescreen to cover their only agenda, attacking Christians for not promoting gay and lesbian lifestyles.

BMO Gathers 72 Massive Corporations to Attack Christians

BMO is not satisfied being the lone attacker so they have helped establish a group called Legal Leaders for Diversity. LLD has now signed up most major Canadian corporations, everything from Bell Canada to Xerox to Home Depot. One of their three initiatives is “Creating a More Inclusive Profession for LGBT Lawyers and Staff. LLD’s mission objective is to “Support vendors and suppliers whose ownership or employee base reflects a commitment to diversity and inclusion.” LLD’s only attack has been against Christians as they wrote a letter to the Federation of Law Societies of Canada attacking TWU’s Christian community standards and Simon Fish, VP of BMO was a signatory to the letter.

Why would a bank attack Christian positions on sexuality?

How far will they go?

Today Christian lawyers are under attack, what “vendors and suppliers” will be next?

If the Bank of Montreal gets its way, Christians will not be able to work with any major corporation in this country.

We must unite and act today to stop BMO from attacking Christians.

1. Sign the petition at

2. Call the Bank of Montreal near you and file a complaint.

3. Donate to the Institute for Canadian Values campaign to stop discrimination.

If not you, then who? If not now, when?

May God Bless You as You Act.

Dr. Charles McVety
Canada Christian College and School of Graduate Theological Studies

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    So they attack Christian laws schools, Christian businesses, and Christian legal suppliers over the Christian beliefs regarding sexuality? yet they don’t attack Muslims for the same thing, but rather provide a separate department for them?

  2. John Baloun says:

    666 is coming

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    This is a solid proof that corporations are beginning to bare their anti-Christian hate, while accommodating Islam. It makes you wonder what’s coming next.

    1. James McNab says:

      Christians in North America have had an easy time of it for the last several hundred years. However it is obvious that this freedom is coming to an end.
      An excellent book on the subject is ‘Crucified Again’, by Raymond Ibrahm.
      The author is a n Egypian Christian who immigrated to the U.S. with his parents as a young person. He is fluent in the Arabic languages so is able to read the original texts from middle east publications. The estimates are that a chistian is martyred every 7 hours some place in the world.

  4. RealitySlap says:

    So their way of fighting discrimination is to… discriminate. Of course they cannot see the hypocrisy because such is the anti-intellectual post-modern paradigm.

    “Creating a More Inclusive Profession” — indeed, by excluding!

  5. Jane says:

    and to think the Bank of Montreal was started in Montreal, a French catholic city and province…

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