Desecrated Nativity Scene in Downtown Toronto


No place for Christianity in downtown Toronto


It’s the same time of the year again – the upcoming “holidays” have forced again many companies and government institutions to scratch their collective heads thinking what euphemism to come up with in order to replace the dreaded word “Christmas”.

That’s another shameful scene I saw today between the Old City Hall and the Eaton Centre in Toronto. The glass of this nativity scene had been broken. It looks like nobody is in hurry to fix it other than put some tape on the cracks, which makes the scene look even worse.

Imagine that somebody lightly scratched a mosque window. All the dark knights of the human rights fascism, like Barbara Hall’s HRC, Olivia’s NDP, etc., etc. would be running around condemning the “monstrosity” of that act. But what do we have here? It’s just some Christian shack and Christians can be safely abused, ridiculed, and mocked (unlike Muslims, they are not going to cut off your head).

It’s great to live in such a multicultural city!

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