Friends Remember Mark Harding

As I reported earlier, Mark Harding passed away a few weeks ago. He was a remarkable Christian preacher and evangelist, who dedicated his life to spreading his uplifting faith. His compassion for the suffering of the Christians in many countries in the world helped him see things that few people were aware of in the mid-1990’s, specifically the danger of Muslim extremism. At the time not many knew or were interested in what happens to the few Christians in Sudan or Afghanistan, but Mark saw as his duty to be the messenger of that bad news and help the plight of those martyrs. He also worked on liberating the Muslims from the Koranic deception.

That work brought him into the vortex of religious politics and he became one of the first to experience the rage of Muslim fanaticism in Canada. His work with Muslims and the opposition of introducing daytime Muslim prayers at a Toronto school (in a secular education system, from which Christianity and Judaism have been kicked out long time ago) caused a legal clash – his position was labeled “hate speech” and he was convicted. Not many were aware of the problems he raised and he didn’t receive the support he needed. It is symptomatic that the people who stood by him in that difficult time were the Christians whom he defended – for example, Pakistani Christian churches paid his legal bills after the trial.

He also fought against the corruption of children through age-inappropriate sex education in the 1980’s (a problem we are facing again in Ontario). Mark was a great friend of Israel and worked against the demonization and boycott of the Jewish State. He organized demonstrations in support of businesses selling Israeli products (like his annual stand in front of the Hudson’s Bay Company store in downtown Toronto).

In the video below you can hear him speak about his work. Last year Mark Harding had a presentation of about 2 hours at a Christian church in Mississauga, in which he covered his views on Christianity and Islam and his struggles. The video shows some of the important highlights of that talk.

After millions of people saw the true face of Islam and understood the dangers of its extremism, the work of Mark Harding became more and more popular. He gained many friends willing to help and support him. His untimely death – his health was ruined after years of persecution – left a void that will be hard to fill. To commemorate his life and work, JDL-Canada organized on April 20 a memorial in his honour.

Many friends and supporters of Mark Harding gathered to talk about his shared experiences with him. Meir Weinstein remembered how Mark stood alone against fanaticism and was attacked at the trial by many people (including the former boss of the Canadian Jewish Congress). He emphasized that despite everything, Mark remained a friend of the Jewish people and a staunch supporter of Israel.

The blogger Blazingcatfur recalled how Mark brought up and pushed the issue against the “Mosqueteria” – the introduction of segregated Muslim prayers at a public school in Toronto. In an emotional talk Sharon Isac shared her impressions of him, especially the bond and the beneficial influence Mark had with her family. The next video shows a few highlights from the memorial.

After the speeches, the attendees continued their talks with each other for a while. Here are a few pictures from the event:



Sharon Isac and Meir Weinstein


Bob Chalmers remembers Mark Harding


Julius Suraski with relatives of Mark Harding


Shobie Kapoor and Sharon Isac

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  1. Ted Paul says:

    Thank you for the article. I enjoyed the evening as well. I was proud to have known Mark and call him my friend.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, he was a good man.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    I remember seeing mark on the Michael Coren Show years ago. He was a fearless fighter for the faith. may his reward in the Kingdom of Heaven be great.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, he continued fighting till the end, despite of his ill health.

  3. bushy says:

    Gday, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mark Harding on a chat program called paltalk in a room called “islam’s not for me” many years ago around 2007 – 2011 when i was in my mid 20’s. He used the nickname “exhorterone” & he would come in & chat with people of all faiths & backgrounds from all over the world. We stood together all united warning who ever would take the time to listen about the dangers of islam. A real gentleman, softly spoken & kind hearted he had a wealth of knowledge about islam & would speak on the mic & get into deep discussions. Im lucky to also have about 3 hours of audio that i recorded of Mark Harding from that room which he would come to weekly & speak for an hour with no interruptions. Its from around 21st of September 2011. I am only finding out about his death today 25th March 2017 after mentioning him in another room on the same chat program & trying to seek more info & was thinking about trying to get in touch with him or find out what he was upto now but unfortunately this will have to wait. The nickname i use on the program is “bushyone” & im now 34 years old. I learned alot from Mark Harding & listening to him in a audio tonight i couldnt believe how i came to the understanding that i now speak alot like him back then concerning the islamic cult & the words i use were the same words he used. He really rubbed off on me & i will never forget him or his calm relaxed voice. Rest in Peace you gentle giant among men, Mark Harding you changed the world for so many people by the sound of it including mine & well done mate. Thankyou for joining us in the battles Mark we couldnt have done it without you.

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