Iraqi Christian Rally in Toronto (with a Khomeinist Guest)



Last Sunday a large rally against Israel was held in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto. The same set of fanatical Muslims, lefties, and plain anti-Semites called for a new Intifada, condemning the “Rothschild robbers” and inviting the “Khazar fraud killers” to go back to hell. A counter-rally across the street (organized by JDL-Canada) promoted the anti-Hamas point of view.

After shouting for a couple of hours, the Hamas fans continued with their anti-Israel chants while marching on Bloor Street. Most of the people from the JDL-Canada rally headed south toward Queen’s Park to support a gathering of the Iraqi Christians. Not a single one of the Hamas guys joined them.


Iraqi Christian rally at Queen’s Park

iraq-christians-rally-toronto-2014-7iraq-christians-rally-toronto-2014-4It took a while for the mainstream media to notice, but the Christians, along with other religious minorities in Syria and Iraq, are being slaughtered en masse by ISIS, a group created by sadistic Muslim fanatics, whose goal is to establish a new Caliphate. They should be credited with doing their job in strict accordance with the original “pure” Islam as it was practiced by Mohammed. Just like the founder of the cult, they rely on brutal force, beheading people (including children), turning women and little girls into sex slaves and forcing “infidels” to convert to Islam.

The only small difference is that Old Mo beheaded and enslaved plenty of Jews, but ISIS can’t do that, because the Jews in their area have been exterminated or chased away long time ago. (They still plan to do that once they capture Israel, in their dream of expanding the Caliphate.)

Naturally, that disaster caused a reaction from the terrified Arab Christians. Many of them still have families in the affected areas. Their plight is routinely ignored by the Canadian media – the only time they could come out of their journalistic lethargy is when the victims are Muslim Palestinians or homosexuals.

The participants were very concerned about the future of Christianity in Iraq under the yoke of the Muslim extremism. That was clearly visible in the messages they communicated through their signs.


“No Christians=No civilization, Stop ISIS”


“No to the Caliphate… Yes to the Freedom… Yes to Democracy”


“Stop ISIS, Save Iraqi Christians! They are murdering/raping our women and children”


“Indifference=Genocide” “Stop ISIS”



“Stop the Christian genocide in Iraq now”

I mentioned in the beginning that none of the hundreds rallying against Israel came to the rally to support the Christians. I spotted a tiny group of Muslims (3 guys to be precise) declaring their support for the Iraqi Christians. On the other hand, JDL-Canada and their supporters had no problem attending the Christian event.


The Muslim trio


JDL-Canada at the Christian rally

The organizers had invited many speakers. There were Orthodox and Catholic priests and representatives of other churches; even the former MP Jim Karygiannis spoke at the event. However, I have an issue with one of the speakers – the Iranian shia imam in the picture below.


Khomeinist among Christians – fox in a henhouse

He delivered a speech in foreign language (either Arabic or Farsi) without translation so I am still waiting to find out what he said. He looked very familiar and I recalled that I have seen him before at another rally (thanks to BCF for pointing that out).

He was at last year’s Al-Quds rally held at the same place. That event, founded by Ayatollah Khomeini, is organized every year to call for the destruction of Israel and complete Muslim takeover of Jerusalem. Below you can see the imam proudly marching with other Khomeinists from Queen’s Park to the US Consulate at Al-Quds 2013 in Toronto.


From Khomeinist march to a Christian rally

I don’t know how the cause of the Iraqi Christians benefits from inviting this despicable guy to their rally. We are talking not some pious impartial cleric, but an active participant in an openly anti-Semitic and anti-Christian event (the participants carried Hezbollah flags). Just minutes before the picture was taken, the imam stood quietly listening to the speaker Elias Hazineh (from Palestine House) who said that the Jews in Jerusalem should be given a two-minute notice and then shot, if they don’t want to leave the city.

The Middle Eastern Christians don’t need to be reminded how their Christian brothers are treated under the totalitarian Muslim regime established by the Khomeinists. Jailing and murders are common. They are even subjected to the ridiculous sharia law. Just recently a Christian in Iran was sentenced to have his lips burned with cigarettes for eating during the Ramadan. If the Iraqi Christians want support, they may consider excluding Khomeinists from their events. Associating with enemies, who are equally hateful of Jews and Christians, could hardly be considered Christian love.

There is another related issue, which needs to be addressed. Some Canadians think that such events shouldn’t become the focus of discussion. Last week Lawrence McCurry left a comment under my coverage of the Israeli Consulate rallies:

Here’s my problem with this article and your point of view. First the bombing and murder of innocent noncombatants is wrong under any justification and both sides in this conflict are guilty of it. Second not everybody who criticizes the state or government of Israel hates Jews, nor are all Muslims who support Palestine terrorists. Part of the problem on both sides is the lack of separation of church and state. As a Canadian with no skin in this game on either side I resent people from other parts of the world bringing their conflict to the streets of my city and my own government supporting either side. Had this protest been at Queens Park with the focus on the position the Canadian government has taken in this conflict I could understand it. Any article that supports either side is nothing more than propaganda in my opinion.

I agree with many of his points – Canadian laws, values and traditions should dominate Canada and people from other parts of the world should be expected to leave their conflicts in their old countries. However, the reality is different – mass immigration with little control, coupled with the policy of multiculturalism, has brought us to the point that even speaking about Canadian values is considered racist. The immigrants are encouraged to bring with them all of their prejudices, hate, weird customs, etc. and we are expected to “celebrate” them as some kind of “enrichment.”

I also agree that most of the conflicts brought to Toronto should be ignored. They are mostly regional and concern only the people involved – like the civil war in Sri Lanka, although the Tamils in Canada did their best to get Canada involved on behalf of the terrorist organization Tamil Tigers. The recent conflict between Russia and Ukraine is another example of a regional conflict we should stay away from (despite Harper’s involvement). Both countries are ruled by equally corrupt political classes and clash over issues that have originated in the old Soviet Union. Putin is neither Hitler nor Stalin and no amount of Western involvement is going to resolve their problems. Besides, I have yet to see Russians and Ukrainians clashing with each other in the streets of Toronto.

What I don’t agree with is his point about Jews and Muslims in the Middle East. This is not a regional conflict, but a manifestation of Islam’s war against the West, the Jews just happen to be its most hated target. It is true that the lack of separation of church and state is a problem, but in Islam such separation is out of the question. Islam is a complete social, legal, ethical, and religious doctrine, which aims at complete control of the society and the individuals.

It is absurd to imagine that the Tamil Tigers would want to establish a world government. It is equally ridiculous to think that Russia would force some kind of “Russian law” on the West. However, Islam has a very clear program to establish a worldwide Ummah by imposing its principles on everybody.

That’s not about terrorism. Terrorism is but a small part of the project. The big issue is to impose gradually the Muslim norms. Muslims in Ontario were a tiny minority in 2005, yet they organized an effective campaign to introduce sharia law in the province. In September 2012 thousands of Toronto Muslims rallied in support of introducing sharia blasphemy laws in Canada. That is not necessary, because the human rights commissions already persecute viciously anybody who criticizes Muslim barbarism. Muslims demand special sharia banking to suit them and treacherous corporations like CIBC already provide it for them. They introduced gender segregated Muslim prayers at the Valley Park School in Toronto – in a school system that was supposed to be proudly secular.

Many schools in Toronto already use only halal meat from barbarically slaughtered animals at a higher expense for the taxpayers. (I have yet to find Russians demanding mandatory pelmeny and selyodka for our schools.)

The fact that not all Muslims want that is irrelevant – the Islamization is conducted by the most aggressive among them, who always call the shots in Islam. And they are very successful.

That brings us back to Mr. McCurry’s comment – the conflict between Muslim and Jews is not regional, it affects all of us. The fact that the Iraqi Christians invite to their rally (expected to make Canada act in their defense) a repulsive Khomeinist is not their internal issue. Getting “support” from a totalitarian cult doesn’t help anybody – it only strengthens a bitter enemy, who would gladly see all of us destroyed.

It’s time to re-establish the Canadian values.

It’s time to get rid of multiculturalism.


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