Orthodox Christmas in Japan 2015



In the calendar used by most Orthodox Churches the Christmas Day falls on January 7. Yesterday we marked it by visiting the beautiful St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral in Tokyo. It is the main place of worship of the Japanese Orthodox Church. Though established only recently (just over one hundred years ago), it has thousands of followers. Ironically, its followers might be more than those in some of the ancient Orthodox Churches in the Middle East, whose members are being systematically exterminated by Muslim barbarians.

The cathedral bears the name of the Russian priest Father Nicholas, who brought Orthodox Christianity to Japan in the 19th century. Although the staff and the administration of the cathedral are Japanese, the place is also visited by many Russians, who now live in Japan (we met some of them during the service). Here are some photos from the outside – this winter is relatively mild in Japan, so there is no snow. (Unfortunately, taking pictures inside the church is not allowed.)


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